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Naudir togruta Drel Blue Mandalorian

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Intent: To submit the final NPC member of the current extended naudir family, and potential future character.

‚ÄčImage Credit: Raikoh.14's Tumblr | Cwa | Slight recolors by me.

Role: Daughter of Ha'ki And Koth, Granddaughter of Falken Naudir, Niece of Voska Naudir and @Vhei Wasp Naudir

Links: The planet Krieg.





Age: 18

Force Sensitivity: N\A

Species: Half Togruta\Chiss (Kriegir\Mandalorian)

Appearance: Short and thin at around 5'5" and 130 lbs, unlike her mostly chiss sister, she hasn't aged quite as fast. Light blue skin with dark blue togruta patterns, Violet eyes and predominantly white lekku.

She is often seen wearing her light purple beskar'gam, usually helmetless, although she possesses a custom togruti\mandalorian helmet,





Name: Drelk'ot'ii, or Ko'tii to most. sometimes she goes by the nickname "Ko"

Loyalties: Clan Naudir

Wealth: Moderately wealthy, her clan sees to it that she is provided for.

Notable Possessions: Custom beskar'gam, Blaster, vibro knife, as single crushgaunt, possibly "borrowed" from the naudir armory without permission.

Skills: Jetpack stunts, Gunslinging.

Personality: Eager to get out and see the world, ko'tii has always been an adventurous sort. She's a bit of an adrenaline junkie, she enjoys stunts with her jetpack, hunting with the rest of the clan, and has even snuck in with the jumptroopers on a few exercises.

ko'tii is easily bored and pretty much dependenton the music player installed in her helmet to survive the downtime.

She is easy going compared to the rest of the family, but also immature, finding amusement in more childish jokes and games, which sometimes gets her in trouble.





Weapon of Choice: Blaster repeaters.

Combat Function: Jumptrooper




+Athletic: Ko'tii is quick and nimble and spends most of her time practicing on the clan's obstacle course.

+Jumptrooper in the making: Ko'tii knows her way around a jetpack in the air, and has the makings of an excellent jumptrooper.




-Strength: Being a smol blue bean, Ko'tii isn't the strongest of her clan. Overpowering her would be an easy task.

-Impatient: Like many young warriors, ko'tii lacks the patients and level head of her peers.




Ko'tii was born to Koth and Ha'ki when she ventured to krieg during the naudir's earliest scouting mission on the planet's surface. She spent her childhood learning about shi'lai culture from her father and mandalorian culture from her mother, and was adopted along with them into clan naudir when her mother and father were finally, officially married. While she has relatively little experience in the ways of war compared to her fellow mandalorians, she did see some combat against the gamorrean hordes during more recent raiding seasons, though her father objects naturally.

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