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- - - - - whimsy dagger weapon Isadora Lycinius

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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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  • Intent: To create a personal weapon for Isadora.
  • Image Source: X
  • Canon Link: Shikkar
  • Primary Source: Shikkar


  • Manufacturer: Whimsy
  • Affiliation: Isadora Lycinius
  • Model: n/a
  • Modularity: Yes. The "glass" blade can be replaced with other "glass" blades. This original hilt comes with two dozen blades, all of which are blue, but the wielder can have them replaced with other models and colors as long as the connective part fits.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Glass-like substance, circularity, diamonds.


  • Classification: Dagger
  • Size: Average
  • Weight: Heavy


  • A small button on the hilt of the dagger will release enough electricity to potentially kill an average sized human male if pressed when the blade is inside their body.
  • Hilt of the blade is long and narrow.


  • The hilt of the dagger is extremely durable, crafted out of long cuts of diamonds put together.
  • The wielder of this dagger experiences an increase in reflex speed.
  • "Glass" blades are sharp enough to cut through flesh and many types of fabric like a hot knife through butter.


  • Due to the hilt, the dagger is heavy, and its balance is off compared to other daggers. Practice is mandatory.
  • "Glass" can still shatter. This dagger is meant for the killing stab or cut, not for a duel.
  • Blade may shatter against certain types of metal-made armors.
  • A well placed and sufficiently strong sonic/ion attack can shatter the dagger.


After Scherezade deWinter met Isadora Lycinius and the two spent the morning practicing throwing knives (a favorite pastime for the former), Scherezade took a liking to the girl who would later become a mission partner, and decided to construct a blade that would be specifically for her.


Inspired by the Sith Shikkar blades, Scherezade set to work almost immediately, using the resources of her company to give the blade a little extra oomph in the form of electric shocks that would potentially kill a man.


Whereas the initial dagger design was made to be single use, Scherezade designed the Karasaat to be used more than that. Yet, it was still made of a glass-like substance, so she added two dozen blades in advance, assuming Isadora would be likely to require them if the two would be sent on more missions together in the future.


The hilt of the dagger was constructed for extreme durability, making use of long slices of diamonds. However, as they were not cut to reflect light in any special way, they could easily be mistaken for glass as well unless inspected from up close. The blue of both hilt and blade come from a special tint thanks to Talz blood, upon which Scherezade worked via Sith Alchemy to ensure that the wielder of the dagger would enjoy increased reflex speed while the blade.

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