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Opening Pantora's Box | TSE Invasion of Pantora

- - - - - TSE ORC Pantora

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Yula Perl

Yula Perl


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Objective: Fight the big woman

Location: Pantora surface

Engaging: Joycelyn Zambrano


“That’s an awfully big pike you’ve got there, Miss. Must be happy to see me.” The Zeltron grinned broadly and waggled her eyebrows. The situation wasn’t looking great for Yula—not only did her opponent far outclass her in size, she had a weapon that reached further. The spacer would have to rely on her speed, dexterity and charm.


On instinct, she leapt to avoid from having her feet swept out from beneath her. Not too high, given that having your feet planted firmly on the ground was best for not dying during a duel. Idly, Yula wondered how many people this woman had killed as they stood on their feet to face her.


Probably somewhere in the hundreds-to-thousands rang, she figured.


But then the blade surged forwards, aimed to deal a damaging blow to her face. Yula frantically twisted her body to avoid getting her ears (or eye) pierced. The bloodshine blade sizzled too close for comfort as the tip sliced a precise path from chin to temple, burning off a sizable lock of hair in the process.


It hurt like hell.


Normally quickly with a playful retort, Yula collapsed to her knees and cried out in pain. One hand hovered just above the singed flesh in disbelief. The rain only made it worse, every drop sizzling against the angry red welt and exacerbating the pain. It was far from pleasant, but so far this had been no cake walk in the tea park.


“Okay, coming on a little strong.” There was bitter humor in her voice, but mostly it came out as a pained hiss. Her right wrist flicked quickly, sending the orange blade spiraling towards the joint in Joycelyn’s knee armor at intense speed. Yula quickly clambered upwards, preparing to catch the blade as she drew on the Force around her. Usually it was something of a comfort, an unseen aide to be used in dire situations, but today it was tainted, grotesque and snarled with the dark side.


Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

    Sith-Mandalorian Liaison

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Gilamar Skirata Bryn Celli Ddu


Vanessa's lightning would continue to be barraged against the Basilisk droid, even when it crashed to the hangar floor before her. A TIE from the far end of the hangar would arise, a pilot having gotten into it as it fired its lasers at the droid before the Sith. Vanessa would jump back before opening up with her lightning at point-blank range on the grounded Basilisk and its rider. She would be joined by the four bloodtroopers, all of whom were focusing their capacitor discharges of synthesized Force Lightning at the pair, and even three stormtroopers who had retrieved lightning rifles from the crate at the elevator and who were joining in on the electrical discharge attempting to zap the droid and Gilamar into submission.


She would keep remaining out of the droid's immediate range, giving her enough room to maneuver while still accurately directing the lightning towards its target. This was proving problematic, but the droid's hardware couldn't take this sort of electrical bombardment forever, could it? And hopefully, neither could its rider...

Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

    The Blood Hound

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Location: Dockyard!

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor

Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives| Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: ORC

Enemies: TSE

Specific Tags: Kahne Porte Kana Mikasa Khan Korynth

Post: Four




The smile on Scherezade's face was wide and warm as the Jedi took some of the popcorn she'd offered and appeared to be enjoying it. She opened her mouth to ask more questions before the other two Sith showed up, but now would not be the time for them because-


She had been a thorn in the Emperor's side? Scherezade blinked, the confusion clearly showing on her face. She'd never even considered that the Emperor of the Sith Empire had an inkling about who or what she was. But here she was, being addressed by what she was rather than her name… It was weird. It was strange. And she had no inkling of an idea as to who this "Inquisitor" might be.


There were questions. Many more questions that were quickly piling up in Scherezade's mind. But the Sith would not let her ask them, instead launching forward to attack her. And while Scherezade was not the best small talker or greatest politician around – heck, she was probably close to the bottom of the ladder on both of these fronts – there was one thing that she was. A weapon.


As the blades came in, the smile on the Blood Hound's face widened. Before they were close enough to harm her, her own blades came out; a total of fifteen of them. Four specific ones (Copero's Wail, the lightsabers, and the Knight Obsidian Sword) blocked the Inquisitor's incoming lightsabers. It was easy at this point; she was being tested by her opponent. While Scherezade couldn't properly maneuver herself in the game of intrigue and careful words, she knew all the proper etiquette to a duel.


