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Eclipse on Correl

- - - - - Corellia Corellian Confederation

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Lisza Starseeker

Lisza Starseeker

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A shadow has fallen over Corellia as a dark force eclipses the sun...


Eclipse on Correl is the latest player driven story arc for the Corellian Confederation. A series of mysterious mass killings have caught the eye of the Green Jedi. With CorSec convinced the murders are the act of a single serial killer the Jedi have reason to believe darker forces are at work...However with an increase in illegal human trafficking, a gang war, and civil unrest in Socorro's Belt CorSec has put this case on the back-burner. The Green Jedi have taken it upon themselves to dig deeper into these murders. What secrets and conspiracies will they uncover? Though the shadow of the Sith and Imperial Bloc have been long gone from the Core Worlds, a new Dark Cult has taken root. Keep the stars of Corellia and its neighboring sectors safe! Join today the first thread today!



Corellian Confederation


Ignis Imura

Ignis Imura

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Shhhhhh. You spilling the secret. Lisza Starseeker