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Requesting Aid Rule Change

- - - - - invasion allies

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Valiens Nantaris

Valiens Nantaris

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SWRP Staff are always looking at ways to make invasions smoother and easier for all side. This is one of a number of measures which are being worked out.


The requesting aid rules have been amended as follows.





1. Both the opposing and defending Major Factions in an Invasion thread may request assistance from factions not involved in the thread.


2. A maximum of 5 characters total per side in the Invasion may provide assistance. Each character must be played by a different writer.


3. Character rotations/substitutions are not allowed once the Invasion has begun. Allies must be accepted by the faction they are assisting.


4. Faction Leaders will be held accountable for regulating the number of characters they have assisting their Faction.


5. A character fulfilling an aid request for another Major Faction may not join any more Invasions until the Invasion thread they are aiding in is completed.


The old limits on allies in Invasions was an old rule which refers to a time long passed, and caused only confusion and frustration. As well as that, rule 3 has been cleared up.


This will apply to all invasions declared AFTER today's date, it does not affect declared or in progress invasions.