Next to her, she could feel the Jedi Master beginning to do things as well, but she could not focus on him and his deeds just yet.


Focusing on the Inquisitor in front of her, once the blocking had happened, all her blades but two (the lightsabers) spread around her like a fan, the pointy ends all pointed at her assailant. Scherezade moved forward as if in a dance, her arms moving together with the rest of her body and her blades in perfect harmony. It was not like battling a dual wielder – it was more akin to battling a… Fifteen-wielder? Would that be the correct term?


And it didn't matter where her blades hit. She didn't need to kill the Inquisitor. She didn't need to do much beyond survive the encounter, though she was good enough to do so much more than that. All she needed… Was a drop of her blood. Or maybe a few.





Joycelyn Zambrano

Joycelyn Zambrano

    Darth Vornskr the Second

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Equipment: Zaudraka, Lightsabre Pike, Imperator’s Raiment, SIF-7 Minos Vibrdagger, 2x Sonic Detonators. Speederbike, a Squadron of Blackblades.

Darth Carnifex Darth Prazutis Khonsu Amon Coren Starchaser Cotan Sar'andor Dax Fyre

Engaging: Yula Perl 




Honestly, I hoped yours would be bigger.


The pink woman jumped and evaded, but was back too quickly for Joycelyn to spear her in the air. Clearly Yula had more fighting experience than a number of Joycelyn’s previous targets. An airborne target was easy to predict. She had carried many bodies at the tip of her spear. While the thrust had not landed as perfectly as she hoped, one of the prongs had cut Yula’s face and burned part of her hair.


It was all she needed.


Preparing to finish the job, Joycelyn brought the spear up to nail the crouching Yula to the ground with the bloodshine blade. Victory within her grasp.


Oh my dear, we are just getting started.


A flash of orange, low. Joycelyn realised when her weapon was at its zenith. She tried to bring her leg up, but her body was too slow to react. The orange blade impacted with the black plates that protected her knee, preventing it from severing the leg, but the spin of Yula’s sabre-throw let the blade slash the back of her knee. It ripped through armourweave and cut the top of her calf.


Joycelyn’s leg gave out beneath her and she fell to a knee, a blood-curdling yell of pain escaping through her mouth as synthetic fabrics melted into the skin around her leg-wound. The pike burned into the ground, creating a sheath of obsidian before slipping to the side as she caught herself with her hands.


The Sith’s eyes glowed with hate as she fixed them on Yula, the scream died out into silence, and turned into a wheezing breath. The breath ignited in blue fire when she exhaled.


So you do play rough.” She smiled, inhaled deeply, then opened her mouth as though in a wide yawn.


Light erupted from her mouth as she exhaled a conical torrent of flame in the direction of Yula. The flames burned a bright blue and curled unnaturally, as though it was a thousand flame-wrought hands grabbing for the pink woman with their fingers of harm. The very pits of her eyes appeared alight, not just with hate, but joy. Bloodlust.


The fire was as much to regain the distance as to harm her. Distance was good for a bigger fighter. Distance and keeping her opponent on her heels.


Oh, she was most definitely enjoying this.





Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

    I Vow to Thee My Country

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HIMS Elidibus


TSE: Zahori Denko, Taeli Raaf | Sith Empire + Allies

ENGAGING: Kiff Brayde

OBJ: Reinforce and aid the Sith-Imperial Armada at Pantora.

LOCATION: Aboard the HIMS Dowager, Command Center (Bridge).


Across the void, the sounds of battle were absorbed by the black itself. Dagger and wedged shape vessels made their move pushing ever forward. Whilst the Morgause aboard the Elidibus continued to gather data on the Confederacy’s vessels and abilities. Crunching the numbers and the data, sending them via encrypted communications to Lord Admiral Raaf aboard the Dowager. 


