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Type-9 Hellfire Frigate

- - - - - WIP Type-9 Project Storm

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  • Manufacturer: Manndorf Technocracy/ CIS
  • Affiliation: CIS, Eternal Empire
  • Model: CQB Frigate
  • Production: Limited

  • Material: Specialized non-conductive Durasteel Alloy.


  • Classification: Assault Frigate
  • Length: 500 metres
  • Width: 120 metres
  • Height: 80 metres
  • Armament: Very High
  • Defenses: Low
  • Hangar SpaceBase: 1 
  • Hangar Allocations: 1x Support Craft
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed Rating: High
  • Hyperdrive Class:  Average: 2 


--Computers/Non Combat Systems:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Short Range Sensor Package:

  • Radar
  • Thermal Sensors
  • Subspace Disturbance Sensors
  • Digital Telescopes
  • Mass Detectors
  • Hyperspace Breach Sensors
  • Gravity Well Detector

Standard Issue Navigational Computer


--Life support:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Artificial Gravity Generator


Standard Issue Oxygen Delivery System


Military Grade Medbay


Advanced Gamma Radiation Shields


Bulkhead System


Advanced Fire Control




Standard EWAR System Protection Unit


Standard Issue Military Grade Shield Generators


Standard Issue Barrier Point Defence Systems


--Offensive Weaponry:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


12x ThreadRipper Autocannons (Broadside mounts)


2x KC-404 'Thanatos' Torpedo Systems (Frontal mounts)

  • Shockwave Warheads
  • NET Torpedoes (Null Engine Thrust Torpedoes, aka. EMP Torpedoes)





--Advanced Heavy Thruster Package:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


4x Vortex Heavy Ion Drives


18x Advanced Maneuvering Thrusters


12x Precision Maneuvering Thrusters


--Void Class Micro-Warpdrive:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Cynosural Field Generator


Microwarp Calculation Computer


Warp Bubble Collapsing Unit (For rapid hyperspace exit required to perform a microwarp)






--Expanded Ammunition Holds----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Reinforced Ammunition Containment


--Computer Systems:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Advanced Targeting Computers


Torpedo Course Correction Computer (TCCC)


Trajectory Calculators


Target Tracking Systems







Non-Conductive Hull Frame


Lightened Hull Frame (Allows atmospheric operation)





[+] Blitz: This ship is capable of achieving very high speeds, which allows it to strike deep within enemy territory very quickly


[+] Braving the Storm: This ship is made using a non-conductive alloy, which makes it compatible with Project Storm weaponry


[+] Shredder: This ship has an amazing weapons suite, allowing it to fill many a ship with large holes


[+] Dragon's Spit: The ThreadRipper autocannons used on this ship leave acidic residue on it's victims. Even if the ship gets away, a lot of extra effort will be required to repair areas which are filled with acid.




[-] Scaleless Dragon: Though this ship has an outstanding arsenal, it's survivability is lackluster.


[-] Lone Wolf: This warship has a tiny hangar space, which is dedicated to shuttles. It is unable to wield a wing of fighters to support itself.


[-] Low Torpedo Capacity: Each torpedo tube is only armed with two shockwave and two NET torpedoes. Without logistical support, this ship won't last long.





The Hellfire Variation of the Type-9 Attack Frigate was built to support Project Storm's battlegroup in close quarters combat. The ship is a masterpiece of engineering in it's own right, capable of performing attack runs right through the middle of enemy lines and getting out alive, thanks to it's speed and Micro-Warpdrive. 




The Hellfire frigates are equipped with ThreadRipper autocannons- weapons designed specifically with this ship in mind. They are capable of unloading ungodly amounts of ammo in short spans of time before reloading, allowing huge damage outputs in limited time- exactly what this ship is supposed to be doing. These frigates are also equipped with KC-404 'Thanatos' Torpedo arrays, which gives the ship an enormous amount of potential Alpha damage.



The Hellfire frigate puts a lot of focus onto mobility, and naturally, it is equipped with state of the art technology in this area. 4 Vortex class Heavy Ion Drives allow the ship to develop and maintain a very high speed, while the 30 maneuvering thrusters allow the ship to turn very quickly, even at high speeds. 


--Firing Arcs:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Hellfire's main weapons- the ThreadRipper autocannons- are broadside mounted, 6 per side. This allows the ship to bring a maximum of 6 guns to bear onto target if it is located to the side of the ship. However, if the target is directly in front or behind of the ship, it can only bring 4 (or 2 if behind) guns on target simultaneously. 


The torpedo systems can only target objects in a 45 degree arc in front of the Frigate.


--Engagement Range:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Hellfire Frigates have been designed as close quarter combat frigates, and as such have a very short effective range, of approximately 25 kilometres (1/4 of effective turbolaser range). This means that these frigates have to get very close to a target in order to deal sustainable damage.


--The Crew (And would you want to be part of it?):----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Hellfire Frigates have very little interior space to house all of it's crew. Despite this, however, the crew of this ship can enjoy relative comfort, far more so than the crew of regular line of battle frigates. The ship also has excellent life support systems, and state of the are fire control and bulkhead systems, which results in minimum casualties due to hull breaches and fires. Overall, the crew mortality rate on such ships is on average lower than that of other CIS warships.




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Gerhard Manndorf


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