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Grotesque-1 Sith-Imperial Combat Automaton

- - - - - TSE Battle Droid

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Darth Carnifex

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  • Intent: Create a horrific cybernetic droid soldier for TSE
  • Image Source: Click - Star Saga, the Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A





  • Amalgamated Sentient Brain: Locked at the heart of the battle droid's dura-armor exoskeleton is a fully living and cognizant sentient brain, suspended inside of a glasteel cocoon and awash with nutrient fluids. Cables pierced deep inside connect brain to the droid's various internal machines, allowing the droid brain to tap into the creativity and ingenuity of the sentient mind; simultaneously preventing the living mind from utilizing any of the droid's critical systems such as the gyromotors or weapon controls.
  • Durable: The Grotesque's laser-reflective armor is highly capable of protecting its internal circuits from exterior damage while robust deflector shields add on a further exterior layer of protection. 
  • Armament: Equipped with a specially designed concussion rifle, the Grotesque has the capacity to unleash truly devastating damage against the enemies of the Empire. Concussion rifles cannot be deflected by lightsabers and have an explosive blast radius of up to four meters in diameter, suitable for widespread use against large numbers of foes. The concussion rifle's grip is encoded to work only in the hands of the Grotesque battle droids, as internal circuitry won't allow the weapon to fire until completed by similar circuitry inside the battle droid's appendages.


  • Slow: The Titan's hulking form and marching gait do not lend to enhanced mobility, and the war droid is more akin to bipedal tank than an agile soldier.
  • Heavy: Coming in at one-point-two-five tons in total weight, the Grotesque battle droid is a massive piece of military hardware that requires special equipment to move into battle. 
  • EMP: While portions of the Grotesque battle droid are better protected against electromagnetic and ion attacks, enough concentrated assault via these methods can render the machine vulnerable to other forms of attack.



In the Empire of the Sith, morals and ethics are anathema to the progression of technology for the pursuit of war. Slaves tend to be the most likely candidate for scientific experimentation, rivaled only by prisoners of war accumulated through the Empire's many expeditionary conflicts across the galaxy.


Yet out of all of these test subjects, there are those few who are selected to serve a higher purpose other than to die in some laboratory. 


Following the Siege of Commenor, the Sith Empire found itself in possession of many POWs from the surrendered local militia. Herded into off-world camps elsewhere in the galaxy, they languished in squalor for the best part of a galactic year before the Empire ultimately abandoned Commenor once it had outlived its usefulness. In her haste to reclaim her homeworld, Kay Arenais neglected to negotiate the release of all those she urged to surrender themselves into Sith-Imperial custody. 


Forsaken by those they had given up their very freedoms for, the soldiers of Commenor were at the mercy of the Sith Emperor. Infamously cruel, the Emperor selected the healthiest men and women from among the imprisoned Commenori to serve as the first subjects in his latest abominable project. They were stripped of their skin by the Emperor's own flensing knives, glistening muscle exposed to the cold air before even that was taken away from them. Sinews, organs, everything was taken from them piece by piece. Even their bones were meticulously dismantled. 


All that remained was their brain and the thin nervous cables that had once controlled their entire bodies.


And they yet lived.


Sustained by dark magic, the soldier's consciousnesses were preserved and kept stable even though the rest of their bodies had been stripped away. All they could feel was agony; unfathomable, indescribable agony, as each layer of what made them a Human being was taken from them at the end of a knife. All they had was their own thoughts, cognizant and aware. The Emperor, he who had taken so much from them, at last gave them something of his own.




He poured the Dark Side of the Force into them, suffusing what little remained of them with seething anger and burning malice. The pain remained, it was a constant, but now it was accepted and desired. Pain sharpened their hate, reminded them of who had sacrificed them to this abhorrent fate. The Emperor placed their nervous system into a nutrient cocoon, encased by the exoskeleton of a machine automaton piloted by a separate droid brain. Incapable of control, the living brain was hooked into several internal mechanisms by cables surgically implanted right into their soft gray flesh.


The droid brain exercised full control through this outlet, amalgamating the efficiency and obedience of a machine with the intelligence and ingenuity of the Human mind.


Two minds, one body.


Unbridaled hate.

Tom Taff

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Gruesome but otherwise fine.






Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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