“Minimal damage on their lead vessel, Lord Admiral,” Maptu reported and paused as reports from the other vessels came in. “Our task force is still en route to the target, opponents have engaged defensive maneuvers.” 


There was an eerie silence across the bridge as the crew waited for the Lord Admiral’s orders. “Have our fighters get out of there and head back to their bases they’ll have new orders soon enough.” Everyone looked at one another suspiciously but proceeded with their orders. Recalling the fighters would take time and if they were recalling fighters it meant the Lord Admiral wanted this battle over with and not a moment sooner. “Reload the mortars, gravity rounds - tight launch on the- what is it that we have here?”


“Invictus-class registered CNS Victator.” Captain Angeles reported from navcom handing the Lord Admiral the information on a datapad. Quietly she read over it and then pushed it back into his body. 


“Give the gunners their targets, and ionize the five-twelve rounds -” the Lord Admiral’s voice stopped as she held onto the nearest console. The Dowager shook but that was it, her reactionary repulsor field pushed the hypervelocity shells away from her frame and escorts were either able to eliminate the shells, or utilized tractor/repulsors to engage them seperately. Proton torpedoes were subsequently dealt with as well and the composite laser beam had part of its energy fed back to its point of origin.  


The Dowager still stood and with no damage taken, the Victator was going to have to do more than that if it wanted a chance at cracking the ship’s shields. “Rotate shield harmonics,” the Lord Admiral mentioned matter-of-factly to Maptu. She examined the battle as it unfolded, “Angeles report on Therapy Command?”


“Not close enough to cause any particular trouble, and word from the Elidibus. Lord Admiral Denko and the Second Fleet arrived.”


“Oh good, I wondered if we would get to fight alongside one another, send her the target coordinates and data.” Her voice seemed to trail as she continued to focus, “they’ve ships turning to port on our incoming vessels, that’s cute.” Seventh Fleet’s vessels weren’t going to port and it made the Lord Admiral wonder how experienced her opponent was. “Shift attack vector, mark two-one-two Task Force 77. Stay tight, they’ll expect you to move into a spread formation.” 


“Task Force 74, stay on target, shift your attack vector, mark one-three-three.” At this point the Lord Admiral dictated her orders to Captain Angeles. Lord Captain Maptu awaited patiently for her orders. 


“Task Force 77 has shifted its attack vector and request permission to fire.”


“Communicate to the Elidibus, instruct Morgause to send the encrypted data to Task Force 77, it’ll have the necessary data on the Confederate forces from our earlier scans.” She paused for a moment and listened as Angeles carried out her orders. It was at that moment she could hear the pulse of the Dowager the hum of her engines the small symphonic chirps and beeps of the consoles. 


“Instructions sent, and information received.”


Task Force 77 indeed did not attack the portside as the Confederates had predicted. Instead, they as their attack vector suggested moved up toward the ventral portion. Bolt detail Boadicea was the first to reach their target, the CNS Valiance. Sixteen plasma torpedoes or shield busters crossed the depths of the black with an aim for the star destroyer’s belly. All the while sixty-four verdant hued turbolasers illuminated the void. They were quick to turn away the training of the fight control teams had paid off as they veered away from the star destroyer. The shift in the shield projection may, in fact, have left the Valiance vulnerable to the plasma torpedoes. 


Led by the veteran ship Muhktiar the six anti-starfighter corvettes activated guns, starting with the Thunderbolt. Ionization fields engaged, the Thunderbolt was a thirty-millimeter rotary hypervelocity gun that now set its twin-eight barrel gun on the Valiance. It wasn’t alone for a single Muhktiar had twelve of these guns equipped. She and her five sisters screamed beneath the Valiance and turned to follow the detail away from the Valiance. 


The Muhktiar’s Thunderbolts may lay silent but her flak cannons were not, for every moment within combat range the flak cannon had gone to work pumping out flak. In the immediate it was not an issue but for fighters in moments after attempting to fly through? It would be quite hard and as they turned the flak continued. Hydrus ion cannons also shot across the black with an aim for the Valiance. The Muhktiar and her sisters would each leave the Valiance a gift, a slew of nano missiles. Twenty four of them each marked as a special delivery for the star destroyer in question. 


