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Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

- - - - - CIC Imperial Confederation Imperial Confederated Systems Core Imperial Confederation Clans of Mandalore UCM Bogden Obroa-skai

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Fiore de Noir

Fiore de Noir

    Pierce the Heavens

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Location: Planet Side Obora-Skai

Objective: Do stuff

Allies: UMC & Friends & Cardinam

Enemies: CIS, CIC, anything else that is a C acronym




There was some sort of argument happening in the background. Fiore didn’t bother to listen in. The likely suspects were some of the more colorful of the crew she had found herself to be a part of. Leaning back against one of the walls of the hanger they had been stationed in, the Eldorai woman peered towards a man who looked to be in his twenties, but grey was already ‘settling’ in. His hands waved in a grand gesture and she signed softly. Those grand gestures only meant that he was being challenged.


“No!” A voice echoed trying to be louder than the smaller female he was arguing with. Light laughter came from the woman as her silken white hair was twisted up into a ponytail as she retorted. “It’s in the energy source you moron. Just think about it, it’s how it works so just accept it” Following her statement, Kirkland stomped his feet in a tantrum. Fiore decided to walk away at that point. It was already embarrassing they were so loud and drawing attention to themselves. Though as she walked by, she smiled and headed towards the food stalls that were setting up, preparation for the lunch or dinner rush.


Admiring the booths, Fiore mentally organized which ones she would visit. A thought occurred to her that she should probably ask the locals about what they had come to this planet for. It was a fabled and famous cookbook that only had one copy. This was a library world, so it had to be here. Her stomach growled as she thought about the book and what it was rumored to contain.


As her stomach growled and the Eldorai daydreamed, a stocky older man came up to her. His frown said everything he wanted to say. Fiore sighed and nodded. “I know, they never stop till one agrees the other is right. Which…” she paused with a sigh. “Is never.” A light chuckle and she decided it was best to head back. As she began walking back with the strong and silent navigator, sirens alerted the hanger and its inhabitants. People began to scramble, yelling and screaming shattered the business of the area. “Uh oh.” As the pair ran towards the other’s Fiore opened a comm line to the one that was missing.


[Hey! Is it a possibility that there are others looking for what we are looking for? Is this lasagna stuff really that ground breaking, earth shattering good?! Because something or someone is coming so you should finish up whatever you’re doing and get back!]



Mig Gred

Mig Gred

    Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

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Allies: UCM, Kay Arenais , Adara Raxis , Sanya Val Lerium , SkorvekVanessa Vantai

Enemies: CIC, CIS, Scherezade deWinter , Khonsu Amon

Post 2

Equipment: Trayc'kad Lightsaber"Slick," Armor, Echani Vibrosword


Mig finally felt the same darkness that had plagued Kay, and looked up to see the small glints she did. Osik! He instictually pulled his Trayc'kad and ignited the lightsaber blades. They were coming. They were.... Bombarding.... He couldn't see the bolts, but the flashes of explosions were visible. After the storm that came to Mandalore because of Eshan someone dared to orbitally bombard anything?! This scared him. It honestly scared him. It was then that he got a message from Skorvek. Skor was a vod Mig had a lot of trust in, so he turn to the others, yelling "Skorvek has a ship coming in! Enigma-class. I'm heading that way if anyone else would like to join me." And with that he ran.


Ever since Eshan, Mig had developed a fear of dying like Ordan did. By an explosion. A bombardment was close enough to that. He ran for the Dentes, checking everyone else running that way. He waited. He wasn't leaving anyone that was coming. He motioned for everyone to hurry, and once they were on board, he followed. "Skor, thanks every kinda higher power and force there is."


"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."

Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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Location: Enroute back to Sith space

Objective: Receiving distress signal from the Library

Allies: Flash Australis (soon)

Enemies: Scherezade deWinter (soon)


The Lady of Secrets had been making a slow return to Sith space following the attack on the Outer Rim Coalition by the Sith Empire. While Fiolette had taken the majority of the Seventh Fleet back with her when the call to pull back came, Taeli had taken several vessels with her while she went about the galaxy, reviewing the work her various facilities were undertaking. Progress was being made at a good enough pace for Taeli that she was in a rather good mood today. The facility on Valrar had just revealed their newest projects, and they were very exciting. But the work underway at Raithal was really what was catching her attention at the moment. It was time to return to Bastion, maybe a quick trip to Amaltanna to oversee an experiment or two of her own and...


"My Lady, we've intercepted a transmission."


Taeli opened her eyes from her meditations to regard Commodore Marcus Fidelias, an experienced military commander that hailed from Jaemus and had fought under the Sith banner since the days of the One Sith.


"Continue," she said.


"We had just finished preparations to depart Raithal when our technicians intercepted a distress signal from Obroa-Skai and Bogden, my Lady," Fidelias reported. "A joint Confederate and Core Imperial assault have attacked both planets, and the Mandalorians have requested reinforcements be sent from other parts of their domain to assist with the defense."


Taeli was silent for a moment as she processed what the Commodore said, savoring the rage that blossomed at the mention of the attack on the library world. Obroa-Skai wasn't just any old repository of knowledge for the galaxy, it was THE library world. An attack on that would forever earn the ire of the Triumvir of Power, especially if anything was damaged and knowledge that had preserved for millennia was lost forever. The choice was quite clear for her.


"Inform Darth Carnifex of the attacks on the Mandalorians and that I am dispatching forces to aid in their defense at Obroa-Skai in spirit of our defensive alliance with the Clans," she said. "Commodore, prepare our departure immediately and set course for the system."


"At once, my Lady," Fidelias answered, snapping a salute and leaving her meditation room. The Sith forces under her direct command would soon jump to hyperspace, enroute to the besieged library world. It would not be long before they arrived, considering the distance between Raithal and that system.

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

    Neutral, Queen of Her people, Neko

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Location: Bogden 
Enemies: CIC and Allies Tanomas Graf
Equipment: Amos Amor, Royal Circlet, Sekallien Grand Master Robes, Shield Saber, Exemplar-class Personal Energy Shield
Near by system: Libita , x2 Hammerhead Destroyer, , x3 Ireth-Cruiser, x2 Udarnik Assault Frigates, x6 Tuitio Support Boat, Starfighter compliments,Inquisition Gunship (Out of system)
NPC's: Ancoran Guard (near by system), Maria
The joy on Adara's face was pricless. The way her face light up with excitement and appreciation was worth seeing every time, and every time it did only bought resolve to want to protect the child the best she could. Sanya wondered if this was what her mom saw in her face every time when she was younger, the rare occasion she was gifted presents she could just barely remember now how the excitement over filled her. Yet it always bring back memories of the darker time a time Adara had seen. The moment was soon cut off. In a slow thud of her heartbeat her ears stood tall and the fur along the long silky black tail stood on end.
Her eyes locked onto the ships glint's of many large ships, It was not just seeing but the dread that followed it too. It reminded her of the Imperial Remnant "Maria call in the fleet. NOW!" She said hoping they'd come in time to get them an extraction. "Roger that master Anything else?" the feminine droids voice asked. "Yes come collect theses porg's and meet us at the closest hanger. Just before Adara held Kay's hand Sanya clipped Adara's sabers onto her side just like she wore her own. "Kay you are getting the marriage treatments. Adara you trust me? I need you to climb onto my back." All the while Vanessa Vantai was telling them not to go to the hangar. "Look Miss who ever you are. Staying here is a bad tactical option, tent's will not stop anything from hitting us. We need higher ground and enough cover on our sides that will make it hard for any attack. I've fought in enough wars to know what I am talking about."Sanya crouched down onto one knee to wait for Adara to climb on and once she had the woman would stand scooping Lady key into her arms. 
"Mig its glad to see you again shame about the timing, Can you relay a message to Skorveek let him know that there is a allied fleet coming, he just needs to focus getting down here..." In a matter of mere moments a cloud of fire and shrapnel exploded in the sky. The flash of the explosions was low enough in the sky the glow could be seen on the woman's pale face. "Fast." If key took a look into Sanya's eyes she'd see the honey orange glow and maybe feel the heavy tug of the force seeping into her. "Adara, you need food, now is your time while I am drawing it in." It was important to do this not that many of the others here would understand. They both needed the force to live. Cut off from it and it was almost certain death. 

