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Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

- - - - - CIC Imperial Confederation Imperial Confederated Systems Core Imperial Confederation Clans of Mandalore UCM Bogden Obroa-skai

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Tanomas Graf

Tanomas Graf

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War was eternal.


Just when the galaxy held its breath, waiting to see whether or not the fragile peace would last more than a few months at most, did it seem that another conflict sprung from the darkness and enveloped all of them in chaos. But when chaos ran rampant, order rose to challenge it, and eventually vanquish it for as long as it could before the cycle repeated itself. When the drums of war sounded, and vengeful eyes looked toward the Mandalorians, the Imperial Confederation was the first to leap into action.


Bogden and Obroa-skai were their targets, two seemingly insignificant systems along the Daragon Trail, but they were far from useless. They would serve as a beach head, a starting point for the empire reborn's conquest in the Colonies. Armies were marshaled and fleets were amassed, with parts of the Open Circle Fleet hidden away in the nearby system of Champala in anticipation of being called into battle. Humans, near-humans, and clones alike prepared themselves and their equipment for the coming invasion, a fire raging in their hearts, stoked by their everlasting fealty to the eternal Emperor Palpatine.


The Imperial military would finally have its work cut out for itself against a proper enemy, they just needed the signal from the upper echelons of the government to begin their righteous crusade.


And it came in the form of three words:


Praise the Sun



Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

    The Blood Hound

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Location: En-route to the Obroa-skai system, aboard the Titanic
Objective: Pass time until we get there
Allies: CIC & friends
Enemies: UCM
Specific Tags: OOM-002-HONEYCOMB OOM-003-CUPCAKE OOM-001-JELLYBEAN | +Feel free to join!
Post: One


The Titanic was beaming full of people and droids. It seemed like the first time since she'd joined it, Scherezade actually felt the weight of the clankers around her, walking back and forth. Those damned things didn't sleep, didn't rest, and made the worst dad jokes in the 'verse, though it had made her secretly chuckle more than once.
Seated in the mess hall with a group of organics, most of whom she had yet to work with and would be cooperating with once they touched down at one of the Boggs, Scherezade's fingers were working with fluidity and dexterity as she tossed the cards out. True to her deep self, she had come aboard carrying a pack of Cards Against the Confederacy.
There were few things, the Blood Hound thought, that worked better as a way to calm down before launching an offensive. People liked to laugh, and the game was chockful of nasty and inappropriate jokes that had people rolling on the floor more often than not. There was still more than enough time to kill before they'd all be boarding their drop pods.
Glowing green eyes glanced at several of the B1 units that were walking around. Sighing, Scherezade put the widest of smiles on her face, and motioned for the droids to join the game as well. Perhaps something in their AI made them as potentially funny as humans.
Once a few had joined, she picked the next black card up.
"The next card is," she said with a little giggle, "Here is the church / Here is the steeple / Open the doors / And there is _____________."
Scherezade looked at her white cards. It was a shame she wasn't participating in this round. She had, after all, the perfect white card for it – Darth Metus.

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Flash Australis

Flash Australis

    Son of Australis

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On the planet Obroa-Skai, sometimes called the Library World, life continued much as it had since the world had become part of Yasha Cadera 's unified Mandalore Sector. A sector which had grown to a size that it hadn't been since the early glory days of Mandalore the Ultimate. Before that silly shabuir, as Kaine referred to him, led the Clans to ruin in what the galaxy now called the Mandalorian Wars. Admiral Flash Australis had recently completed an inspection of the world, and been less than pleased.



Admiral Flash Australis had indeed not been pleased with the results of his inspection of Obroa-Skai's defences. For starters, the term fortress world, he felt, was not fit for what he had found. Missing inventory, infrastructure in disrepair, and far too many so-called professionals engaging in recreational intoxicants whilst on duty. Totally unacceptable.

After lambasting the various department heads and commanding officers for the better part of two hours, the fleet admiral had finally given the entire room fourty eight hours to discover vast improvements across the board, lest a lack of future employment be the least of their worries.


Then he had gone directly to the source of several of the most glaring and major dysfunctions in Obroa's defense command, fugging Strabo Australis himself. Knowing full well that Kaine would simply handball the problem back to him, Flash resigned to dealing with it directly, himself.

You have some explaining to do, Colonel. Understatement of the century, but Flash figured he had to start somewhere.

Strabo, lounging in a comfortable chair, at least had the dignity to straighten up, moustache twitching.

Where shall we start?

Flash was ready. Angrily, he produced a note. Strabo took it and read it aloud.

Admiral, I have used parts from the turbolaser to repair the officers' distillery, will return them soon. Strabo.

He put down the note and looked innocent. What? He asked.


Strabo moved to interrupt, but the Admiral didn't let him. NO! Not okay!

It wasn't. Obroa-Skai had surface to space emplacements, predominantly KDY turbolasers and ion cannons, but they weren't much good if they'd been scavenged for parts. Flash doubted the one that had borne the note had been the only one. He had an awful lot of work to do here to bring the place up to scratch. 

You're in charge of fixing the turbolasers. I don't want you to sleep until it's done.

Strabo got up, thinking he was getting away with murder. Aye, sir.

Flash wasn't feeling merciful. Or eat. Or drink.

Strabo swore. Feth! Those were the really enjoyable activities.

Flash's patience wore out. OUT! He pointed to the door. Strabo went, and Flash sagged into a chair behind a desk. 

At least, he consoled himself, looking out over the long list of planetary defences that he suspected were in less than working order, if present at all, today can't get any worse...




Scherezade deWinter - Tanomas Graf






    Eliminate Enemy Runtimes

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Objective: Warm up the Droids

Allies: CIC, CIS

Enemies: UCM

TagsScherezade deWinterTanomas Graf











The unit known as Prime was being loaned to the Core Imperial Confederation with compliments of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Prime and a group of HYDRA War Droids were loaded up into a transport with the capability of quick deployment down to a planet’s surface. The transport was in the same group as the Titanic. Traveling to arrive and deliver destruction.


“Command, this is Droid Bay. We have the Prime and Hydra online. They are interfacing now. Will be ready when they arrive in system. Moving droids to armory then launch bay.”


“Roger Droid Bay. Very good.”