Once more, the question to shift shield projection to port was questionable at best for Fiolette. The Elidibus’s advanced AI wondered it as well as information came through to the Dowager. For Seventh Fleet had indeed arrived on the Confederate’s left, but they had been on the lower left and so not on a level with them. 


It meant that from the Sith-Imperial view, they could strike up and toward the soft underbellies of the Confederate ships. Indeed, the CNS Valiance was not the only one targeted - the Arkanis’s payload was delivered simultaneously. Again, eight Bolts would deliver their plasma torpedoes only this time instead of six Muhktiar’s. The Arkanis had the pleasure of dealing with an old ship, the Charger-class had once been a darling among the First Order. In its newest reincarnation it hoped to become the darling of the Sith Armada.


Droid interceptors were launched making quick work of any missile they came across. Fighters? That was another story, but then - there was a reason they were droid fighters. They could be lost. They were replaceable, skilled pilots were not and by the time the Chargers had given the Arkanis their payload of concussion missiles, twelve of them and a dose of the emerald colored turbolasers at least six. They too had turned to follow their detail and they heard on the encrypted communications channel. All fighters had been returned to base and whatever mission the Task Force was on - had now been changed. 


Task Force 77 was to move back into formation behind the Elidibus and Dowager. Something was coming and it meant they had to get out of the way. A predictive flight path had been given, and sensors throughout each of the ships screamed. Something huge was heading toward the Confederate flagship and the ships among the Seventh Fleet had to get out of the way and fast!


The Xiphos. 


Lord Admiral Raaf barely had enough time to move the Dowager. The visceral moment of fear and panic surged through her, but it had been a moment. She regained her bearings quickly and waited for the rest of the fleet to get into formation.


“Power up the Longbows, now!” She ordered, her voice every bit authoritative as ever. If the Victator had thought its troubles were over, it was wrong. “Redirect Bolt Detail Birmingham and Boreas after this run. Leave the rest of the star destroyers to Lord Admiral Denko and second fleet.”


Santiago-classes Perez and Morales were en route for the Forsworn. Having now reached combat range they too let their guns loose into the void with an aim for the star destroyer. Each Santiago-class vessel bore eight double-barrelled mass driver cannons. Which meant they had to get a little bit closer, but the thirty-two ion cannons between them were fired across the black of space. Once a little closer, Perez, and Morales fired up into the ventral of the Forsworn and hoped to high heaven that their cannons had found purchase. 


The Miranda would receive a visit from the three Shard-class vessels, Sapith, Sigil, and Solari. Concussion missiles and turbolasers would be fired from each of them. They were standard vessels with a relatively high load out. They were not what the Lord Admiral had been keen on using, but they would work in this particular pinch of a fight. 


Bolt Details, Birmingham and Boreas would find their targets, CNS Valor, and Cherube and again they would fire their weapons much in the same manner that Boadicea and Balao had earlier. This was again repeated for bolt details Brazel and Bristol against their targets CNS Rocke and Umber. Their jobs were done they had conducted the hit and run moves, the Shards and Santiagos were slower to move and would take longer to return to formation. Thus they were subject to the aftermath of whatever would occur between the Xiphos and its target. 


Likewise, they would be subject to Confederate counter-attack but by no means were these ships and crews completely defenseless. At this time Task Force 74 had finally reached their targets having just set into standard combat range, and as if the Arkanis hadn’t had enough ammunition thrown their way, there was more. The four Tachys-class corvettes had found their targets adding warhead and turbolasers to the amount of pound for pound firepower sent its way.


The two Misthios-class ships had found another target, according to sensor data and scanners it was the CNS Valliant, Nest-class cruiser carriers although not quite close enough to cause enough damage even to the ventral. The two vessels shot off their advanced proton torpedoes, specially designed Defiant-types that while slow hit harder than most protons. Their plasma weaponry was enough to reach out and touch the Valliant but nothing further. 