And with Adara on her back and Kay in her arms she looked at the others, "Meet us up there. She pointed with a nod of her head the rocky area will provide us cover and get us away from this site that will be targeted." In a flash Sanya's feet began pattering against the terrain with haste, legs moving at a blur. She knew mig and Maria could fight against anything with the confidence they'd make it out and there was the assumption the other woman could fight too. As they came closer to the rocky area the Ancoran queen dug her heels in leaping high into the air. Much higher than she had ever achieved. The gravitational anomaly was unexpected but welcomed as they reached a peak high. No words escaped her lips, just a focused look and one ready to fight this battle ahead. It was probably hard for either of the two to look straight down, both of them would have to lead in some capacity. Kay was firm in Sanya's grip as it was, but in their descent the feeling of Adara getting lighter and slowly pulling away made a scary moment. "Grip me tighter Adara don't let go!" She said loudly as they came down with as much speed as they did going up. Hoping the ground below was flat enough. She embraced herself for the landing channelling the force into it so they'd all be safe. 

It had defiantly hurt on the knees a little for Sanya, but the pain didn't phase her, they was alive and all drew breath still. "Here." She said putting Kay back onto her feet then crouched down for Adara. Drawing out her own saber she turned to the little girl. "This is the same for your new sabers okay, If you focus your power in this spot it will flick a switch to activate them okay. These are weapons and tools but they are dangerous. I wanted to teach you properly how to use them in a safe environment. If it comes to it i'll show you on the fly okay." Sanya forced the smile to maybe ease Adara, forgetting that the girl knew her past and possibly every expression just from that one moment when they met.

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Haastal Verd

Haastal Verd

    A C H I L L E S

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Location: The Titanic | Obroa-skai system

Objective: Make a check 

Tags {Allies}: Scherezade deWinter @OOM-001-JELLYBEAN @OOM-003-CUPCAKE @OOM-002-HONEYCOMB

Tags {Enemies}: Taeli Raaf Mig Gred

Theme: This

Posts: I


The armor was still heavier than he was used to. 


He wasn't a Mandalorian, not yet. He wore the armor, he learned the language, and he practiced the values, but he was still far from what Haastal Verd was. The Mandalorian who saved Achilles' life was worth more to the galaxy than Achilles was. As a youth Achilles was spoiled, ill-tempered, and selfish. As an adult, Achilles was spoiled, ill-tempered, and selfish. He never grew up. He never wanted to. Even in war, he was a child. Those who died around him and those he killed for credits, it had all just been a big game to him. But, when you came close to death, every now and again you gained some perspective. When Haastal died to save Achilles, he had left everything behind to the young man. 


His armor, his knowledge, his family, and even his name. Achilles was Haastal Verd now. He'd taken up the name and the mantle in an attempt to pay the debt he had gained through life. It meant so much, to become a Mandalorian, but he didn't always understand that, he didn't always care. Still, as he stood in the hallway of the Lucrehulk cruiser, he was beginning to understand something. 


The game was over. 


