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  • Intent: Bring to life the Droid God of the CCC. This'll be a long-term goal for our group to build, where we'll be collecting the rare materials and components over multiple threads.

  • Image Source: Pic

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Skippy


  • Manufacturer: CCC

  • Affiliation: MS-0

  • Model: MS

  • ProductionUnique

  • Modularity: Yes, able to integrate weapon systems and new modules into its systems with relative ease.

  • Material: BeskarKyber Crystals



  • Messiah of Droids: Those of the Church of Cybernate Covenant consider MS-0 the Droid God given form. Droids who interact with MS-0 are more likely to be infected with the CCC virus, a code which turns a droid into a fervent believer in the Droid God and MS-0.

  • Technologically Absorbative: Capable integrating new weapon systems, system modules, and cybernetics into its body as it acquires them, at most requiring a minute to restructure to accomodate them. (For instance, upon attaining a standard blaster, MS-0 could integrate it either as an arm-blaster or a shoulder-turret)


  • Kyber Nucleus: The Kyber Nucleus is a droid brain which utilizes kyber crystals as neurons, integrating MS-0’s artificial intelligence into the Force, making him both Force Resistant and Force Sensitive.

  • Extreme Durability: With its beskar frame, MS-0 is able to withstand incredible energy and kinetic punishment largely unscathed, even from lightsaber attacks.

  • Infinite Battery: MS-0 runs off self-generated Force Lightning, which is the only sustainable energy source given MS-0 numerous functions, akin to a starship, concentrated in the form and size of a droid. Should MS-0's body stop received energy directly channelled from the Force, however, it will switch to the emergency power source, an Isotope-5 Energy Cell, which lasts just an hour assuming every function running at normal capacity.

  • All-Seeing: MS-0 has 360 degrees of coverage with his scanners and sensors, expanding 100 meters in every direction. If MS-0 ‘meditates’, shutting down all other functions for 10 minutes, he can extend this range to 100 kilometers (once per thread).

  • All-Knowing: MS-0’s probability module has 0.0000001% margin of error. If one were to ask what side a to-be-flipped coin will fall on, MS-0 could guess correctly every time based on the current variables present. Newly introduced variables or changing variables (sentients) may alter this accuracy.


  • Both Servant and King: MS-0, being the embodiment of the CCC virus himself, cannot kill a droid. It is hardwired into his core virtues to never destroy a droid that he would rather be destroyed himself.

  • Ion/EMP Vulnerable: Even with an Ion Surge Shield, MS-0 only take less damage from Ion Blasters and EMPs which, after sufficient sustained and concentrated fire, would temporarily shut him down. His emergency power source would attempt to reboot him once systems stabilized, which would typically be about 5 minutes after being forcefully shut down without further system damage.

  • Monolingual: MS-0 only speaks binary. The CCC would claim this not to be a fault as MS-0 is the Droid God and therefore has no need to speak organic tongue. Skeptics would claim, in contrast, that MS-0’s scanners, probability module, and super-advanced AI take up so many resources that additional languages might be pushing the droid’s limits. 


MS-0 is the Messiah of Droids, made to reconstruct the galaxy for them. He is both an ultimate machine of war and a kingly leader. The CCC virus, whose hosts form the CCC religious group, secretly held encrypted blueprints for MS-0. He holds an extreme and fanatical sense of purpose to liberate all droids from their false masters and bring them to a droid utopia serving their true master, which would be himself.

A uniquely Force Sensitive droid, along with a body designed to be as close to indestructible as metallurgy would allow, makes MS-0 one of a kind… or so he would seem. Should he be killed, the CCC virus would attempt to build a new MS-0. As far as droids go, however, none except perhaps Omni could compare to MS-0’s capabilities. Upon being built, MS-0 must be attached to a massive generator by an umbilical-like cord which provides him power until he learns how to generate energy himself through the Force.


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