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Ha'ki White Eye

Naudir Drel Togruta Mandalorian Krieg Orange

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Intent: To sub a member of clan naudir's extended family and potential future PC

​Image Credit: Laura Hogan on Talenthouse |

Role: Adopted Daughter of Falken Naudir, Adopted sister of Vhei and Voska naudir, Wife of Koth.

Links: Falken Nauidr | Koth | Voska Naudir | @Vhei Wasp Naudir | Krieg |






Age: 40

Force Sensitivity: N\A

Species: Togruta

Appearance: Tall, thin, orange skin, jagged blue\white lekku patterns, dull grey eyes, Usually clad in orange\camo beskar'gam.

The left side of her face is scarred up and down, and the bridge of her nose is abnormally flat thanks damage repaired through surgery.







Name: Ha'ki Naudir, "also known as "Ha'ki White eye" to her clan, and "Orange" to her husband.

Loyalties: Clan Naudir

Wealth: Moderately wealthy. Her clan ensures that she is provided for.

Notable Possessions: A280 blaster rifle, Cybernetics[eyes], Custom beskar'gam, Kana in the colours of her husband's clan.

Skills: Slicer\Lockpicker, Marksmen, Huntress.

Personality: A rebel with a temper to be feared, and known for the fierce glare of her white eyes. normally she's one of the more talkative of the naudir, but when anger envelopes ha'ki, she can be as silent as the grave and violent as meteor shower. She has a great sense of loyalty to her clan and to falken naudir, and of course a great love for her own family. Despite her husband's position, she has no stomach for politics.






Weapon of Choice: Blaster rifles and targeting rifles.

Combat Function: Designated marksmen.



+Slicer And lockpicking: Ha'ki was once a good thief with a knack for getting into places she shouldn't have been, and she's carried those skills over to her new life.

+Focus: Once her attention or ire has been given, it's hard to shake her from her focus.



-Cybernetic dependency: Ha'ki was blinded many years ago, and given cybernetic augments to allow vision again. Ion and EMP can short out her cybernetics, rendering her blind until repairs can be made.

-Temper: Her anger is often singular in focus, almost too singular. While she may be hard to shake once her target has been chosen, she is easily distracted with said target.



Ha'ki was born a slave roughly 32 years ago on zygerria. Once she came of age, she was passed around from owner to owner, faction to faction for most of her childhood and early teens. During that time, she developed her fair share of anger issues, though she learned to keep it quiet and to herself, as not to provoke her masters, and instead chose to take it out on them by stealing things from them. It started with small things, the occasional credit, food, drink, eventually her targets became bigger, things like keycards to restricted rooms, expensive jewelry, and eventually weapons..


One day she had everything she needed to break her fellow slaves and herself out and take over the ship that was transporting them to their owner's home, but her luck had run out. Her current captors had become wise to her meddling, and set a trap for her. She still remembers that day:


The day when she was just about to be executed in the hanger bay, and then a ship arrived, spewing boarding pods from it's hull and into the slaver's ship, the day when She met Falken Naudir, witnessing firsthand as the white haired mandalorian emerged from the boarding pod.

Falken had a habit of freeing slaves and offering them a place with the fleet during the naudir's nomadic days, and that day was no exception. He picked up a blaster rifle from a fallen slaver and shoved it into her hands, saying "Sometimes it feels good to fight for yourself, wouldn't you agree?"

She understood what he meant. Everyone has a battle in life that they must fight alone, and today she would fight that battle. A few minutes later, she burst into the master's quarters. she was sadly blinded by an electro whipe, but ti didn't matter. Ha'ki had drained the blaster's powercell of all energy by the time she had finished blind firing into the room, and after feeling for the wounded slave masters, bludgeoned them to death with it. after witnessing such events, Falken made the decision to adopt her into the clan, purchasing advanced cybernetics for her that would allow her to regain her vision. she has traveled with falken ever since.


Her prowess as a huntress earned her the respect and admiration of the Kriegir chiss Koth during the naudir colonization of krieg, and he earned the same from her during the battle of the steel fortress against a gamorrean horde. they were married sometime after, and had two children, Ortega and ko'tii.

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