His true life was starting now and every action he did would either honor the original Haastal, or destroy his memory. Achilles was a disrespectful man, but not that disrespectful. His hand adjusted the kama that hung from his waist, pulling it from the back of his knee as he rounded into a room where a number of the Confederacy had gathered for a card game. Sabaac? Maybe Pazaak? His silver armor gave off a faint glint as he walked through the light, but what he saw caused him to raise a brow. Cards against the Confederacy? He reached over Scherezade deWinter to glance at the box that laid near her. "Oh hell...I gotta play this..." He muttered. However, he had come to the party late and because of that he would have to miss out. No sooner than he took the box in his hands did the alarms of notice ring through out the ship.


Motherkarker.Time never seemed to be on his side. He set the box back down before turning out of the room. His buy'ce had been firmly clipped to his belt. He hated the damned bucket, it reminded him more of a mop bucket than a helmet. Still, he was only used to his face mask that he wore in his old set of armor. 


He picked up a brief jog while pulling his slugthrowers from their holsters. The pistols were nice pieces of work, gifts from his brother, Isley Verd. They weren't the best but they were a lot better than Achill- Haastal had been used to. He checked the few pouches of rounds he kept before giving each of the pistols a dry test fire. Once he heard the audible click from both the pistols he tucked them back into their holsters. The drop pods that would take them to the planet were prepared for the Mandalorian. His specifically, came with a sniper rifle tucked into the side of the pod and a few more boxes of slugthrower rounds. He stepped into the pod, glancing over to Scherezade deWinter as she stepped into hers. So she would be deploying somewhere near him, at least that much he knew. He gave her a quick wink, before pulling his buy'ce from his waist and setting it over his head. 


"Knock knock, motherkarkers." He said, a small smirk coming over his face as the crimson HUD began to illuminate over his face. 


Haastal's Combat Gear-


Haastal's Beskar'gam

2x Slugthrower pistols

1x Vibrolasso

1x Blaster Sniper Rifle

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    Wolf's Bane

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Location: Aboard Lady Raaf's Vessel

Objective: Accompany the Lady of Secrets




He stalked along the darkness, the lobstered folds of his armor knocking against each other with every movement; the only thing to break the monotonous drone of white noise that buzzed inside of his brain. Like a caged animal he paced, back and forth, back and forth. He was not accustomed to being cooped up like this for prolonged periods of time, something fierce and primal in his bones yearned to embrace the wide pastures of...


Truthfully, he didn't even know.


There was a deep feeling in his soul that was eager to visit distant fields and wild forests, but he could never fully glimpse it. That knowledge was gone, locked away somewhere, denied to him. Undoubtedly a glitch in his genetic programming, something carried over from the man who was born with this face and these feelings. Those that were with him were unborn, doomed to forever experience phantom longing for a place that they had never known.


Nor will they, the master had made it abundantly clear that what they were experiencing would eventually fade in time as they matured. It hadn't happened yet.


His mind was distracted from the gnawing in his soul as the ship diverted from their original course, sending a shudder down through the decks. Picking up the electro-bisento propped against the nearby wall, the gold and black-clad Mandalorian departed from his chambers, followed by the rest of his little troop of identical warriors, and made way for the bridge to seek out the Lady. When he did so he would plant the pommel of his weapon on the durasteel deck and fell to one knee, as he had been tutored during his incubation cycle on Khar Delba.


"Lady, what purpose will the Iron Wolves serve?"

Immortal Cyan

Immortal Cyan
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Post 2

Location: Titanic - Armory to Droch II-Class Boarding Shuttle En Route to Obroa-skai

Equipment: Project SIREN | Prototype Dauntless Phase I Power Armor, LBS Sniper Rifle, Czerka Fighting Knife, TOTT-018 Vornskr Revolver, 2 Cryoban Grenades

Allies: CIC, CIS, Scherezade deWinter OOM-002-HONEYCOMB OOM-003-CUPCAKE OOM-001-JELLYBEAN