The Twi’lek pressed a control and the small company of very expensive droids would be descending to the next level. The bots were expanding from their storage mode to combat mode, legs and arms extending, ready to be outfitting. Once they were in system, they’d already be outfitted and ready to be fired at the planet. Just had to make sure a safe landing zone was identified.


But for now, the technician’s job was done, and he had a book to finish.




    The Storyteller

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Captain Lynda "Malys" Dorn

His Majesty's Imperial Ship Avenger, Lecture Hall Yularen.

Nearby: N/A

Pertinent Tags: Tanomas Graf


Presented before the rows of seated Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos, Captain Lynda "Malys" Dorn busied herself with briefing her subordinates of the Operation's intelligence gesturing her conspicuously massive armoured DARKSABRE gauntlet towards a phasing hologram. "Vornskr Company will be responsible for seizing a suspected communications Array on the moon of Kohlma, if our Intel is accurate seizing this Array will permit us to selectively disrupt inbound and outbound communications preventing the Mandalorians back home from reporting back our force composition and strength there should they elect to dispatch a response." It made the young woman feel Powerful beyond measure to have authority above so many Commandos, what else felt good was the sound of her step's weight Lynda felt like a walking tank and such a description could not be unfairly applied.


The faces peering towards her curiously was a diverse mixture of complexions and features although what remained unchanged among the warriors was their pearl coloured Mark IX Katarn Battle Armour and a familiar Humanity. Lynda had previously used Clones as a punching bag for her own insecurities and in the face of being saved by those counted among the ranks of Jango Fett's progeny had turned the unpalatable ire towards Xenos. "Due to recent orders handed down by the Commander-In-Chief to His Majesty's Armed Forces, we have special considerations when handling Mandalorian detainees during this operation." Her voice said dryly, those spooks made her skin crawl unpleasant and the thought of the deceptively pure white cloaks belonging to Staff Officers forced the skin of face to crinkle.


Captain Malys produced a document from a pouch on her breastplate before clearing throat helmet's annunciator given her voice a hollow echo to its' tone, she hesitated for a moment and then recalled wordlessly the punishment under Military Law for omitting or failing to relay or enforce the order, nervously she swallowed. "'The Warriors of the Mandalorian Empire behave in a particularly brutal and under-handed manner, it has been established that they recruit criminals not only from their own nation but even former convicts set free in enemy territories. From captured orders and intelligence it emerges that they are instructed not only to tie up prisoners'" She paused for a moment taking in the visibly angry expressions across the Lecture Hall's rows of chairs. "But also to kill out-of-hand unarmed captives who they think might prove an encumbrance to them, or hinder them in successfully carrying out their aims. Orders have indeed been found in which the killing of prisoners has unambiguously been demanded of them."


Lynda continued reading the High Chancellor's command imagining her former Comrade's furious intonation, knowing full well a truth few were privy to in that his adopted daughter was nearly killed by Mandalorians recently, it could never be openly admitted for such personal reasons but she wordlessly knew this was retribution for that action. "'As a result I hereby order, all Mandalorian Combatants operating against Imperial Troops, are to be annihilated to the last man. Whether with or without arms, whether fighting or seeking to escape and even where those individuals who upon discovery make known their intent to give themselves up as Prisoners. No Pardon is to be given except where reasonably suspected by an Officer of His Majesty's Armed Forces that enforcing this order shall be a detriment to national security, operational security, diplomatic relationships or where deemed inappropriate for any other reason. On these matters a report is to be made to headquarters for assessment and reply by High Command.'"

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Mig Gred

Mig Gred

    Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

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Objective: Training

Allies: UCM

Enemies: CIC, CIS, Scherezade deWinter

Post 1

Equipment: Trayc'kad Lightsaber, "Slick," Armor, Echani Vibrosword


Mig slashed at the training target letting loose with his Trayc'kad, lightsaber blades ignited. He was honestly stress about the what was going on in the galaxy. He stopped, looking at the blade the Kat had given him. That was when the world seemed to catch fire. Some things about it honestly angered him. The bombardment, everyone seeming to decide to fight in the city, the fact that no one seemed to look into the embassy explosion that... that killed Ordan. He stopped, deigniting and sheathing his blade before pulling the Echani Vibrosword and examining it. Kat had Ordan's Trayc'kal now, and he had her brother's sword. He gripped the blade before returning to training. He'd already decided one thing: He'd never draw that sword to kill an Echani, or to attack someone. Only to defend. He did a quick couple of slashes before stopping. He had a bad feeling for some reason. Maybe it was just his thoughts going back to Eshin, but Mig still looked up. Nothing. Just the sky.


"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."

