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Witch's Brew And Trouble Too

- - - - - Ryloth Thiavi Sawa Kahlil

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Sawa Ike

Sawa Ike

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Thiavi Kahlil Zambrano


Sawa looked at them and she moved seeing and hearing the voice as her face showed a grin enjoying it. She didn't bring her saber out. Sliding a hand towards the biwe she had moved and the small case revealed a sheath. If she had the time she would use it and show her some real undead but no time for that as more things were attacking and Sawa moved allowing the blade to remain in the sheath and she could feel it in the force. She slide the sword out of its sheath and the darkside blade gleamed with force energy as she slashed and moved holding a hand out and snapping a fingewr to excite and create friction to produce fire to send it into what was coming at her and make a wall to narrow what could attack her. She looked at the woman while the droid was coming with her the small astromech and fired its blasters. "Just fighting and destroing them isn't goingto do much."



    The Mos Espa Sharpshooter

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"Okay cool, any ideas?" as anyone could probably guess, thiavi didn't spend much time fighting sith. or witches, or however that worked. alright, "destroying them isn't going to do much"? she'd better be talking about the zombies.


The witch had deflected all of her shots so far, one of which had hit her pauldron, just barely clipping the edge and burning into the skin.

Chit, She'd have to come up with something creative, and quickly if the sith lady didn't jump in soon.


Thiavi didn't miss, she hadn't missed since tatooine and she didn't plan on missing now, but thankfully for her, she didn't count deflections and sith sorcery as missing, merely... interception.


she was running low now, three of six shots, and taking the time to load another power cell without someone covering for her, could be the death of her. but what choice did she have right now?


She'd have to load again soon, if only she'd swapped her paint cans for gas canisters. wait.. paint?


She grabs one of her paint cans and shakes it a couple times before throwing it the witch, quickly blasting it before turning away to run. the can had exploded into a cloud of dark purple, staining everything in between her and the witch. By the time it had even come close to settling, thiavi had already slipped outside.

she quickly shoves another power cell in her pistol before putting it back in her holster and shoves another power cell into her rifle.

She arrives at another window and takes careful aim, lining up a shot and holding her breath, then *thwuuum* her shot zips through the window and into the cantina. but a thought came over her, in that instant, everything around her froze, even before she had fired, the witch had looked this way, could she, feel it? could she predict it? is that how they did it... oh gods, it is!



Sawa Ike Kahlil Zambrano

Kahlil Zambrano

Kahlil Zambrano


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"Wait, droid.. The witch.. Here?" Kahlil raised his head some. In the blur of his gaze, he could see the burning red of lightsabers. The witch. No, Thiavi was shooting at her? No rockets? Flamethrowers? She wasn't going to be able to overwhelm a Force User with just a six shot blaster. Even the gas canister trick wouldn't work. She was feeling the shot. Predicting.


At the last second the Jedi raised a hand. Stupid to keep pushing himself, but he didn't want the woman to die. A quick movement, and the bullet changed at the last second, bypassing the guard that had been set up to slam into the witch. 

Sawa Ike