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Task Force Crown Of Sorrow

- - - - - CDF Chommel Armada

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Cypher Rage

Cypher Rage

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Intent: To create the permenat mobile task force submitted to the Confederate Expeditionary. Armada consisting of Confederacy Defense Force warships for the CIS Invasion of Tanaab and future invasions and possibly dommions
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Links: http://starwarsrp.ne...38#entry1934638

Fleet Name: Task Force Crown of Sorrow
Classification: Invasion Task Force, etc.
Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Confederacy Defense Force
Fleet Symbol: N/A
Description: Task Force Crown of Sorrow is a large fleet composed of ships belonging to the Chommel Sector Armada of the CDF. Designed to be a large, offensive fleet capable of bringing the CIS's justice across the galaxy, it is versatile in composition and distribution.

Headquarters: Geonosis
Ports of Call:
Goals: [ What are the goals of this Fleet? If it has an official mission, what is it? ]
Reputation: This fleet is not kniwn by any outside influences beyond Vice Marshall Rage and other members of the Confederate Navy. Soon, however it will participate in the Invasion of Tannab and as such will bring dread to the United Clans of Mandalore

Fleet Size: Medium
Lead Ship: U.G.F.S Riptide
http://starwarsrp.ne...4638omposition:Munifecent class Cruisers, Nocturnal Class Battlecruisers, Providence class Assualt Carrier, etc.
Commander: Cypher Rage

Folllowing the anouncement of the soon comming Invasion of Tannab, Vice Marshall Cypher Tiberus Rage decided to max his rank and create a task force under his permenat command. He named this force in mockery of the Mandlorians who would soon be defeated. He attached it to the Chommel Armada, a huge force that he was close to commanding. More history added as Invasion begins ro close

Victory Is Never Certain but I Shall Always Win

Cypher Rage

Cypher Rage

    What am I?! What are You?!

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Victory Is Never Certain but I Shall Always Win

Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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