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Project SIREN | Prototype Dauntless Phase I Power Armor

- - - - - Unique Valery Power Armor Dauntless

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Immortal Cyan

Immortal Cyan
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  • Classification: Power Armor

  • Weight: Very Heavy (~196% of the operator’s body mass)

  • Resistances (Shields Deactivated)

- Blasters, Plasma, and Heat: Very High

- Kinetic: Very High

- Lightsabers: Very High

- Sonic: Average

- Ion/EMP: Extreme

- Elemental

Electricity: Low

Cold: Very Low

Acid: Low




  • Plasma, Energy, and Heat-Based Weaponry Resistance: The Siren is very resistant to most forms of plasma, heat, and energy-based weaponry. This includes flamethrowers, particle beams, blasters, and other types of directed-energy weapons.

  • Kinetic Weaponry Resistance: Thick Hodharium, Phrik, Impervium, and Duraplast plating affords the Siren a great deal of resistance against kinetic assault.

  • Lightsaber Resistance: The usage of Phrik plating grants the Siren a very high amount of resistance to lightsabers. Though the armor does not hold up to repeated deep strikes, it is very effective at mitigating damage from them.

  • Ion/EMP Weaponry Resistance: In order to protect the operator from being trapped within two hundred or more kilograms of their own armor because of a systems-disabling EMP overload, the Siren is extensively hardened against EMP via a series of integrated Faraday shields and combat de-ionizers. As a result, the armor is nigh-immune to EMP assaults, save for ones which carry an extreme output.

  • Hyper-Mobility: The Omni-Directional Maneuvering Thruster Array grants the operator a brief, yet explosive boost to speed and acceleration. Although it can only propel the armor over a maximum distance of fifteen meters, the array is ideal for situations in which the operator needs to immediately close in on or create separation from a target. It can also be utilized to slow down the suit in the event that the operator falls from a high location and for maneuvering in zero-g.

  • Strength and Speed Enhancement: Utilizing a hypermatter-powered strength enhancement system, the Siren is capable of lifting in excess of six times its own weight plus the weight of the pilot within the suit. However, the strength of the Siren is typically software limited to only carry two or three times its own weight plus the weight of the operator in order to avoid placing too much physical stress on the body of the pilot. Even so, This system allows the operator to carry heavy weaponry with the same ease that an unpowered soldier carries a carbine. As a side effect, the strength enhancing system allows the operator to move with more speed and maneuverability than they would without the armor, because of the significantly increased amount of force their stride generate on the ground with each step.

  • Neural Reactivity: Virtually all of the Siren’s functions are controlled by neural commands. These commands are translated to the suit nigh-instantaneously, which grants the operator an incomprehensibly fast reaction speed while inside of an active suit.


  • Acid-Based Weaponry: The Siren utilizes heavy materials in its exterior plating which are somewhat vulnerable to acidic based weaponry.

  • Prolonged Donning Time: Although the Siren is built on a frame which is similar to the Dauntless Phase I Armor, it takes far longer to don because the plates are heavier and offer more coverage. Generally, it is necessary for an operator to have at least one other person assist them in donning the armor in order to ensure that all of the plates are properly restrained.

  • Electric Weaponry: The heavy metals which are utilized in the construction of the Siren are easily targeted by the electrical pulses generated by arc casters and other forms of electric-based weaponry, which may result in the operator being incinerated or deeply burned within their armor in the worst case scenarios.

  • Exotic Power Source: Because the Siren utilizes hypermatter as a power source, it can be difficult to requisition the fuel in order to keep the armor running. However, the suit only needs a miniscule amount of hypermatter matter fuel compared to the far larger amounts needed to power starships engines and hyperdrives.

  • Reactor Sensitivity: Given the highly reactive nature of hypermatter, in the event of a reactor breach, the Siren is liable to explode with extremely catastrophic results for the operator.

  • Neural Overstimulation: Because of the constant stream of data being fed into the suit from the extensive suite of sensors on the armor, it is very possible for the operator to become overstimulated from the amount of data they have to process. To relieve this issue, the suit’s quantum intelligence filters data that is deemed to be irrelevant from the HUD so that the operator does not see it. However, this system is by no means perfect and it often demands the attention of the operator when it would be otherwise unnecessary.

  • Cryo Weaponry: In the event that the heavy plates of the Siren are rapidly cooled by cold-based weaponry, the material will become far more brittle, leaving the suit extremely vulnerable to damage from plasma, kinetic, energy, and heat-based assaults which would have been mitigated under normal conditions. In effect, the rapid cooling and subsequent reheating of the armor’s surface has the potential to shatter the plates, thereby rendering the suit almost entirely compromised. Additionally, the suit has little to no defensive measures against being completely frozen in place as a result of concentrated cryo assault, which will also leave the wearer at risk of sustaining deep ice burns.


Project SIREN is an experimental power armor designed to significantly enhance the strength, speed, mobility, reaction time, and awareness of the user in combat. The engine behind these features is a powerful micro hypermatter reactor which grants the suit the power needed to simultaneously maintain these enhancements. However, the usage of such a exotic and potent power source comes with its own implications, especially in the event of a reactor breach.


During her training, Valery acted as a test pilot for the suit due to the presence of certain genetic and phenotypical traits which made her an ideal candidate. The suit is designed to compensate for the physical weaknesses of unaugmented individuals, allowing them to be more potent in melee combat and more reactive in long-range combat.

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Immortal Cyan

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