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Shippy McShipface WIP

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  • Came In Like a Wrecking Ball: Outfitted with six Great River super heavy tractor emplacements, the Neverwhere is capable of tossing star destroyers and rending battlecruisers. Suck it, Force Unleashed.
  • Unlimited Power: The Neverwhere's exotic generators produce nearly limitless reserves of energy despite being so ancient. While the adapter shunts can only handle so much output at once the dreadnought is particularly resistant to power drain technology.
  • Om Nom Nom Nom: A mass of exotic energy harvesters mounted on the dreadnought's prow allow it to consume any salvage, asteroids, or stellar gases and particles in its path for the automated work crews to reprocess and use for self-sustaining repair protocols.
  • Put a Colony On It: It wouldn't be a Coalition ship if there weren't a bunch of hobos laying around. Ever since the Neverwhere's discovery, a sprawling bazaar and series of shanty towns dot the outer hull, illuminating the dreadnought in a dazzling spectacle of multicolored lights. Squatters can be found all over, drawn in by the Lighthouse.
  • Wretched Hive+: Camped out in the dreadnought's cavernous hangar which is large enough to hold a star destroyer (at a sacrifice of 30 squadrons), some of the best modders in the galaxy have gathered to provide services for travelers from all over.
  • Don't Call It a Gate: Exotic technology from the Rishi Maze allows small teams to teleport to and from the surface of nearby planets as long as there is a corresponding module planetside. Only usable when orbiting worlds or near stations where another matter transmitter is installed, including the ancient precursor pylon network often found on planets in remote systems where the dreadnought stops to automatically refuel.


  • Who's In Charge Here Anyway: While the Coalition maintains control over all modifications (including weaponry), they haven't even figured out how to access the bridge yet. Explorers are just beginning to uncover the Neverwhere's secrets. The ship jumps when it pleases, where it pleases, and the enigmatic AI which keeps everything running can only occasionally be bargained with.
  • This One Goes Here, That One Goes There: Everything modern has been jury rigged to run off of an incompatibly alien power grid with Resu liquid metal hydrogen circuits. System failures are common, random power outages even sometimes affect weapons and shields.
  • The Ship Is Dark and Full of Terrors: Most of the space hulk remains unexplored, and entire sections have been locked out for very good reason. After aeons drifting through the Kathol Rift and who knows where else, many threats have made their way on board and now lurk within its depths.
  • Dude, Where's My Car: Its impossible to say where the dreadnought will end up next, which makes resupply a significant challenge. It is often necessary to dispatch scavenger teams to nearby worlds for whatever materials the energy harvesters cannot provide.
  • IGNORE ME: Wherever it goes Neverwhere shines like a beacon in the night...and in subspace. There's no hiding this dreadnought, you can see it coming from a sector away.


No one knows where the Neverwhere came from, or who built its original components. One day it simply drifted out of the Kathol Rift as if it had been there all along. The original space hulk was a mass of different hull designs and aesthetics, some of its outer edges even bearing silhouettes that are recognizable from ancient history. Since then, the Coalition has not hesitated to add its own signature, transforming its outer hull with an arsenal of modern weaponry and prefabricated modules that make up the Neverwhere Colony.


Exploration of the precursor vessel has just scratched the surface, many sections are still blocked off by elaborate adaptive encryption algorithms that stupefy even the most experienced slicers. Least accessible of all is what appears to be the primary command deck. In lieu of any direct link to the dreadnought's higher functions, a FarStar Initiative base camp has been established and what control the Coalition does have over its systems is run out of a tented command post in one of the starship's many sprawling atriums.


The most impressive discovery so far is what explorers have dubbed the Cavern, a gargantuan hangar large enough to comfortably dock most star destroyers. Competing tech workshops and tender stations sprang up practically overnight when colonization first began. Exotic Resu conduits feed into haphazard wiring that runs all over every deck and every corridor that the Coalition makes use of.


A Merrill Lighthouse is installed in the ship's dorsal section, and eventually someone got the idea to convert some of its interior into floor space and sell drinks out of it. Hence, the Lighthouse Cantina was born.


Scattered throughout the dreadnought are thousands and thousands of automated maintenance drones, the only legacy of its long forgotten creators. Their systems are unfamiliar and wholly incompatible with modern technology, and ignore any attempts to interact unless something or someone blocks their path, at which point they attempt to calculate a new course like any other simple machine.

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