Adara Raxis

Adara Raxis

    Darth Adarable

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Location: Bogden Surface, Temporary Scientific Outpost Kyr’ta 
Enemies: CIC Keira Priest Tanomas Graf Lynda Dorn
Equipment: Armour | Lightsabers
NPC's: Militibus ex Infernis, Porgs (Mugsy, Bugsy, Tugsy, Hugsy, Bert, Geneveve & Talulah), Mr. Wimple, Mandalorian Scientific Expeditionary Team
While the threat of war thrummed across the Galaxy, members of the Clans of Mandalore scientific community continued on with the diligent race of empirical progress. Not inhabited by any permanent population, Bogden was the perfect location for the brightest Mandalorian minds to study the adverse effects of variable gravitic pulls on a single planetary mass. 
Thus, while the scientific fleet surrounding Yasha Cadera Ara’novor Research Vesselcontinued to undergo detailed scans of the force-vectors tugging Bogden in twenty separate directions, teams on the ground conducted experiments of their own. These teams were guarded in case of assault from the Bounty Hunters and ne’er-do-wells who traditionally used Bogden as a drop-off and meeting point.  
Squared away in the middle of the temporary command centre, were two tents guarded at all corners by the Militibus ex inferis. Dour looking Anubians, the Militibus ex Infernis had but one mission. Protect Adara. 
But why, on a planet of gravitational anomalies and one existing bar, was the Mand’alor’s pre-teen daughter in attendance? 
The Science Fair. 
When one was the daughter of Mand’alor the Infernal and General Kaine Australis attending an Aruetiise (Non-Mandalorian) Academy, one must come up with a humdinger of a Science Fair project. It was simply unthinkable that she build a papier-mâché volcano, when one came from the ecologically revived Manda’yaim. No, she simply couldn’t! It would be the most horrid, terrible, awful, dreadful tragedy if Adara were to… to…. to!!!
Get second place. 
Adara dove into her studies, having pleaded with her parents to be allowed a small amount of space on the Bogden Expedition. Great-Aunt Kay Arenais would be with her! The Militibus ex Infernis would be there! Her beloved pet Porgs, which she had been training for a month would help! Yes, she would be extra careful. How else could she fulfill the requirements of her carefully crafted topic:  
Gravitational Anomaly Effects on Avians 
It helped that her father Kaine Australis was ‘undergoing an asset inspection’ nearby. Happy enough with her tent, which she helped pitch herself, or legitimately the Militibus ex Infernis allowed her to feel helpful, Adara tapped at her closest Datapad. 
“Great-Aunt Kay, how fun! We’re having a grand little adventure, aren’t we? I think our feathered friends are looking forward to it. I know I am looking forward to beating Milicent Robertosa in the Science Fair.” Bouncing around on her new boots, Adara poked her hand through the containment cage filled with her science fair project: 
Porgs. Preening, clicking, round-eyed and winged Porgs. 
“Hello Mugsy. How are you?” She petted Mugsy’s head, giggling as little girls did at something cute and cuddly. “And Bugsy, Tugsy, Hugsy and Bert, you all look well. Where’s Talulah? Oh there you are, you scallywag. You be nice to Geneveve. Now don’t you fret, you’ll be out of this cage the moment we’re ready and the electric fence is up. I would hate for you to get lost in a place like this. Aren’t they simply adorable?”
A bright smile coated Adara’s pale face, her mahogany hair braided up to allow the placement of her brand new helmet. A helmet of her own! Oh the most joyful day! From her perch on a box of supplies, the Myrkr Cycle Owl Mr. Wimple preened and ruffled her feathers. 
Laughing just a little, Adara reached over and petted Mr. Wimple’s head. “Oh do be a dear and don't pout, I love you too and you’ll be terribly important, Mr. Wimple. Alright. The scanners are in place, the electric fence is up and we’ve all had our snacks… alright, Great-Auntie… I’m ready!” 
Finally… finally Adara would defeat Milicent in Science class! 
Oh yes, and the real adult scientists would discover some amazing new things about gravity and mass and energy and that lot.

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Kor Vexen

Kor Vexen

    Lord of Assimilation

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K O R _ V E X E N


Location | En Route to Bogden System

Objective | Assess the Situation

The UCM | Allies

The CIC | Adversaries


The Anzati Sith General stood on the bridge, his arms crossed over his chest as he stood next Vice Admiral Koruuna that commanded Gehenna Fleet, who was staring out into hyperspace alongside the Sith. Preparations were being made across the entire fleet to be on standby once they exited hyperspace once Vexen had fully analyzed the situation at hand upon their arrival over Bogden. Given the circumstances, it came as little to no surprise why the Mandalorians were being invaded by the Core Imperial Confederation, especially with how things on Umbara and Eshan went as he had observed. Then there was the Mandalorian attack on H'ratth which further provoked the relatively quiet and stagnant galactic powers into action. Things seemed to just slide into place perfectly as he had expected them to though it would be to the detriment of many; Something he had little regard for with his ulterior motives - to him, everyone was equally beneath him, mere pawns in a greater game of shadows. Of course he was fully aware of what would soon come to befall the unsuspecting Mandalorians via his vast network of agents and contacts that operated behind the scenes. Given the time, things would be set to start off a bloody battle promptly before they arrived in the system.


The silence apart from background chatter from bridge officers and technicians would be broken by the Vice Admiral who spoke while stroking at his beard; Koruuna was one of a small handful of military officers that Vexen held some degree of respect for, which was something earned and seldom given. The two had operated together on numerous campaigns under the banner of the Sith Empire, with few, if any failures. They had seen powers fall to their knees in the face of the Imperial Legion and Armada, and it was this respect that Vexen had for the Vice Admiral that he allowed the Atrisian to speak freely in his presence. " What are your thoughts about the Mandalorians General? You've been quite silent over the matter ever since our announced full military alliance with them. " Vexen would stare into the void, his posture unchanged as the Vice Admiral spoke, only responding after a lengthy silence had passed, " Make no mistake Vice Admiral, I do not believe the Mandalorians to be particularly reliable allies given how soft they have become since the days of old. But further judgement will be reserved until I have seen their full potential in battle. Rest assured, I will bring the full might of the Red Legion upon our enemies where I deem fit. "


The Vice Admiral seemed content with the answer, having developed a keen sense of judgement after having fought alongside the Sith General for so long, he was quite capable of understanding the surface of Vexen's mind, though no one could possibly ever comprehend what other sinister thoughts lurked in the depths of his mind. This conflict would serve to be a potential stepping stone that could drastically change the future, whether it be for the betterment of those involved or their detriment. It mattered little to Vexen whether it became better or worse for the people involved, only that whatever followed resulted in stronger individuals being produced, something worth invigorating the centuries old Sith and providing him with an essence that would be worthy to be added to his own. The wolf was growing hungry, and a flock of sheep had unknowingly let him into their midst.






Cynthia Alucard

Cynthia Alucard

    Sin's Child

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Cynthia Alucard, Pixie Wing Commander
Location: The Tuatha De Danann, en route to Hanger Bay
Starcraft: TIE/IN Mark IV Interceptor (Wing Compliment of Seventy-Two)
Attire: Flight Suit