Orders were orders and the Marauder and Maverick were quick to flee the area heading toward the safety of their formation. The same could not be said of the HIMS Relentless and her companions the Tempest and Typhoon. The ventral of the Hallast would receive in her direction eight plasma torpedoes and a hail of mass driver cannons as the Relentless fired her eighteen mass driver cannons upward. 


Twins, Tempest and Typhoon had gone for the Nordson and would be ferocious in their attacks. As twenty ion bombs were shot through the black and followed by the twenty-four turbolasers, turbolasers made by Aurora Industries were not ordinary in any right. They hit harder than the average turbolasers and the hope was that the ion bombs would soften the shields just enough for these turbolasers to find purchase. If that didn’t work then surely the next round of bombs would. The Relentless and the twin Stormcloud-class vessels would start to make their turns but their lumbering forms would take time to turn. 


It was the Hellstrom’s turn, and as she moved her attack vector under the orders of Lord Admiral Raaf. Her guns would be aimed for the CNS Judgment Day. Coming into long range combat the carrier let loose all twenty-four of her plasma disruptor weapons. Verdant-solar hued beams flew across the black and upward toward the heavy cruiser. This would be followed by forty-eight, eighty-eight millimeter shells made of depleted bradium with shape charged rounds that led an impact which would then be followed by ball-bearings to make for a destructive splash. These shells would be given an ionized charge thus making them that much more brutal should they find purchase in the Judgment Day’s underbelly. 


The Hellstrom would begin to charge her Longbow plasma railguns to coincide with the Dowager’s charge. Together once at a maximum charge the two ships would fire their most destructive weapon sets. Until then the lumbering Hellstrom remained just within long range combat of her target.CNS Rickrack and Hardshell would also continue to receive ongoing weapons exchange with the HIMS Ganymede and Io, and HIMS Dosuun respectively firing in alternating firing patterns. Ganymede and Io letting their plasma disruptors surge through the void with the hopes of making an impact against the Rickrack.


 While the Hardshell would continue to find fire from the Dosuun’s plasma disruptor beams, as well as its long-range turbolasers that like much of Aurora Industries’ weapons hit harder than average turbolasers. Lastly, the Dosuun would also continue to provide anti-starfighter coverage in the way of ion cannons and its high-explosive filled forty-millimeter depleted-baradium casing rounds. Indeed many of the Dosuun’s long-range hypervelocity rounds would continue to fire with breaks in firing to prevent overheating. 


All the while the Dowager was preparing her weapons, if the Victator felt but a nudge from the near five hundred and eighty mag-pulse bombs. They would feel much more for the five hundred and eighty gravity bombs, spread tightly that would be aimed upward toward the ventral of the ship. In the same way, her Hailstone mass driver cannons were also aimed, this time the twenty-four shells would be ionized. They would be joined by seventy-two of the Thunderbolt guns while turbolaser and ion cannon gun crews awaited their targeting solutions. 


It was why the fighters had been called back, gravity bombs did not discriminate and while she could not help the ships caught up in the mix. She could at the very least see to her pilot's safety, and then she gave word to the Ganymede and Io. They were to prepare their interdiction missiles and fire at the Rickrack and Hardshell. The interdiction missiles were to add insult to injury as soon as the gravity bombs were launched. 


“Gunners have acquired firing solutions on the Victator and are ready to fire.”


The Lord Admiral with her hands behind her back replied flatly, “on my mark.”


Lord Captain Maptu’s hand raised as another commander waited. Again silence seemed to choke the bridge, waiting for the order.




Gravity bombs were launched all seventy-two mortars, each mortar bearing eight barrels. “Send word to Lord Admiral Denko, charging plasma railguns - gravity bombs out, interdiction missiles to follow.” 


“And get me the information on the Xiphos I want to know who the hell is in charge over there.” Raaf all but demanded as she spoke through her teeth. To say that her rage lurked beneath the surface was an understatement. She stood at the holoprojection table and watched as the Xo’Xaans moved into firing range, the HIMS Tulak Hord led the charge his crew having seen combat over Csilla aided the Ajunta Pall and Sorzus Syn in their targeting and firing solutions.

