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Atrisian Corellia

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Kaito Kiyoshi

Kaito Kiyoshi

    Maou: D.V.M.N.

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  • Organization Name: Yōkai
  • Classification: Criminal Organization
  • Affiliation: Kaito Kiyoshi
  • Organization Symbol: The Yōkai utilize the image of the Oni, a kind of demon or ogre from Atrisian lore. When in use by Maou or any of his generals the Oni took the form of a flaming Oni skull with mechanical bits exposed and large white tusks. Other members of the Yōkai steered clear of that particular look, but utilized the Oni in a variety of different ways regardless.
    • Maou and His Generals
    • Other Variants
  • Description: The Yōkai were a crime organization with its roots in Atrisian culture. One of the many organizations that took up residence in A-Town, Yōkai dealt in drugs, weapons, real estate, smuggling and human trafficking. Unlike many of the other Atrisian gangs, their willingness to work just as freely in human trafficking and illicit cybernetics made them the ire of the balanced criminal world of A-Town. Many of their members in fact utilized such cybernetics, making the thugs and Ronin working directly for the Maou and his generals even more deadly. Most members wore stylized Oni masks to indicate their allegiance with more and more standardization as one moved up the chain. Red, black, white, and gold were their main colors with their masks always being red which made it easy to know when one was traveling through Yōkai territory in A-town. Out of the several Atrisian groups they arguably held the most territory, and despite being new, their ruthless tactics and almost open hostilities with rival groups had garnered the attention of Crime lords outside of A-Town as well. Due to their main district sharing a boarder with Blue Sector they also had begun to expand into that area as well, drawing the ire of everyone, including CorSec.


  • Headquarters
  • Domain: Corellia
  • Notable Assets
    • Ozai [Club]
    • Atrisian Swans [Medium Racing Brand]
    • Various Real Estate assets


  • Hierarchy: The Yōkai were ruled by Maou, the Demon King, who commanded seven Ronin whom all held dominion over a single portion of the organization. Each general ran their group with the authority of Maou and were incredibly independent, always jockeying for favor. Similar to Maou, their personal and criminal lives were separate personas, well known in the criminal underworld. Below them were their lieutenants, elites in their own ways depending on the needs of their particular general. Outside of that each had their own command structure but at the bottom of everyone's structure were the street rats and grunts. 
  • Membership: Usually only Atrisians were allowed to join the gang, though at the street rat and grunt level there was little the Yōkai could do to stop admirers, copycats, and children from randomly joining or imitating them. The actual process of becoming a blooded Yōkai varried between the smaller street gangs and even once they went up the ranks each general had their own rituals. Most members underwent some sort of body modification involving cybernetics or prosthetics.
  • Climate: The Yōkai were an ever present force in their district, operating as benevolent dictators of sorts. They'd paid off many CorSec agents from the local level all the way to the top in their sector, meaning Gold Sector CorSec rarely dealt with them purposefully. Local businesses paid protection fees which varied as the Yōkai were relatively fair. They paid what they could, but if it was found stores were holding out it wasn't uncommon to find family members in the river or behind bushes in the park. Older members of the community disliked them, but moved on with their lives. Many of the younger kids idolized them, thinking that the Yōkai kept nosey tourists and other Coronet people out of their neighborhoods and kept the area true to its roots. They idolized the Ronin and tagged areas with holographic and programmable paint depicting the Oni masks the Yōkai wore. 
  • Reputation:From the outside the Yōkai were a threat to all crime organizations in Gold and Blue sector. They were an upstart group that grew incredibly fast and made high up connections in the blink of an eye. Nobody knows who the Maou really is and that unnerved many. Among the other Atrisian crime bosses the way the Maou hid his or her face behind their armor and mask was a show of weakness and cowardice. CorSec was mostly bought off at high and low in Gold Sector but gunfights were still inevitable as the Yōkai began moving into other sectors of Coronet. Among the Atrisian groups Yōkai was priority one to take down.
  • Curios: Street rats usually wore programmable bandannas or masks that depicted colorful oni grins or frowns, usually in black or red. Some wore full masks, with the complexity and functionality of the masks growing as their rank did. Many members also had cybernetics and all members of the higher echelons had large, colorful, Atrisian tattoos like most other Atrisian gangs.
  • Rules:
    • Don't lie to your superiors
    • Take responsibility for your failures and actions
    • Don't steal from the Yōkai
    • Don't imitate the Yōkai or evoke their name for personal gain [Flexible rule]
    • Be good to the community you "protect"
    • Always be honorable in combat
    • Do not shame the Yōkai with indecent acts
    • Do not have unnecessary conflict or contact with CorSec/The authorities
    • Do not rob or steal
    • Only take what you need
  • Goals
    • Total control of Corellia's criminal underworld
    • Secretly: Build an army big enough to take down all the crime lords of Terminus and take revenge for Maou's old crime family there.