Tepid eyes watched the screens as more rank and file pilots began to ready themselves for combat deployment. Cyn for her majority appeared suited herself to fly among her Pixies once again but remained quiet on the Command deck of the Star Destroyer The Tuatha Dé Danann, as her Pixies now called home for their operational deployment against the Mandalorians that were a threat to the Western regions of Core space.
 Cyn continued to watch the screens, her eyes lazily glancing between read-outs of more and more of the pilots prepared for combat but even so the fury that built within the young Wing Commander threatened to spill over completely. 
Perhaps none to surprising, the storm raging within dwarfed the Wing Commander ten-fold and demanded to be sated by something, anything. Her hands clutched the helmet tightly between her palms and yet. . . yet. Something spoke to her, a tiny voice that sounded small and insignificant to her thoughts and yet the voice grew as nails screeching across the solar panels of her TIE Interceptor. 
A razor sharp smile formed across her face, it was as if a twisted knife had cleaved across her features and left her smile in such a way that if Cyn had been more cognizant she would had worried how it appeared to others that might’ve seen it. This galaxy is filled with nothing but lunacy dressed as facts, truths paraded as idealistic nonsense. . . this Galaxy only demands blood. . . 
These fools, these fools, these foolish enemies- Cyn muttered, her eyes stared directly towards her helmet’s visor as her smile grew more oblique on the reflection across her helmet. Another voice though broke through into her mind before she quieted herself of her mutterings, the dark swirling thoughts dissipated. 
“Wing Commander?” the voice of her Second broke through the hazy mist of red that had slowly began to consume her vision. Cyn broke away her gaze from her helmet and quickly replaced her smile with that of a stern line across her lips. 
“Lieutenant Roon, have the rest of my Pixies gathered near the hanger bay?” Cyn asked, her voice regained its composure and her eyes filled with the same fierce but stable attitude that had followed her since the Academy.  
“Aye Wing Commander, they are presently waiting with baited breath for your appearance once more among the Wing proper instead of simply observing them from the command deck.” Roon explained, his eyes glinted with the faux seriousness he presented to his Commander. He had been apart of her Wing for what had been over a year since their first contact back during the Galactic Empire days. 
Cyn smiled wickedly at her second, but unlike the twisted and jagged smile of before, this smile remained more of a large smirk and with a tad more friendliness than prior smile. “To think Command could keep me from leading these pack of rabid Nexu’s myself into battle. . .” Cyn responded as she followed Lieutenant Roon out to the Hanger bay.
“Nexus are we now? Have we graduated past Pixies?” Roon asked, his eyes focused on his diminutive Wing Commander that no doubt possessed more fierocity than her entire Wing combined.
Cyn laughed and quickened her step, “-I misspoke, I meant rabid Pixies.” Cyn narrowed her eyes as her grin grew across her cheeks. The shared laughter between the two echoed through the hallway they walked to reach the hanger bay. 
In life there is war, and only through death can there be peace. . . .such lunacy.  

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Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais

    Eternal Empress of Zakuul

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Location: Bogden
Allies: UCM
Enemies: CIC and their allies

There was something about Adara Raxis that Kay couldn't put a finger on. And it didn't feel good. Ever since their little adventure on Carlac, something was off. The Zakuulan Empress had been busy with the Ming Po Chief and the villagers, working to establish a good relationship between the Mandalorians and Ming Po, so she wasn't quite able to focus on her grand-niece. So when the opportunity arrived to escort her and help her with her project, Kay was glad to take it.

But even here on a strange world with safe company, that didn't mean that there wasn't any danger. She had many enemies. Some wanted her dead while others wanted her arrested and sent back to jail; both of which she did her best to avoid. Her husband Veiere Arenais has seemed to have broken off contact, which in some ways she understood, but in others it hurt her deeply. It was all about politics and war. Kay was on her own side which was neither here nor there. But others didn't see it that way. So she chose to wear her light armour instead of her usual attire. They were out in the elements afterall, and given that there was experiments going on in regards to gravity, it was better to be protected than to not be.

Kay wasn't able to tell one Porg apart from another, yet Adara was able to. With a smile on her face that masked her inner most concerns, she nodded her head. "Alright my dear, let's see how well they've taken to your training. That is a science experiment on it's own. But your gravity tests will be an added bonus!" She held out her hand for her. "Shall we?"



Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

    Sith-Mandalorian Liaison

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Adara Raxis Kay Arenais


Vanessa had come to assist in the scientific research being established on the Bogden outpost of Kyr'ta. Experimental prototypes of a nebula-generating torpedo system were complete on this world and readied for testing. In two days these torpedoes would be sent via shuttle to the Ablution, currently orbiting overhead, and would be tested at the outer reaches of the system. If these synthetic nebulae were successfully reproduced, this would serve as an effective smokescreen system for a variety of different ships - even a small fighter would be able to create a massive cloud of nebular gas that would hide their path from any pursuers.


But for now, she sighed, giving herself a quick breather before getting back to work. She had an experiment to examine. Once dressed in more appropriate attire, she would head towards Kay and Adara's location, eager to see what the young prodigy was working on.

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Ves Fett

Ves Fett


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Objective: Crack Mandalorian skulls and reap victims. 
Allies: CIC, CIS
Enemies: pro Yasha Mandos
Over and over again, one of the few things she had came to know in the bloody life she led. But that was to be expected of a warrior of Clan Fett, and she was better than most when it came to it. Ves had maimed many and snuffed out the light of many more self-proclaimed fighters, that's why she still stood on top of the hill long after her clan were reduced to a few dozen veterans living in the shadow of the false Mand'alors hegemony. And what did she earn from fighting against it? A missing eye and violently cast into exile in the seedier far-flung edges of the galaxy left to lick at her wounds and dream of a future where her clan would have its revenge.
That would soon change, as all things must pass and like many dynasties, Yashas would fall to the same institution of chaos that built it. Dictated by the powers that be, the tripartite powers of the silver Jedi order, the Confederacy and the Imperials were descending upon the Mandalorian deer like a pack of wolves no longer bound by the treaty and their words. The powers that be must destroy the monolith held in place by the Sith emperors will and free the Mandalorians from the chains that bind them as unwitting pets of the Sith legions. 
The ship the anti-Yasha Mandalorians were arriving in was packed to the prime with Mandalorian warriors, many veterans from the red coronation and its subsequent conflicts, many from clan Munin, Priest, Wren amongst others. Though Clan Fett's contributions to the fight were small, with no more than thirty fighters following Ves into this battle, each Fett warrior was worth fifteen of Clan Caderas, and many like herself had a vendetta to settle.  
Dark eyes settled upon the all too familiar faces of Vilaz Munin and Keira Priest, fellow warriors in arms, all bound by a common desire to rid the galaxy of the Caderas. Though the Mandalorians that fought for Yasha were numerous, brave and strong. The cause that these three shared was mightier and resolute than even the biggest brute that the Mand'alor could throw in their way. 
"Soon, we will be dancing in the blood of the fiercest they have to offer in these trying times, I do hope you've got your wits about you this time old Munin, do try to keep up with me you pair of amateurs," Ves spoke teasingly towards the pair before shooting a cheeky smirk at Keira. Ves respected them both for the warriors they were, she reached with her gauntleted hand for the pack of Cigarras in her pocket before lighting one up and inhaling, sending wispy clouds of smoke that emanated through the low light of the confines of the ship. 
"This will be bloody but with any luck, we might win quick enough that old man Munin will be able to rest his old man self afterwards." 

