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REC/ARC-01 "Gallehus" Pattern Adaptable Repulsortank

- - - - - REC Republic Engineering TGC The Golden Company TTH The Thyrsian Hierarchy Light Repulsortank

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  • Intent: To create an adaptable Repulsortank platform for the Republic Engineering Corporation, the Golden Company, and their various Clients. 
  • Image Source: TK-53/s CGS Mobile Worker Space Type | Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON BLOODED ORPHANS Wiki [x]
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable.
  • Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Laser-Reflective Armour.


  • Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation - Vehicle Manufactorum(s); Coruscant Works District.
  • Affiliation: Republic Engineering Corporation - Security Forces, The Golden Company, The Thyrsian Hierarchy, Closed-Market.
  • Model: REC/ARC-01 “Gallehus” - Pattern Adaptable Repulsortank. 
  • Modularity: Yes; See Outfits Below.
  • Production: Mass-Produced.
  • Material: Durasteel, Glasteel, Flexisteel, Reinforced Duraplast, Various Repulsortank Components.


  • Classification: Light Repulsorcraft.
  • Role: Loadout Dependant: Aggressive Reconnaissance, Aerial Defense Unit, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Troop Transport, Cargo Hauler.
  • Size: Average Rating.
  • Length: 3.2 Metres, with Variable Extensions.
  • Width: 2.5 Metres.
  • Height: 3.6 Metres.
  • Weight: 2.2 Short Tonnes, or 1,996 Kilograms - Heavy Rating.
  • Minimum Crew: One Pilot and One Integrated Droid Brain.
  • Optimal Crew: One Pilot, One Gunner, and One Integrated Droid Brain.
  • Power Plant: Compact Fusion Reactor.
  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift Engines, with Anti-Gravity Plating.
  • Speed Rating: Fast.
  • Maximum Speed: 200 Km/H.
  • Maneuverability: High Rating.
Armament(s): Low Rating.
  • Outfit Aurek [Anti-Personnel Variant]:
    • [2] Rapid-Fire Mass Drivers (Coilgun Variant.)
    • [2] Anti-Personnel Blaster Cannon [Fixed Forward.]
  • Outfit Besh [Anti-Vehicle Variant]:
    • [2] Concussion Missile Pods, with a Capacity of Eight Missiles.
    • [2] Anti-Personnel Blaster Cannon [Fixed Forward.]
  • Outfit Cresh [Aerial Defense Variant]:
    • [2] Heavy Laser Cannons, Stutter-Fire Capable.
    • [2] Anti-Personnel Blaster Cannon [Fixed Forward.]
  • Outfit Dorn [Troop Transport and Cargo Hauler Variant]:
    • [2] Anti-Personnel Blaster Cannon [Fixed Forward.]
Defenses: Low Rating.
  • Standard [Military Vehicle - Grade] Armour Plating.
  • Standard [Military Vehicle - Grade] Laser Reflective Armour Paneling.
  • Standard [Military Vehicle - Grade] Skeletal Framework.
  • Standard [Military Vehicle - Grade] Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters.
  • Standard [Military Vehicle - Grade] ECM and Countermeasures (Including Anti-Blaster Aerosol, Chaff and Smoke Launchers.)
Passenger Capacity: None (Standard Model) or Ten Passengers (Cargo Hauler or Troop Transport Variants.)
Cargo Capacity: Small Rating (Standard Model) or Average Rating (Cargo Hauler or Transport Variants.)
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade] Servo Motors, with Gyroscopic Stabilization System(s.)
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade] Repulsorlift Drive Engines.
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade] Maneuvering Thrusters.
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade] Primary Fusion Power Plant.
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade.] Hazard and Damage Control Systems.
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade.] Life Support System(s).
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade.] Navigational System(s).
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade.] Ground-Penetrating Sensors (Navigational Hazards) and Targeting System(s)
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade.] Communications System, Holonet Transceiver with Encryption/Decryption Networks [Military Encryption Keys.]
  • Vehicle Classification, [Military-Grade.] Environmental Control System(s).
  • Integrated Droid Brain, Astromech Equivalent.
  • Fast-Track Weapon Mountings, and Fire-Linked Systems.
  • Reinforced Duraplast Liner - Moderate Resistance to Ionic Overload.
  • Laser-Reflective Armour Paneling.
  • Highly Resistant to Small Arms fire, and select Laser-based Light Weapons.
  • Highly Mobile and Swift.
  • Protected Undercarriage and Flexisteel Gimbal-mounted Joints.
  • Versatile Design.
  • Lighter Armour Plating; Weaker to Kinetic-based Light Weapons.
  • Lightly Armed; Relies on Maneuverability to Carry the Day.
  • Exposed, but Armoured Gimbal-mounting.
  • Fixed Forward Weaponry; Heavily Reliant on Repulsolift’s Mobility.
  • Repulsorlift Jammers.
As the fires of conflict spread throughout the stars, the Republic Engineering Corporation sought out their comrades in the Thyrsian Hierarchy to found a new Initiative. One that would offer the disparate peoples of the galaxy a sword, in which to fight back against those seeking to meddle in their ways of life. This ambitious new project came to be known as Gjallarhorn amongst the various architects within the company, for its mythical connections to an ancient relic that symbolized the mustering call of war. The REC/ARC-01 “Gallehus” Pattern Adaptable Repulsortank was the first of many designs that would form the flagship products of this new endeavour. 
While visually unappealing, and box-ish in design, the “Gallehus” was built with speed and maneuverability in mind. It’s lighter armour, although ineffective against large kinetic weaponry, proved to be an asset when weighed against the increased agility and speed garnered by such a choice. However, as most infantry fighting forces utilized energy weapons, due to their cost efficacy and weight requirements - death by kinetic kill-rods wasn’t a concern for the technical architects at Republic Engineering. So, to ensure that their Repulsortank proved itself effective on the battlefield, an additional layer of laser-reflective armour was fitted atop the polished durasteel plating. Those panels would provide significant protection from a myriad of energetic weapons, acting in a very similar manner to a standard deflector shield; without the increase in expenses or overall weight.
Thus, their Clients would be safeguarded from conventional plasmatic threats - whilst benefiting from both the versatility offered by the “Gallehus” and the Repulsortank’s low price point. 


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