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G5-Series Astromech

- - - - - Astromech Industrial Automaton Droid

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  • Manufacturer: Industrial Automaton 
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: G-Series Astromech
  • ProductionMass-Produced

  • Modularity: Yes
  • Material: Standard Droid Components



  • Modularity


  • Co-Pilot of 1000 Vessels: The G5-Series astromech's modern Intellex droid brain featured some 1200 spacecraft configurations, allowing it to provide maintenance on and even fly thousands of vessels and starfighters.
  • Modular: Aftermarket packages and custom tech was easily installed onto G5-Series astromechs.
  • Navigator Supreme: The G5-Series Astromech could hold up to 25 hyperspace vectors in its memory and could quickly calculate new jumps and act as a navigation computer should the main one fail.


  • Astromech: Its not meant for combat and not particularly durable when up against weapons fire.
  • Gear Head: Like most astromechs, the G5-series lacked weapons. 

After years of rebuilding its reputation after the Gulag Plague, Industrial Automaton returned to the Galactic scene with the G5-Series astromech droid. A simplistic droid with callbacks to their earlier designs, the G5 featured the latest technology the company had including its Intelex-Series droid brain which was the centerpiece of the droid. Able to process and complete more actions than ever before, it was a blistering fast droid brain with expansive memory capabilities. Partnering with ship manufacturers from all over the Galaxy they were able to feature somewhere around 1200 spacecraft configurations including starfighters, capital vessels, and freighters out of the box with the ability for the droids to individually compile data on over 2000 which made it one of the most versatile astromechs ever developed for the public market. Its droid brain also afforded it the ability to hold more navigational data with standard memory configurations holding 25 hyperspace vectors and the ability to function as a super-fast navicomputer as well. It was found during testing that pilots preferred to allow the G5 droid complete calculations for them due to most ship manufactures skimping on processing speed in their navigation computers. 


With this extensive knowledge of vessels G5s could tackle almost any minor repair job with a special focus being on starfighter in-flight repair. Each G5 came equipped with a variety of tools to aid in these repairs, including a plasma torch, scomp link, circular saw, and fire extinguisher. These were packed into its robust frame along with an impressive array of sensors and data storage devices that allowed the droid to learn over time, retaining operational knowledge even after a memory wipe.


The limited success of the CL-series astromech made the engineers at Industrial Automaton realize that it wasn't always the features they could pack into an astromech that would make it well loved, but that time spent, on the personality matrix was key to a pilot's heart. Thus the droids were made to be sincere and endearingly snarky. This would however backfire as the quirks developed from infrequent memory wipes were more akin to all out rebellions in some cases. Despite the incredibly strong independent streak in the droids, they were eventually well received by pilots and ship crews across the galaxy. 


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