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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

    Clan Bral Alor | Muscle Craftsman

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Location: Aboard the Orar'buir command vehicle patrolling the swamps of Bogden.

Allies: Clans of Mandalore

Enemies: Anyone trying to attack his allies or Bogden itself.

Objective: Patrol the swamps of Bogden and respond to any presented threats.



The Orar'buir's command team were lazing about while their Alor, Valdus Bral, inspected the munition storage as well as the medical facility aboard the gargantuan vehicle. Off in the back left corner of the bridge was the weapon control team who were playing a friendly game of Pazaak and talking about their time on Nar Shadaa. One such combat control officer, an athletically built but noticeably smaller framed than most of the Bral clan members loafing about, spoke up in a smug tone, " 'ey, did you hear 'bout my night on Nar?" That question alone caused another officer to roll his eyes and go back checking his datapad.


The smug officer continued, " So there I was - in a cantina owned by some big shot Hutt, I forget its name but ya know, slug or whatevers am I right?" Chuckling at his own wit he then continued, " Man, oh MAN! You all should've seen her, this violet twi-" Just then one of the other officer in the Pazaak game chimed in, " Violet, eh? Tryin' to be poetic or just sell the lie more?" The smug officer was now a slightly offended officer, " Shut it. Yeahs, she was violet, a good lookin' violet too, none of this sickly lookin' pinks they got goin' on all over the place downs there. Play your damn card already."


The officer spoke to the one that had just quipped. The sarcastic officer played his card and the smug officer continued. "So long story short I says to her, ' Do you wanna come back to my room and show ya's some good ol'fashioned Mandalorian lovin'? ' . Well, skip ten minutes and she's naked layin' on my bed face down." The previous officer cut in again, " By Manda, you killed her that quickly?"The smug officer cut back in, " Ey shut it wise guy. No, I didn't, bantha face. So I pour this Correllian Nova Dust on a line between her - beautiful, supple," his hands were now making rounded diagrams in the air infront of him, his eyes looking forward but also back into his own head as he remembered the curves of the Twi'lek. "-shebs. I then bent down to take that hyperlane to holy Manda itself and as I start she starts moanin' like OH -"


The crash of a door closing near them and the pilot of the Orar'buir shouted, " Al'verde on deck!" Saluting Valdus Bral as he strode into the command chamber. The combat officers quickly began picking up their cards as not to get reprimanded and all talks of the heavenly Twi'lek of Nar Shadaa's under city. Valdus spoke, looking towards the command officers, " I was wanting to hear the rest of that story, vod." And so the story continued. It was unknown to Valdus and the Bral clan what would be coming their way soon. All they knew was that they were on patrol within the Orar'buir on Bogden a simple assignment that should have been considered as close to a holiday as one could get without having a day off on Nar Shadaa.


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Immortal Cyan

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Post 1

Location: Titanic - Armory

Equipment: Project SIREN | Prototype Dauntless Phase I Power Armor, LBS Sniper Rifle, TOTT-018 Vornskr Revolver, Czerka Fighting Knife, 2 Cryoban Grenades

Allies: CIC, CIS, Scherezade deWinter OOM-002-HONEYCOMB OOM-003-CUPCAKE OOM-001-JELLYBEAN


Valery had left the mess hall early in order to don her armor to prepare for upcoming assault. After taking a quick bite to eat, she had decided to briefly listen in to a raucous game of Cards Against the Confederacy, but she found it to be far too inappropriate for her innocent tastes. However, her heavily modified and experimental suit of armor took a long time for her to prepare, so she reckoned that it was better for her to leave early anyways. Unfortunately, she couldn’t just slide herself into her suit like it was a pair of pants or a shirt, as much as she wished that were the case.


For the bulk of fifteen minutes, Valery worked to don her armor. She never liked rushing the process, simply because it put an undue amount of stress on herself, especially since she always wanted to be calm before a mission. Once the armor was on, the only step left was to power up the suit’s micro-reactor and to attach her weapons to the magnetic strips. For those, she chose a heavy bolt-action rifle and a revolver. The rest of her weapons were within the gauntlets of her suit, along with a pair of cryoban grenades that she attached onto her utility belt.


When she was finished, Valery sealed her helmet over her head and closed her eyes as the Siren’s quantum micro-computer established a neural connection with its pilot so that she no longer perceived the world with her own eyes, but through the far more perceptive “eyes” of the suit itself...

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Khonsu Amon

Khonsu Amon

    =] IMPETU ☼ SOLIS [=

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Location: Corsin Run - Bodgen Intra-System Gulf.

Objective: Draw out the Mandalorian Forces.

Allies: The Golden Company, Core Imperial Confederation.

Enemies: The United Clans of Mandalore.

Naval Complement: Thyrsian Classis I, and Aurek Security Echelon.



