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Corvan Lee


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Corvan Lee

Corvan Lee


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Name: Corvan Lee


Faction: N/A


Rank: Knight


Species: Human


Age: 27


Sex: Male


Height: 6'0


Weight: 231 Lbs


Eyes: Black


Hair: Black


Force Sensitive: Probably




  • Force Healer: Corvan knows every inch of the human body, internally and externally. With his strong connection to the Force and training as a healer, Corvan is able to perform battlefield healing at a moments notice.
  • Big Backpack: Corvan goes into battle equipped with numerous different weapons, not only his lightsaber. He ensures he is equipped and prepared for any potential encounter he might come across during his journey across the galaxy.


  • Force Violence: Given his preference and prior training as a healer, Corvan has a poor grasp of combat oriented force abilities. He can perform padawan level feats with some effort, but more complex actions in a fight are beyond his current ability. 
  • Bloodless: Corvan, as a healer, tends to try and avoid killing his enemies. As he has a stronger connection to emotions and peoples minds through the force, he feels their pain and suffering very clearly, and goes out of his way to avoid unnecessary deaths, as they will affect him badly.


Corvan Lee was born on world of Ord Mantell, though most of his life was spent aboard civilian freighters moving from one corner of the galaxy to the other. His mother and father were both healers, well known on some of the Outer Rim worlds within the galaxy. What was not as well known was that both of his parents were also Jedi. Formally trained and raised on Coruscant, Corvan's parents left the Order of their own volition, believing they could do more for the people of the galaxy on their own rather than under the overview of the Council. Despite clear instructions from said Council, Corvan's parents instructed him early on in the ways of the Jedi, both in combat and the healing techniques that their family was famous for. 


Years of training and travelling eventually saw the Lee family arrive on Tatooine. They set up a small shop near Mos Eisley, where they began to heal the sick and injured for no cost. Fourteen at the time, Corvan was assisting his mother with a young child with a broken arm when a drunkard stumbled into the shop. Before words could even be spoken, the man drew a blaster from his side. In a flash, Corvan's father leaped across the room, disarming and pinning the man against the wall and holding him there until authorities arrived. However, the authorities in question belonged to the Hutt families, and the man Corvan's father was holding was one of the Hutts premier agents. The Lee's were taken before the local Hutt lords, and in exchange for forgiving their attack on an agent of the Hutts, the Lee's would become the Hutts 'guests'. The Hutts were then able to see the Lee's medical abilities across Tatooine at a premium price, extorting the families formerly charity work for a constant stream of credits. 


At the age of sixteen, Corvan's parents made a bid to escape from the Hutts. During a routine check up, Corvan's mother overpowered the guards while his father broke through the doors. Just as they were about to escape, a fresh wave of guards arrived to confront them, and Corvan's father stayed behind to hold them off while his wife and son escaped. Corvan was able to see his father perish just before the door of the stolen freighter closed. 


On the run from the Hutts, Corvan and his mother fled to Mandalore, where they had once provided aid to an Alor and his wife when she went into unexpected labor. The Alor welcomed them into his home, and made it clear that they were under his protection. While on Mandalore, Corvan threw himself into training alongside the warriors of the Alor, desperately wanting to take his mind off all that had just happened, while his mother remained in her rooms. His previous Jedi training began to meld with that he learned on Mandalore, and over the course of the four years spent among the Clan, he developed into a keen warrior. However, Corvan came to realize he was not doing what he was destined to do. His father had been a healer, and until the end he had resisted taking the lives of the guards that took his own. The preservation of life had long been the job of the Lee's, and Corvan made up his mind to honor his father by continuing his work. Saying his farewells, Corvan departed Mandalore into the galaxy with a suit of armor forged for him by the Alor himself from images he had of ancient Jedi Sentinels, and began his trek to try and make the galaxy a better place, one person at a time.



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Corvan Lee

Corvan Lee


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