The CNS Requiem would be under fire from well over a hundred turbolasers from the three Xo’Xaan-class vessels, and another thirty-six proton torpedoes add in ion cannon fire and the three ships looked ready for a brawl as they moved to single out the Requiem from the pack.  


In the interim, the Elidibus and its group slowed their advance to let gravity bombs play out against the Confederates. The orders to maintain defensive stance were given and they would not be the only task force to receive such orders. The carrier group and support group were ordered to do much the same. 


The black of space surrounding Pantora had turned into a dangerous minefield of gravitational weaponry. Even with a direct aim for the Victator, there was no guarantee that the bombs would hit. There was a guarantee that it would make for a very difficult battle as the pull and damage of the bombs would be indiscriminate.




Battlegroup Elidibus Action Report


  • 7th Fleet's starfighters are recalled with word of gravity weapons being utilized against Confederate forces.
  • HIMS Dowager is relatively undisturbed by the Victator, reactionary repulsor field dissuades hypervelocity cannons and escorts use weapons fire or tractor/pressor beams to finish them off. Retribution feedback shield returns part of the composite laser beam to the Victator. Proton torpedoes from the Victator are dealt with by escorts and those that do make an impact do little to the Dowager overall. HIMS Dowager fires twenty-four 512mm ionized, shaped charged, ball-bearing filled shells - no torpedoes from the Dowager this time. HIMS Dowager charging Longbow Plasma Railguns.
  • HIMS Tulak Hord leads the Ajunta Pall and Sorzus Syn against the CNS Requiem, firing solutions acquired - all three Xo'Xaan-class vessels fire all weapons.
  • HIMS Hunter [Hellstrom] fires on the CNS Judgment Day, twenty-four plasma disruptors make their way for the Judgment Day as we all as rounds from the Hunter's forty-eight Nagata guns. Shells are ionized shaped charged rounds, with ball-bearing fillings.HIMS Hunter has begun to charge its Longbow Plasma Railguns to coincide with the HIMS Dowager.
  • Task Force 74 shifts attack vector but will stay on target.
    • HIMS Relentless opens long-range weapons fire on the CNS Hallast, eighteen mass driver cannons, and eight plasma torpedoes.
    • HIMS Tempest and Typhoon engage the Nordson with twenty ion bombs and twenty-four turbolasers.
    • HIMS Marauder and Maverick turn to engage the CNS Valliant at long range, delivering Defiant-type proton torpedoes in the process. They'll turn to head back to fleet formation.
    • The four Tachys-class pursuit corvettes move to engage the Arkanis, all weapons - will move back to fleet formation.
  • Task Force 77 shifts attack vector but also stays on target.
    • The three Charger-class vessels deliver their payload, twelve concussion missiles, and six turbolasers fire on the CNS Arkanis.
    • CNS Valiance receives a visit from the HIMS Muhktiar and her sisters unleashing a hail of hypervelocity cannons from their thunderbolts. All six vessels also fire their contingent of nano missiles and engage flak cannon/ion cannon fire to dissuade Confederate pilots. They'll turn to head back to fleet formation.
    • HIMS Sapith, Sigil and Solari engage the CNS Miranda, each one delivering a payload of concussion missiles and turbolasers for the Miranda.
    • HIMS Morales and Perez, Santiago-class ships engage the Forsworn with thirty-two ion cannons and their eight double-barreled mass driver cannons.
    • Bolt Detail Balao, consisting of eight Bolt-class picket corvettes engage the Arkanis with sixteen plasma torpedoes and sixty-four turbolasers. They will also turn to make their way back to the fleet.
    • This method of hit and run would have been repeated by Bolt Detail Boadicea on the CNS Valiance, Bolt Detail Birmingham on the CNS Valor, Bolt Detail Boreas on the CNS Cherube, Bolt Detail Brazen on the CNS Rocke, and Bolt Detail Bristol on the CNS Umber. They too will turn back to make their way back to the fleet.
  • HIMS Dosuun [Resurgent] engages the CNS Hardshell with its thirty-two long-range turbolasers, and begins to send out flak from the forty-eight Mogh-type rotary hypervelocity cannons and plasma disruptor beams. Gunners are acquiring targeting solutions for their plasma cannons.
  • Callisto-classes HIMS Ganymede and Io alternate firing pattern with the Dosuun and engage the CNS Rickrack with their plasma disruptor beams, twelve all together between the two ships.
  • HIMS Dowager fires five hundred and seventy six gravity bombs, lobbed upward toward the CNS Victator - aware that not all will reach their target - shot in a tight spread to minimize friendly fire possibilties. Fighters are back in their hangar bays for this reason, orders to the HIMS Tempest and Typhoon to prepare their interdiction missiles.
  • Word sent to Lord Admiral Denko, includes targeting solutions and information collected by HIMS Elidibus's AI Morgause who utilized onboard ship sensors and scanners to continue to gather information about the Confederate armada.