The old adage of war never changing was true. It was proven time and time again throughout the ages, that sentient life was more than willing to kill one another to achieve their goals rather than converse and reach an acceptable compromise. This was the way of life itself, many would claim. That to live was to wage war against the natural order of the known universe and defy the many whims of the creatures that populated the stars. So, while the players and their nebulous reasons may change - the game was always the same. One side arrayed against the other in a struggle for survival, and concepts such as good and evil were irrelevant. There was only those who stood above the rest, and the corpses festering beneath the victor's boots.
It was with those very impressions of reality racing through his mind, that Khonsu listened to the offer from the Imperial Confederation. They sought after his Gilded Mercenaries for their unequivocal martial talents, and willingness to accept a contract - no matter how dire the stakes were. Cowardice was a sin to this race of desertborn warriors, and they wouldn’t dare turn down an offer because they feared for their lives. The truth of the matter was, the Thyrsians - and those that adopted the Twin Suns as their own - sought to embrace death, and laugh in its unsympathetic face. For the Thyrsian people revelled in conflict, as it was the greatest personification of their religious beliefs and a way of life. Thus, as the Imperial Representative of their Senate spoke their terms - Khonsu accepted. Not only because he was a warmonger - but because it was a chance to marshal a portion of his organization’s strength and lash out in revenge against the reformed interstellar empire of Mandalore.
While the Golden Company was fighting in the Sith Imperial campaign of the Outer Rim, several interstellar factions elected to vanquish the beskar-clad menace that populated the Inner Rim, and Expansion Regions. Those Scions of distant Mandalore were publicly declared a threat to the order and stability of the known universe. This news shocked the Thyrsian Warlord at first. He couldn't believe it to be true until the document was uploaded to his personal terminal for review. He knew that their fearsome legend was found wanting when engaged in battle, but the man couldn't fathom why those people would be considered a threat to the already broken scales of galactic balance. It wasn't until he conversed with his Navarch - as their reforged Warhost soared across the stars - that the Warlord viewed the matter in a different light. They were weak, and the strong sought to cleanse them from the star-ways, lest their corruption spread.
They were collared hounds now, tugged along by their master’s leash, rather than the reaving wolves of old. Khonsu would relish this chance to stand by the side of giants in the intergalactic playground, and seek vengeance for those who were callously slain on Eshan’s surface by nuclear fire.
With his once-wounded fleet was reforged anew, and reinforced by additional commands, the Supreme Sun Guardian aimed his blade at Bogden. While the world itself was insignificant in the grand scheme of things - for it was nothing more than a broken rock and a score of moons - it sat along a critical juncture of the Hydian Way. Should they take Bogden from the Scions of Mandalore, command of the ancient route known as the Corsin Run would be placed under Core-Imperial control. From there, it would only be a matter of time and attrition until the Mandalorian Road itself would be threatened, and their homeworld thereafter. They could dread what came for them, or try to run - but in the end destiny still arrives.
Khonsu stood on the command deck of the Guerdon like he had many times before. His towering form was clad in aureate battle armour, with a crest of dyed hair spilling from the forged layers of his helm. Magnetically affixed the back of his gilded pauldrons was a cloak of monstrous scales molecularly-bonded to a supple fabric; giving the Thyrsian Warlord a more regal appearance than his birthright would attest to. The spear, fashioned from Mandalorian iron by the hands of one many would consider a turncoat, rested atop the polished metallic floor within the taloned palm of the Sun Guard. He looked like a statue, at that moment, torn from the pages of history and placed before the orderly bustle of the well-disciplined command staff. Though his armour silently sang with active-armour joints and power, the man didn’t move. His visor-shrouded eyes were fixed forward, staring into the holographic representation of hyperspace.
There he remained until an all too familiar voice drew him back into reality, and forced him to tear his false-firelight shrouded eyes away from the forward viewscreen. “What is it, Astarii?” Khonsu replied.
The woman who bore that name was ensconced within an ornate command throne, with several members of their shared command staff milling about nearby - rapidly scribbling possible strategies and tactics onto crystalline data slates. She offered the barest hint of a smile as the towering figure turned, and spoke again. “We are reaching the translation terminus for the Bogden system. As ordered, we’ve kept our signalling pennants active and made sure to leave the expected early warning detection stations untouched. They should know we’re coming, and that there’s a lot of us.”
“What of the preliminary reconnaissance data?”
Astarii’s smirk faded. “Our recon drones experienced some difficulties near Paqualis and weren’t able to arrive ahead of our Speartip. They’ve been re-tasked to deploy throughout the Bogden system as soon as we break from lightspeed.” The Hapan officer paused for a moment to consult her throne’s personal terminal, before returning her attention towards the nigh-heroic figure arrayed before her. “However, from what we could ascertain from our underworld connections - there should be a light Mandalorian presence in that system. I’d wager a planetary garrison or two, and perhaps a few defence stations or a flotilla. The civilia-”
“There are no civilians when warrior cultures clash, Astarii.” Khonsu interrupted with a mechanical growl. “The ancient rules of war do not apply in the present, and all that stand against us will be put to the sword. Those that refuse our demands will share the same fate as our brothers and sisters did on Eshan when the Mandalorians came. They shall be purged by orbital fire.”
The Master of the Sun Guard chuckled then.
“Perhaps after the myriad surfaces of the Bogden’s moons have been cleansed - those that will survive will welcome us with open arms.”
Astarii doubted that. She doubted that very much.
“I understand your desire for revenge, I truly do. However - we need to keep ourselves from becoming lost in the throes of vengeance, else this plan will fall apart and your reign as Supreme Sun Guardian will become gloriously short.”
To that point, Khonsu acquiesced with a nod. He knew that it would’ve been pointless to argue with his Navarch. Not only because he valued and trusted her word, but because she spoke from experience. He would do well to take heed when she sought to mete out whatever wisdom she could. The Sun Guard was a warrior - not a mindless barbarian after all. 
“You are right,” the Warlord stated with a heavy sigh. “While the ancient rules of war are not enforced, and we need not fear being branded as war criminals; we shall respect the unwritten art of conflict.”
Astarii’s scar-puckered lips peeled back, revealing the twinned rows of polished enamel set into an ocean of vibrant, rosy flesh beneath.
“This is where the fun begins.”
The Vanguard of the Thyrsian Armada spilled out across the canvas of reality like oil poured atop a sheet of ice. With a flicker of pseudo-motion, a score of recon drones burst into the Bogden system - doubtlessly tripping whatever warning systems the Clans of Mandalore installed. They soared across the bespeckled sea of infinite night with as much alacrity their chemical thrusters could muster. Though they arrived in a tightly woven formation, after having translated back into reality - they began to spread out through the system. Their integrated droid brains chose various points above and below the solar plane, that would allow them to see the various secrets - if any - that Bogden hid. If none were found, those drones would rapidly establish an intelligence network that would supplement the various systems installed in the warships of the Gilded Warhost; granting their hard-coded masters an unparalleled awareness of their surroundings. 
Whilst those automated drones set themselves to the task, the first Thyrsian Warships spilled out from the nothingness of space - seemingly stretching back into reality as the hyperdrive relinquished control of their primary drive units. As their momentum collectively carried them forward - their ion engines roared to life; bringing the impossibility of sound to the muted silence of space. Dozens of warships, each proudly bearing the gilded armour and the markings of the twin crimson suns, soared towards the heart of the Mandalorian held system - leaving the primary jump-point behind. Their traversal blast shutters retracted, and their running lights pulsed - adding to the picturesque kaleidoscope of blended colours that were brought to bear upon a distant world, and its score of moons.
The myriad weapons that dotted the space-frames of the Gilded Host cycled live and began tracking possible targets - heralding their intent to all that would challenge their arrival. Bogden was a realm of spice smugglers, bounty hunters, and mercenaries. Normally, such a bounty of celestial moons would’ve been perfect for such unsavoury types like the Golden Company to weigh anchor, and rest their weary bones. But, such wouldn’t be the case this day. Bogden, and it’s many moons, would burn - simply for the unrepentant sin of those that laid claim to its spatial territory. With automated weaponry swivelling in their armoured sockets, and plasmatic shields thrumming with nigh-invisible energy, the Thyrsian Armada forged onwards in a staggered formation. They were far from orderly as their Imperial paymasters, and such was displayed in their differing planar positioning. While seemingly undisciplined to the untrained and amateurish eye - such an arrangement held a certain grace that only masters of spatial warfare could comprehend.
Every ship has its place, and purpose. 
Let the collared hounds come forth from their thatch-covered hovels to defend their lands, and prove to the Galaxy that they still had fangs. Or let them consign themselves to the destiny others sought to write for them. It mattered not to the man standing aboard the bridge of his flagship. For his only care was that he wouldn’t die in his bed, riddled with sores and rife with the weakness of venerable age. The Sun Guard would welcome death as if it was a brother if his time finally came. He would embrace it with both hands - and spend his last moments laughing until the realm beyond claimed what was left of his soul.
Such was the way of his people, and the Mandalorians would soon learn to fear those that bathe in the warmth of the Sun.
{ Apologies to those I missed.}
{Grammar Errors fixed to keep a whiny Kasan off my back. :P}