Enemies: UCM


Valery no longer felt the two-hundred and thirty-five pounds of armored mass on her body when she established a neural link with her suit. She no longer needed to see with her own eyes, because they were far less perceptive than the arguably panoptical view of her surroundings her suit’s cameras and sensors gave her. However, her organic brain was almost always overwhelmed by the non stop flow of information that the sensors fed into her perception. Even though the Siren possessed a supplementary artificial intelligence to assist her in the nigh-impossible task of interpreting and filtering the information, Valery was still very much in the process of training herself to rapidly analyze, smoothly interpret, and firmly execute action (or inaction) in response to the various streams of data that was fed into her consciousness. Yet another downside of the intimate connection that Valery had established with her suit was a subtle disassociation with her own physical form that she experienced whenever she interfaced with the Siren. It was very easy for her to unknowingly injure herself by running too fast or picking up something that was too heavy. The hypermatter-powered suit could easily handle the weight and speed, but she had been forced to lower the software limits even more after suffering a mild strain in her calf during a training exercise.


In spite of all the drawbacks, Valery was deeply honored to serve as a test operator for the Siren, though she doubted that the armor would see broad usage by the Dauntless considering the intense training and acclimation needed to make the operator of the suit a positive asset in the field.


She moved through the hallways at a quick pace before climbing into a drop pod with Scherezade deWinter. Though the vessel was intended primarily for ship boarding operations, it could be used to equal effect when utilized as a planetary drop ship. In spite of its jagged appearance, the shuttle’s maneuverability rivaled that of some starfighters as well. After buckling herself into a seat, she felt a violent lurch as the shuttle launched from the Titanic and zoomed towards the surface of the planet waiting below...

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Adara Raxis

Adara Raxis

    Darth Adarable

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Location: Bogden Surface, Temporary Scientific Outpost Kyr’ta - Evacuation Point
Equipment: Armour | Lightsabers
NPC's: Militibus ex Infernis, Porgs (Mugsy, Bugsy, Tugsy, Hugsy, Bert, Geneveve & Talulah), Mr. Wimple, Mandalorian Scientific Expeditionary Team
“They’re amazing and perfect and colourful and swoopy with the swoop-swoop grips and and I love them! Eeee! Thank you Sanya!” Adara hugged Sanya around her waist, taking both the Dark-Side presenting sabers and clutching them between them. This was the best day! Adara got to fulfill her dream of beating Milicent in the Science Fair, by doing a better experiment than the other girl could ever imagine. She got time of her own with Great-Aunt Kay, and Buir’s science-y friend Vanessa was coming along… then! 
“Wait until Father sees them!“ Sanya gave her lightsabers of her very own. Just like Reyn had his beskad’e, now Adara had weapons too. Adara went back to flicking her HUD through the sensor array, quite the grown-up with armour and weapons and pets all her own.
“Look, Auntie, look Ms. Science Vanessa Person, it looks like Tugsy and Talulah are much better at navigating the high gravity pockets than Bugsy and Bert… I wonder what makes them better at it? Do you think there’s a reason, Auntie Kay?” Adara’s helmet-clad head looked up at Kay Arenais with what passed for a quizzical Mandalorian expression. 
The moment @Skorvek’s voice came through her comm, serious and stern, Adara gasped. She grabbed Kay’s hand and clung, eyes widening under her brand new helmet. Sanya snapped to attention, further alerting Adara of the danger in the skies. 
“Wai-wait! Bugsy! Tugsy!! MUGSY!!! My Porgs! I can’t leave without my Porgs! I can’t beat Millie without them! Vanessa, hurry!” Adara snaked away as only children could, from the adults and raced toward the avians squawking as they all attempted to chase after the gaggle of females. 
She gasped and looked to the sky, skidding to a halt as Mr. Wimples swooped through and caught up Mugsy and Bert in her talons. A wave of foreboding slung across Adara’s forehead, matched and amplified by another of her surreptitious natures. 
“…. Auuuuntieee? Death is cooomiiiiing. We’ve gotta make it to Sloobieboo!” Adara scrambled onto Sanya’s back and hung on as hard as her little arms could manage… which, given the newness of her armour and the dainty nature of her musculature, meant as Sanya continued on, Adara began to slip. "SLOOBIE!!!"
And fall. She shrieked and spastically attempted to cling to Sanya’s back, until falling to the ground with a loud ‘ooof!’. 
“Tool, okay, um yeah, but Sloobieboo! We have to get to Sloobieboo and and Ruus! We can’t leave them! Sloobieboo has his ship!” Adara yelped louder still, reaching to hug Mugsy and Bert as Mr. Wimple landed on her shoulder. 
“Oh my darlings! Where are the others!? Where are Tugsy, Bugsy, Talulah and Genevieve?!” 



