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Reflections on the Past: Princess Frayne

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  • Intent: To expand upon the lore of the Old Days, as witnessed by Voph Sitdrisa'yr
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  • Media Name: Reflections on the Past: Princess Frayne
  • Format: Hologram Recording
  • DistributionRare
  • LengthShort
  • Description: Reflections on the Past is a collection of stories told by Voph Sitdrisa'yr, in which he speaks of notable figures and events from, as he describes in the work, the "Old Days." This chapter deals with the life and death of Princess Frayne, a member of the Royal Family on Naboo. As no visual records of this person exist, the image is merely that of Voph deep in meditation as he recalls the nature of this individual.


  • AuthorVoph
  • PublisherConfederacy of Independent Systems
  • Reception: This work was released to no announcement, simply created and logged with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, as part of the Knights Obsidian archives. While word may begin to spread of it through the Confederacy, it is hailed as a historical document and holds little value outside the academic community.



The video opens to the image of Voph Sitdrisa'yr, clad in the dark and tattered cloak of his armored robes, kneeling in front of the projector. His hair tied back to behind his head in a short ponytail. His head bows and he does not look directly at the Camera. He remains immobile for the duration of the video, moving only to breathe and speak. 


"Reference Marker: Princess Frayne. Entry Two, Reflections on the Past." A pause, to set the information apart. "Princess Frayne was young when I first met her. No older than her second decade. And yet, she was every bit the royal she had been raised to be. Though the Naboo are set upon electing their monarch, Princess Faye was destined to become one of the first heredity claimants of the throne. Perhaps not the selection I would have made, but I knew little of the Naboo culture at that time.


Frayne was born shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant, when the Sith Empire and Republic founded the peace treaty that granted an illusion of peace. Though established some two centuries prior, Naboo was still very much a colony world at this point. Her parents, leaders of their local village, were the hard-working sort. Her mother often oversaw the administrative tasks, as well as serving as judge and arbiter for the peoples of the village. Her father, however, was content to live his life as a fisherman, providing food to his fellow colonists.


​Frayne split her time between both lives, far preferring the adventure and excitement offered her by fishing and exploration. But, even from an early age, her parents instilled in her the value of helping others, and elevating them above yourself. She held this ideal close, and let it guide her every action in life. She was well liked by those in her community, and was sad to depart for the larger colonies. Her young adult years were often spent returning to her home village to assist in building more shelters and helping expand their infrastructure. 


Near the time when Frayne came of age, her mother was chosen as the Queen of Naboo. For a time, Frayne felt trapped by this, finding herself unable to travel without the constant companionship of her guard and protector. Her studies turned from fishing and architecture to politics and diplomacy. The war, of course, was in full force, and it was only a matter of time before the neutral world of Naboo became involved. 


Frayne, against her parent's wishes, sought a position as diplomat to the Sith Empire. They reluctantly agreed, and Frayne traveled to Dromund Kaas with her entourage to negotiate Naboo's freedom to continue on as a neutral world. During this time, she became romantically involved with her long time friend and bodyguard, but to my knowledge, word of this never made it back to Naboo. The relationship was short lived, owing to Frayne's willingness to do whatever it took to get her way. 


After an agreement had been met, she remained on Dromund Kaas for a time, only returning to Naboo to visit her family periodically. It was on one of these visits that she came by the famous scars that marred her features, when a submersible crashed into her own, stranding her in the darker regions of Naboo for some period of time. And though not blessed with the beauty she had once possessed, Frayne still held a very striking figure that attracted a number of suitors.


Our paths first crossed during the Revanite Crisis, as I was attempting to garner support for the coming shadow. Little did I know how woefully under-prepared we were. It was by chance that we met, when a mutual acquaintance, Darth Airon, introduced us. I spent some time among the small court that Frayne had attracted to her, and realized that the hailed Princess of Naboo might not have been so well received had her people known the extent of her activities on Kaas.


I was given the chance to travel to Naboo to assist her in rescuing her family from a stray band of Revanites that had taken the palace, and thus the nation, hostage. She was a surprisingly competent combatant, for one with no formal military upbringing. The hostage situation was ended, but not without cost. Her mother lay wounded, requiring extensive medical care, and it was agreed that Frayne ought rule in her stead, as her father had no wish to take such a mantle. 


While her mother recovered in the hills of Naboo, I stayed to maintain the diplomatic connections that had been established between our nations, and to offer what advice I could to the young monarch. Princess Frayne, however, was different. Though she was unchanged to the public eye, she became quiet and sullen behind closed doors. Her first love and childhood friend had fallen in her defense during the attack. Though the two never reconciled, it was clear that her love for him had never died.


He was buried with full honors, a stalwart defender of his nation and his princess. In the quiet hours of the night, Frayne sought my company, wishing for me, in secret, to forsake my duties and to stay as her guardian and protector. But the shadow grew nearer, and I was not willing to risk her world to such retribution as abandoning my duties would bring upon them. So I declined both her offer and advances, instead offering her a simple invention of my own hand to serve as both a symbol of our friendship, and protection against the unknown. 


She accepted the gesture, as her own pendant, a gift from her mother, was no longer in her possession. The Heart of Naboo, it was not. But in its absence, my gift would suffice as protection for the young monarch. Records do not tell of what her ultimate fate was, but when last we spoke, she had surrendered the throne to her widowed mother, and left the palace to help the world of Naboo heal from the war that had left scars upon all of us. 


Tainted by her time among the Sith, perhaps. But no leader is without fault. Perhaps this is why her people were willing to acknowledge her as Queen when her mother's time came. Perhaps they knew of her conduct, and did not care. I have never, nor shall I ever, understand the workings of royal blood. But I do know that her people should never doubt her dedication to their cause, and her willingness to sacrifice everything to ensure a bright tomorrow on the Nabooian Horizon."
Having had time to acclimate to his new surroundings, Voph began to record his summaries of past events and persons, both in a way to pass the time, and to restore records that had been lost to the Gulag and other such catastrophes. This recording is the second of its kind, centered around an acquaintance of Voph's, Princess Frayne. It is rumored that the recording contains a secret message, leading to something...greater.

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