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Vindicta; Artificial Intelligence

Location: Corsin Run, Bogden Space

Objective: Support Thrysian Classis I "The Myrmidons" & Surveillance

Allies: The Golden Company, Core Imperial Confederation

Enemies: The United Clans of Mandalore

Naval Complement: Thrysian Classis II "Psyche"


<They> reverted.


In an almost mirrorlike reflection of the Thrysian Warlord, the being known as Vindicta stood on the command deck of the Titania.


With <her> delicate features and trailing skirts and the bejewelled fineries that adorned <her> form, the artificial intelligence made for an incongruous vision amongst the more sober figures cut by the command staff. And though The Black Swallowtail   looked like <she> was made of flesh and blood, solid and warm, there was something inhuman about <her> that made a person look twice.


Even while <her> mien remain serene, <her> implacable gaze was a thousand light years away as <she> gathered and studied the information flowing through <her>. With a flicker of a code and a glow of <her> eyes, Vindicta began to spread <her> wings, syncing communications and coordinates amongst the vessels and sentients that were under <her> auspices.

<She> may be young, barely a moon’s old and was still learning the boundaries and protocols afforded to <her>, but The Prime Directives were something <she> has obeyed without deviation. Even as the last of the vessels of Psyche emerged into the fathomless infinity of space, the being waited, and observed with something <she> identified as ‘satisfaction’ as the shields began to rise and the weaponry systems began to cycle and come online.

Now that <they> have converged with the vanguard fleet, Vindicta arrayed them to shield Myrmidon’s aft and to act as interference. The warships of Psyche began to move into the positions <she> brought to life on the holographic representation of the Bogden system and the Thrysian fleet, each one set at a distance where they were able to cover and support the other.


Even as a third of <her> own automated drones left the fleet and covered the many moons that speckled the system, The Black Swallowtail moved on to the next set of directives. Around <her>, butterflies began to flicker into existence, their aureate wings fluttering as they vanished

And throughout the twin fleets, these butterflies manifested within the terminals and dataslates and armour displays, a small and subtle mark at the corner to indicate that they were connected to the vast information network and near-instantaneous calculations if they so choose to make use of <her> secured network.

With the completion of <her> sequences, Vindicta relocated the focus of <her> consciousness back onto the Guerdon. She stepped out from beside the ornate command throne, coming to a pause beside the Thychani Navarch. “Designation: Astarii Saren, Classis II is primed and in position. I shall continue to run surveillance as I await further orders.” While <her> voice was low and pleasant, <her> lilt was monotonous and bereft of personality. Without ever turning <her> head to regard the male that towered over <her>, the artificial intelligence greeted him in a succinct manner. “Designation: Khonsu Amon.

Khonsu Amon | Tanomas Graf | Cynthia Alucard | Lynda Dorn | Scherezade deWinter| Prime | Valery | Ves Fett

Kor Vexen | Vanessa Vantai | Adara Raxis | Valdus Bral | Mig Gred | Flash Australis | Kay Arenais


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Location: En-route to the Obroa-skai system, aboard the Titanic
Allies: CIC & Friendly Fleshbags
Enemies: UCM & Conspirators
Specific Tags: OOM-002-HONEYCOMB OOM-003-CUPCAKE Scherezade deWinter | +Feel free to join!
Post: 0.0



OOM-001 glanced around the area reserved for its organic overlords to recreate and tried hard to stay out of the way. Humanity. So blunt, so rude. The purple accented JELLYBEAN model had followed the flow of shuffling mouth-breathers through the halls with what looked to be purpose. It wasn’t. The B1 was trying to find the rest of its unit. They’d gotten separated upon delivery to the Holy CIC. The others were still in storage, still charging, but not JELLYBEAN. No, this was not a time for standby.


A human female with auburn hair nodded her head and seemed to want OOM-001 to come on over. What was she doing? Playing with cards? Black photoreceptors flickered while it ran the game through its database, while at the same time, identified the woman. The droid paused. “Ma’am. I didn’t do it.”


Whatever it was that Scherezade deWinter thought OOM had done, JELLYBEAN, had most certainly not done it. No, no, this B1 was a good B1 that did not want to get turned into a toaster.


Another pause.


“Exarch Talon banned the game that you are currently engaging in during the Invasion of Copero. A Confederate Victory, a bloody slaughter, praise be the Vicelord, long may he reign.”


If a droid could be nervous, now, was that time. Playing a banned game? It was dastardly. Treason? No, not quite. The B1 had searched every file possible but couldn’t seem to find a punishment. Why were organic beings so illogical? A rule with no repercussions. Silly. Superfluous. Unnecessary.


Ugh, fleshbags.


The droid leaned in, bending awkwardly, to read the names of the cards. The human female read them off. Considerate. Redundant. This JELLYBEAN had perfect photoreceptors. “Sheeple.”


“Your answer is sheeple, ma’am.”


