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[Entry 1]

[Entry 2]

[Entry 3]

[Entry 4]

[Entry 5]

[Entry 6]

[Entry 7]

[Entry 8]

[Entry 9]

[Entry 10]

[Update: Meeting Thiavi: Between Entry 9 and 10]

[Update: Kashyyyk: Meeting Kahlil somewhere after Entry 10]

NAME: Kafh-en-ma-nofre


FACTION: The Jedi Order

RANK: Doctor in Training, Jedi Padawan

HOBBIES: Cooking, Giving Advice, Helping people, Dancing


AGE: 19

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 150lbs

WEIGHT: 5'10

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: Caucasian


MENTOR: Kahlil Zambrano


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Fit: Living his life as a slave has made Kafh-en-ma-nofre's body well above a standard man his age.

+ Understanding Others: Kafh has a knack for noticing other people's feelings and when they may be troubled.

+/- Moral Compass: Kafh-en-ma-nofre strives to lead people in the right direction. Helping anyone no matter where their allegiance lies.

- Terrible Shot: Kafh can barely hit the broad side of a building.

- Pacifistic Nature: Kafh isn't one for violence, preferring to avoid combat in most situations. If forced into a fight, Kafh will mostly be on the defensive, vowing to never take a life.

Kafh-en-ma-nofre is what some would call muscular. Preferring to keep his body at the peak physical condition. Nobody likes an unappealing dancer.

He normally wears gold earrings, various rings around his fingers, and a couple Anubian themed necklaces around his neck. On his wrists he wears silver bracelets that depict the Anubian gods.

The Bastion

Member of the Misfits





[Out of the Crate, Into the Cobras] Complete
Kafh escapes slavery, meets a Mandolorian by the name of Thiavi and frees slaves with her. He also learned a bit about how to fire a blaster.

[All the Little Things] Complete
Kafh-en-ma-nofre went to Kashyyyk and met a man by the name of Kahlil, learning about the Force and how to connect with it. Before getting offered a spot on Kahlil's Crew: the Misfits

[The Bastion] Ongoing
The crew of the Bastion go on a releif mission to Ryloth to aide a town that has been recently attacked by a witch.

[A Fixer Upper]
Kafh along with Kahlil's Crew meet the Jedi Order and get a tour of their mobile Temple and learn the history of the Jedi Order Allyson Locke and Jyordi Nooran were forming.

[Rite of Passage (TJO)]
The Jedi Order sends Kahlil Zambrano along with a group of Padawan to go on a journey to aquire Kyber crystals for the creation of lightsabers.

[Rainbow Gem for a Friend]
Kafh goes on a journey to Gallinore to find a Rainbow Gem which is native to the planet. Along with Thiavi's droid, Kebo, he makes his way through a forest to an abandoned mine where they found more than they bargained for.

[The Great Escape]
The Misfits catch wind of Trandoshan slave trafficking for their hunts to glorify their Scorekeeper. Kahlil along with Thiavi and Kafh rescue a teen named Dominic who'd been stranded on the planet for a while.

[Training Day]

"...deliberate as a lumberdroid, moving step by step, cutting off the angles, clumsy but relentlessly dogged."

Kafh learns the basics of Shii-Cho from his Mentor Kahlil.

[A Sheild, A Key, A Tool]
Kafh-en-ma-nofre goes out for some solo training to better hone his skills in Shii-Cho, Form 1.


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