Tanomas Graf

Tanomas Graf

    ᴇɪsᴇʀɴᴇʀ ᴋᴀɴᴢʟᴇʀ

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Equipment: DARKSABRE Assault Armour/Mark IX/CQB - G-12A Blaster Rifle - Blackwing Electrosword

Location: HMIS Avenger ---> Obroa-skai

Allies: CIC, CIS, Scherezade deWinter, OOM-001-JELLYBEAN, OOM-002-HONEYCOMB, OOM-003-CUPCAKE, Erik Morkshna, Haastal Verd, Valery, Prime, Lynda Dorn, Ves Fett, Vilaz Munin, Kad Munin

Enemies: UCM, Flash Australis, Adara Raxis, Taeli Raaf, Fiore de Noir, [member="

Theme: The Interrogation










His footfalls were uncharacteristically loud against the durasteel flooring of the corridor, the one-ton cyborg walking alongside a horde of amoured stormtroopers, the variety of which ranging from white-clad shinies to the fiery markings of the 212th. Eight-Oh-Eight stood out like a sore thumb among them all, being a head taller than the majority and having much bulkier armour than them, but they either didn't notice or didn't care to spare him more than an indifferent glance.


They all knew where they were about to go, what they were about to do - sent down to Obroa-skai against an enemy more organized, more advanced, and more rabid than the Army of Light that they had fought on Tython, doubly so for the rabble on Byss. The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, from the grunts to the brass, were all confident in their ability to effectively wage war against the Mandalorian clans, but confidence didn't always equate to a guarantee of a final victory.


The hangar was abuzz with activity, crewmen and pilots alike jogging past them. Eight-Oh-Eight craned his head to the side, observing similar processions of stormtroopers streaming into the hangar and onto transports. Butterbar lieutenants were watching them board, eagerly waiting to catch somebody to pin a violation on before the battle even began, something the death trooper absolutely despised in newly-commissioned officers. And as if they could sense his disgust, a lieutenant beckoned him over with pursed lips and a datapad clutched in his arms, eyebrows furrowed slightly. "Trooper, why are you not with the rest of the special forces detachment? I'll have you know insubordination is as bad as outright desertion!" He hissed as loud as he could in an attempt to shame him, "What is your operating number!?"


Eight-Oh-Eight looked him dead in the eyes and growled "Lyon, DT-808", the man waiting patiently even as his anger was about to boil over. The lieutenant swiftly typed away at his datapad, his smug satisfaction quickly turning into a look of horror as the colour drained from his face. The el-tee's stance straightened when he dared to look back at his victim "My apologies, Colonel." He squeaked, shuffling away as quick as his polished uniform boots would allow. Lyon let out another growl and moved on, stepping onto the transport and finding a secluded corner to stand in during the flight.


A few minutes passed and he felt the movement of the transport as it departed from the hangar, his cabin going pitch black for a split second before a dim, red light filled the void. The death trooper retrieved a torn photo from his armour and glanced at it, his helmet allowing him to perfectly make out the picture of a young woman with deep brown hair and hazel eyes. He blinked, folding the scrap and stuffing it back where it came from.


What he was about to do was not vengeance.


Revenge was not a valid motive, it's an emotional response.


No, not vengeance.





Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais

    Care for some tea?