OOM-001 seemed rather proud of itself for coming up with the solution so easily and straightened back up. Clearly, it was superior. “Allow me to assist you further. You will surely win.”


“I have downloaded the Art of War from the Holo-Net. There were lots of blasters. Many organics died. I can be of service. I will not go back to door-opening servitude!”  


The droid stopped, skinny appendages swinging, before it turned its focus back to the human. 


"Are we there yet?"


Erik Morkshna

Erik Morkshna

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Operation Meat Hook

Lieutenant Erik Morkshna

Onboard Imperial Star Destroyer

Allies: CIC & Friends - Tanomas Graf | Lynda Dorn | Khonsu Amon | @Vindicta 

Enemies: Mandos & Cronies - Valdus BralVanessa VantaiKay ArenaisAdara Raxis 


Another day, another foe to fall.


The Wolf of Mardum IV readied himself for battle within the confines of the armory. His combat armor was lightweight and flexible. It helped with his natural agility. He took up a T-8B into his hands and looked it over, ensuring it was ready for combat. "Good 'nuff." he said beneath his breath. He then grabbed a few thermal detonators and some EMP grenades in case the Mandos had anything fancy he wanted to pop.


Few minutes passed as Erik finished gearing up. His next move brought him out of the armory and to the hangar bay where many were moving about, preparing for the coming battle. He looked about until he found himself a dropship he would use to venture planetside when the time came. One managed to catch his eye. Not for any particular reason, but he felt that it would be one of the lucky dropships that'd be able to make it to the ground without getting shot out the sky.


Well, he had hoped so anyway.

Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

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Location: Bogden 
Allies: UCM Kaine Australis Kay Arenais Skorvek Adara Raxis Mig Gred Ruus Vanessa Vantai
Enemies: CIC and Allies Tanomas Graf
EquipmentAmos Amor, Royal Circlet, Sekallien Grand Master Robes, Shield Saber, Exemplar-class Personal Energy Shield
Near by system: Libita , x2 Hammerhead Destroyer, , x3 Ireth-Cruiser, x2 Udarnik Assault Frigates, x6 Tuitio Support Boat, Starfighter compliments,  Inquisition Gunship (Out of system)
NPC's: Ancoran Guard (near by system), Maria
Sanya had wanted to surprise Adara by coming to the science fair having remembering the girl mention it. Although that was not the only reason she had came, with the evacuation alert's for Tanaab the woman was going around the local space with the Ancoran royal fleet. It was important that Ancora did its part, while the world may not be mandalorian they have been amazing allies to the planet and boosted its economy tenfold. The world produces unique nutritional foods that flood the markets in Mandalorian space. Still there was time to have come out the way for Adara. 

The feline woman stood outside the room Adara and Miss Kay was inside. Tucked under the woman's arm was a red box with a ribbon tied around it. A simple gift for Adara. It was always a joy to see her face lighten up at the sight of gifts. If Yasha was around the woman would probably say to Sanya that she was spoiling her with this gift. Although it was a gift that was unusual for a mandalorian to receive. She was sure the girl would love it non the less. Her eyes shut for a moment having looked at the grey walls for to long only to be disturbed by clank clank clank clank. The sound was all to familiar having hear it most days. "Maria, I assume you have contacted the fleet?" 

"Yes master, I have disturbing news. The Libita is picking up an unknown fleet moving into local systems." The droid said with a feminine robotic voice empty of any and all emotion. Listening to droids was like listening to Jedi on that front. The only difference wasdroids was more useful and ironically had more free will. "Contact them again tell them to keep monitoring. The fleet could be prodding the mandalorians outer defences. Until the unknown fleet is identified or makes moves to attack there is no immediate danger." Although that last part was far from wrong, lingering near by was a battle raging closer as the drums of war pounded with a beat that could quake the very centre. The droid simply nodded its head making its way back to the private room.

The door in front of Sanya whooshed open with Lady Kay and Adara just about to come through it. "Surprise Adara." She said with a smile and crouching down. "Win or loose today I thought id bring you a gift." She said holding the box out in front of her.

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Location: Enroute to Obrai-Skai System: Onboard the Titanic

Objective: To find the good oil

Allies: Friendly Organics and Superior A.I.s

Enemies: UCM and Allies...and insects

Tag: OOM-001-JELLYBEANScherezade deWinter | OOM-002-HONEYCOMB




By the Vicelord they were almost there, soon to unleash the withering might of their prowess on those who would stand in the way of the awesome military might that would soon be landing...on the planet...with the insects. CUPCAKE had never actually seen a bug, they'd come straight from the factory on Geonosis to the ship, but the droid had read about them. Terrible names like the fly and the bee, and most fearful of all the dreaded, the dreaded mosquito who would drink your insides. It wasn't like CUPCAKE was scared of the flying, crawling bloodsucking little monsters...it was just that oil was better on the insides, not the outsides. 


Speaking of oil, CUPCAKE's photoreceptor's brightened as the droid gazed around hopefully, this was the mess-hall, one of the locations on the ship where the organics who served the great Vicelord gathered to replenish their solid and fluid fuel. Somewhere in all this confusing hustle there must be a can of oil that an enterprising droid could use. Cupcake had looked high and low, in cupboard and on shelf and the closest that the droid had found was that thick burnt smelling fuel called Caf. It had been a close thing, the droid almost giving in to the urge to try it only managing to resist in the last moment as someone had plucked it out of the still metal fingers and down the mug in one go. "Thanks buddy." 


It was a very dejected droid that had been stumping back toward the door, intent upon find the way back to the carrier to wait there until they arrived, maybe there would be oil down there. It was only the gesture of a woman seated at the table that stopped CUPCAKE, redirecting the droid to the table in time to watch the woman calling out the cards. CUPCAKE recognised JELLYBEAN, one of the other droids from the unit. The droid's processor hurriedly whirled through databases, pulling up the rules for the card game as he clanked to a stop, one metallic hand pressing on the table as photo receptors examined the options. "I believe that I wish to put forward the option of the Vicelord's left boot." Where better than the church for such a holy relic after all. CUPCAKE straightened, servomotors whirring softly as the droid's head nodded, this game was difficult to understand much like all organics but surely they could all appreciate the true glory of the Vicelord...maybe that was it and this was some form of religious ritual, CUPCAKE had read about these before too. "What's next...do we partake of oil?"