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LN-05 Jactor-class Attack Corvette

- - - - - Vrotoa Dagata

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Intent:  To submit a new ship to add to Vrotoa Industries’ growing catalog.

Image Source:  [X]


Canon Link:  N/A

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Manufacturer:  Vrotoa Industries

Affiliation:  Closed-Market

Model:  LN-05 Jactor-class Light Corvette

Production:  Semi-Unique; Select Customers Only

Material(s):  Segroth ShocksteelReflec-based ShadowskinReinforced Stygian-Triprismatic Polymer DuraplastVarious Components




Classification:  Multipurpose

Length: 100m

Width:  35m Fuselage; 45m Wingspan

Height:  35m

Armament:  High

Defenses:  High

Hangar Space: None

Hangar Allocations:

  • Starfighters: N/A
  • Support Craft:  N/A

Maneuverability Rating:  High; Moderate (Stealth Mode)

Speed Rating: Very High; Moderate (Stealth Mode)

Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast



  • Standard Life Support System
  • Fire Suppression System
  • Gravitic Amplitude Modulator (GAM)
  • Inertial Compensators
  • Photon Absorbers
  • Sound & Vibration Bafflers
  • Hull-Cutter Ring / Docking Ring System



  • Extremely fast and maneuverable (when not in stealth mode), these ships are an excellent choice for raiding and interdiction against supply freighters, striking outposts, and capturing smaller-sized enemy ships or those which are poorly armed.
  • Strong stealth package enables captains to hold the advantage of surprise and the ability to evade enemy forces.


  • To improve stealth and speed, duraplast hull-plating was layered atop a shocksteel casing, which lowers overall strength and resilience of the hull. Should the shields fail, the hull will not withstand heavy enemy fire for very long without significant damage to the vessel.
  • To maintain stealth, sacrifices in speed and maneuverability must be made and maintained throughout the operation of the ship in stealth mode.
  • These ships are designed for fast attack operations and hit-and-run tactics, and are not well-suited to pitched battles and sustained hostilities. If one should find itself outgunned or outnumbered, the best practice is to break contact and jump to hyperspace and safety, as holding fast would be a short and disastrous outcome.


  • Minimum Crew: 1
  • Optimum Crew: 3 (Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Nose-Gunner)
  • Passengers (Non-Crew):  24 (12 Raiders; 12 Outlaw Techs and Seizure Teams, 3 four-man teams)
  • Consumables:  3 mos.
  • Cargo Capacity:  30 Mg


Hunting in packs and bursting into realspace undetected, engaging cloak, and moving into attack vector, the Jactor moves in close to an enemy ship, selecting the position and moment to de-cloak and begin firing with the Mag Pulse Topedoes to nullify their shields. Once down, a volley of missiles followed by the ion cannons and heavy guns seek to disable their prey, while the nose cannons make precision strikes against point defenses, as the ship maneuvers in close, grappling on with its tractor beam, before cutting the hull and deploying the strike force to board them.


The Raiders move through the decks, sweeping away resistance and taking control of the vessel.Once the ship is taken, the techs and seizure teams go in, stripping their prey and looting their cargo and supplies with expert efficiency before returning to the Jactor as it peels away, pulling back and firing a volley of missiles into their depleted foe to leave nothing behind as they disappear into hyperspace again. Freighters and transports sit like ripe treasures across the galaxy, and enemy warships twice its size stand like low-hanging fruit ready for the picking, breaking sieges and disrupting supply lines with relative ease. Solar collectors are found in the fore and along the sides of the ship.


These fast-attack ships are designed to act as interdiction ships, preying on enemy supply ships, transports, and small-sized vessels. 




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