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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

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Objective: Fight

Allies: Cotan Sar'andor Dax Fyre

Enemies: Darth Carnifex


What he knew was that he couldn’t hold a candle to the saber skill of Carnifex. The Jedi Master knew where his skills were, and it wasn’t dueling Carnifex one to one. He always need his friends, and Cotan, well, Cotan could keep the Dark Lord occupied with the saber, while Coren could do his best to be what he was learning to be. A warrior of the light, someone who could utilize the light of the Force to combat the evil in the galaxy. And even with his landing and the blast, he knew he would have to move quickly. Summoning the Light wasn’t nearly as easy as it was the darkness…


It didn’t flow like that, it didn’t need to. He had the protection he needed. The Jedi had the Force as an ally, and a powerful ally it was. He could feel the light, and the power from the pendant, the Crusader pendant. Throwing a hand up, flat, as he had done numerous times with blaster bolts, to catch them, and absorb them, a blast of light side energy caught the darkness and a small cancelation came out of it, an explosion of sorts. Pulling his hand back, Coren looked at it.


The hell?


A grin on his face, and he could feel the Force and the power, was it from him? The necklace? He knew what he was better at than dueling. He was a man with a pistol, and the Force, his lightsaber still lit, he threw it towards the Sith and ran at the man, maybe the saber would distract him, enough for a fist. Using the Force to enhance his speed he got close and jumped, Force lighting up around him as he went for the hit.


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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

    Immortal Sith Emperor

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"Nor will anyone remember it."


The beam of dark energy lanced the ground behind Sar'andor, the soil exploding outward and bursting into amethyst fire. He swung the continuous energy up towards Starchaser, who predictably caught it and cancelled it with an explosive fusion of energies.


In this small window, Cotan attacked. Ducking and weaving through the Emperor's relatively lax defenses, the smaller man brought forth his blade to slash through the crux of the Emperor's extended arm at the elbow. But as the emerald blade swooped in, the Jedi's aim clear and true, a dark electrical energy discharged from around the Emperor's body and caught the lightsaber around its plasma blade. For half a second nothing happened, dark energy cascading around the Jedi's weapon, but then a tremendous gale exuded forth down through the lightsaber, up Cotan's sword arm, and right into his chest. The blast was enough to send the Jedi not only reeling, but flying back as if struck by an air speeder. 


The same would happen with the lightsaber that was thrown at the Emperor by Starchaser, as would the man himself be repelled back should he continue on his path. In comparison, the Emperor remained unscathed by any of their attacks. He flexed the hand of his left arm, for beneath the armorweave of his armor was a grotesque fusion of flesh and metal that thrummed with latent dark power. 


"Slow learners, you Jedi. The Sith always evolve."


More energy flowed around the Emperor's body, discharges of electricity crackling and popping as an animus of scarlet coalesced around him in a diameter of three meters in every direction. The ground beneath his feet began to erode and decay, the vitality of the land being drained away, devoured voraciously by the power of the Dark Lord. Tendrils of similar scarlet energy, wreathed in dark fog, exuded from the spherical animus around the Emperor and lunged out towards the two Jedi; seeking to latch onto their bodies and drain them completely dry.


Coren Starchaser | Cotan Sar'andor