  • Maou - Kaito Kiyoshi: Leader
    • Zabimaru: Ronin that rules the streets. Arguably has the most manpower, even if mostly untrained. He was the strongest when it came to pure strength and was the most violent of the Ronin. His Oni mask was blue and emitted blue holographic flame. He was known for the cybernetics that allowed him to shoot flame from his mouth and palms. His signiture weapon was a kanabo that expelled blue flame. He could often be found at underground fighting rings and loved Coronet's Smashball team.
    • Orochi: He was the Ronin that held dominion over the treasury of the Yōkai. He handled all real estate purchases, money laundering, contracts, bribes, and protection fee collection. He had a scar over his left eye from when Maou first fought the Ronin and brought them under his control. He wore a more traditional Oni mask with little actual function outside of communication. He tended to let his droids fight for him, but also utilized a vibro-katana. His left eye was grey but only to trick others into thinking he was blind. It was actually a cyber-eye implant.  He enjoyed a good cup of tea and rather disliked violence but was extremely good at torture. He was ex-Atrisian Imperial intelligence. 
    • Zero:  An bit of an enigma and the only non-Atrisian human in the Ronin. He was a Jar'Kai who handled weapon trafficking. He had the largest group of non-Atrisian Humans working under him. He rarely spoke and wore a helmet with a programmable holoscreen obscuring his face. The symbol changed depending on the situation, but often simply held the Atrisian symbol for Oni. He utilized a variety of bladed weapons both external and integrated into his mostly prosthetic body. His history and hobbies are unknown.
    • Madam: Ronin that handles human trafficking. In her personal life she is an actress and model. Most of her face is swappable via cybernetics due to facial reconstructive surgery when she was a young girl. She lost most of her face during a war but was saved by a Corellian Jedi intervention and brought to Corellia where she recieved the surgery. While taking on the persona of Madam she replaces the bottom half of her face with a red oni mask implant. She loves sweets and collects exotic animals which she trains to kill on command. She also uses a cadre of modified Atrisian security droids both in her personal life and as enforcers as the Madam.
    • Jak Handar: A Corellian smuggler gone "legit" who handles Yōkai logistics. He's not Atrisian and thus isn't trusted by the other Ronin and even some lower ranking members of the Yōkai, but he has been working with Maou since before he came to Corellia and was his most trusted adviser when it came to galactic issues.He replaced a previous Ronin when he cheated the Ronin out of a game of sabaac. When the Ronin attacked in anger Jak quickly dispatched him. The old Ronin was corrupt and Maou welcomed the man with open arms despite much protest. He wore a full helmet Oni mask
    • Sai: Sai was the Ronin in charge of handling drug traffic in and out of District 3 and their other territories. Next to Zabimaru he had the second most on the ground boots due to the nature of drug sales and moving product. His dealers also doubled as informants and information gatherers. As a result Sai also ran a small intelligence ring alongside his trafficking. He was a big fan of anything fast and in his personal life was a co-owner of the racing brand Atrisian Swans. He had a prosthetic arm with various illegal mods and a standard cybernetic eye. He was dating both the Madam and Keiko and was known for being a womanizer. Officially he owned the club Ozai which was the Yōkai base of operations. He was the only Ronin who was publicly rumored to be a part of the gang and had an extensive CorSec file linking him to the crime organization loosely. 
    • Keiko: Yuna was the Ronin that had domain over the Yōkai's swoop gangs and generally handled rigging races across both illegal and legal tracks. She loved anything fast and was dating Sai. She had no cybernetics but was an incredible swoop racer and pilot. She had command of the skies over district 3. She utilized illegally modified combat speeders and blaster pistols. She's the co-owner of the Atrisian Swans. She wears an Oni swoopbike helmet on missions with a Oni half-mask underneath. 
  • Kaiya Inoue: Maou's personal assassin, messenger, and information gatherer. 

When Kaito Kiyoshi landed in Coronet City and made his way to A-Town he was nearly dead from his crusade on Terminus. With the credits he had left he attempted to establish himself as Kaito, working at a ramen shop called Roto-Ramen. He tried to turn over a new leaf, but when Roto-Ramen came under assault from a local street gang with no affiliation. A group of Ronin with no one leader whose only goal was to take what they wanted and gain easy credits. Enraged by this transgression he donned his armor again and fought each of the seven, bringing them to their knees and forcing them to swear fealty to him. These Ronin would become the foundation of the Yōkai. The masked Kaito returned to Roto-Ramen with each of the seven and forced them all to swear to protect the alien and his endeavors. Proclaiming himself Maou, reclaiming the title from Terminus, he became the Demon King of that district with the eventual goal of ruling the entire Gold Sector. 


With his seven powerful generals and the money he made from offering protection from other local street gangs he was able to quickly build good will, a base of credits, and grow his numbers by absorbing the waring street gangs of his district. His gang would eventually grow, deposing the crime lord that ruled his district and slowly began to encroach on the other two districts and into Blue Sector. The Yōkai's rise to power mirrored the rise of Kaito in the political sphere as he left the ramen shop that had saved his life and moved on to other endeavors like investing in shipping, real estate, cybernetics, and droids giving his crews an advantage over other groups. The Yōkai became the de facto rulers of District 3 with Maou (Kaito) becoming one of the Sannin that ruled A-Town's criminal underworld.

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