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Location: Bogden surface
Enemies: CIC and their allies

Kay looked to Vanessa Vantai as she suggested hunkering down and hiding. Was she serious? They weren't in command structures of some merrit, but in canvas tents and flimsy constructs! How the Force was that to protect them from an aerial assault? They'd only last minutes, if that!

Of course Adara Raxis was worried for her Porgs. "They will follow us. Now come on! We've no time to waste!"

Sanya Val Lerium was quick to the rescue. But the marriage treatment? Really? Oh how embarrassing! But who was she to argue? No doubt Sanya could move far quicker than she could. Kay wrapped an arm around her, keeping an eye on Adara on the lady's back. As they moved she caught site of Mig Gred and heard his shouts. Skorvek was coming. Whomever that was. There were far too many Mandalorians for her to keep track of.

Kay held her breath with every leap that Sanya made until finally she was released. Her eyes kept to the sky as it seemed as though more ships were coming into view. Were some of them dropships? Why here on a pretty much barren world? And why this amount of ships. What were they expecting? Some secret hidden base? There was nothing like that here.

"Adara keep close! Don't wander off! And watch those sabers!" Amongst all of that Darkness Kay let loose some of her own Light and created a Force shield around them. She hoped to protect them from any blaster fire, sniper shot or otherwise that could pop up at any given moment.

Hopefully their rescue would come soon.

Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

    Sith-Mandalorian Liaison

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Allies: Adara Raxis Kay Arenais Sanya Val Lerium Mig Gred Skorvek

Enemies: CIC and allies

The absolute preciousness of Adara trying to get all the porgs to safety truly was something that warmed Vanessa's heart. It was so adorable that twenty years ago she would have released an audible "Aww..." As it was, while she did find it adorable, her focus was on getting the Mandalore's daughter to the safety of Skorvek's ship. Thus, she did the only thing she could think of.


She kept an arm out and began to focus on the minds of the other porgs within the area, urging them to come to her. Her arm would soon find the small and adorable creatures jumping up into it. With her other arm, and with the help of the Force, she gathered the porgs within her arms and carried them along.


When they reached the ship and got inside, Vanessa would set them down, doing her best to make sure that the Smolstralis was able to keep all the porgs with her when she was let go, watching to ensure none of them escaped to suffer some sort of grisly or horrific fate. "There we go." She smiled. "Where to now?"

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    Mandalorian Guard Captain

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Location: Research Station 6, Bogden

Allies: UCM & Allies, Valdus Bral

Enemies: CIC & Allies





Ruus had fully readied the station for asset and personnel evacuation however it seemed that Clan Bral was taking dangerously close to their time allotment for reaching them. The Captain spoke over his shoulder to one of the officers "Ready the shuttle. If they aren't here in five minutes we leave." he ordered "Of course, Captain." the officer responded and went to the landing pad where the shuttle was currently parked.


After a moment the lights of the shuttle turned on and the humming of the thrusters warming up broke the relative silence of the station's area. The scientists with Ruus seemed more concerned than the Guard did "Where are we going if they don't show up?" one of them asked "To an even more remote location, sir. The shuttle may lack interstellar range but if we must we can use it to quickly navigate the planet's surface." Ruus paused for a moment "An escape to space is most likely out of the question."


Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

    Clan Bral Alor | Muscle Craftsman

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Location: Aboard the Orar'buir at Research Facility 6 ( Ruus )
Objective: Load the personnel of Research Facility 6
Allies: Skorvek, Kay Arenais, Ruus,and all Clans of Mandalore or defenders.
Enemies: CIS, CIC, and their allies.
The Orar'buir's engines roared along with the cracking and crashing of vegetation in an melody of pure over-engineering meeting mother nature. The two large treads left wide trenches in the swamp and with the trees being plowed over or crushed under the treads, the Orar'buir slowly began to change the landscape of the area. It would be easy to track from the ground due to the destruction, but it seemed nothing really cared about the Orar'buir or it's crew. So onward it went, rushing towards Ruus and more importantly, the possibly sentinet moss that awaits at Research Facility Six.
" Come to a slow, we don't want to crush anyone." Valdus spoke up to the pilot, who acknowledge him. As the Orar'buir crashed out of the shallow swamp and onto firmer ground it sprayed mud and debris in every direction for tens of meters, giving the transparisteel windows a thin coat of swamp water. Disgusting. The good news was that the research facility was no visible to him. It would not be long and due to the clearing the research facility would easily be able to see the behemoth machine rushing towards their direction, slowing though it was.
Eventually the Orar'buir pulled up to roughly 15 meters from the Research facility. " Escort them aboard. Once the last one is accounted for we get the kriff out of this place." The communication officer spoke up, " We need two squads to secure the civillians and whatever else they are bringing aboard." Valdus then looked towards the pilot and gave a simple hand wave downwards. The pilot then disengaged the locks on the door, causing a series of loud, resounding clangs as large loading bay door descended to the ground, coming to a squishing stop as it sank slightly into the marshy ground. The particle shields went down as to allow physical objects to pass through, such as those evacuating Research Facility Six. The communication officer then spoke to the evacuation vessel ( Skorvek ) " This is the Orar'buir , is the evac vessel ready? What is our window?"
Out rushed two groups of twelve Mandalorian Advance Guard who began to usher Ruus and his guards as well as the scientists. One of the Advance Guard sergeants spoke up, " Get a move on! We're behind schedule already, damn planet is hard to get around on." The Advance Guard would help carry whatever supplies were needed, but protest against singular objects that were too large or too heavy to carry with one arm.
Whenever the loading process was done the loading bay door would be raised and the particle shield reengaged. The Advance Guard sergeant would turn to Ruus " Is that the last of them?" If the answer was positive, the the sergeant would communicate that to the command bridge and the Orar'buir would lurch in reverse.


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Location: Aboard the Titanic - En Route to Obroa-skai Via Droid Drop Pod

Allies: CIC & Friendly Fleshbags
Enemies: UCM & Conspirators
Post: 0.1
Aboard the Titanic [We'll Never Let Go...]
JELLYBEAN watched with the blank disinterest of a droid while some of its unit arrived. If it could have emoted happiness, in any way, it would have. Instead it just murmured a low “Yaaaaas” under from a feminine, rather mechanical sounding, vocabulator. “CUPCAKE.”, it greeted, and slammed a metal hand down on the other droids’ shoulder, not realizing, that it could have knocked the newer model over and straight into a bunch of fleshy bystanders. 
OOM-003 made some intelligent commentary about one of their most sacred of holy items. The Vicelord’s Boot was an object that had been blessed and provided succor for automatons everywhere. It was said to be capable of producing miracles for robot-kind. CUPCAKE was interrupted when HONEYCOMB arrived and JELLYBEAN nodded its head. “Roger, roger.” 
Then he made overtures toward Scherezade deWinter. JELLYBEAN punched OOM-002 in the shoulder a little bit, knocking it away from the organic, before bending strangely, to take the offered seat. 
“I hope she decommissions you.” 
The woman with hair the color of Havana Brown #5 corrected the information that the droid had available about the card game she was currently playing. While some might have questioned the plausibility of waiting twelve-hundred years from now the JELLYBEAN model merely nodded its head again. “I will make a memo that the date is penciled in. Your loyalty to the Exarch is inspiring. As they say, intent, is half the battle.” 
AKA, Seemed legit. 
This B-1 truly did not understand what Ms. DeWinter meant about assisting itself. The cards that were dealt were hard to pick up, inane, and frustrating but eventually it did so. “I have my answer!”, it announced, though, the organic at the table seemed confused. 
“My programming is female. HONEYCOMB is a real ladies man.” 
The alarm that went off startled the group and the cards the B-1’s were holding went everywhere. “Battle stations battle stations!” 
001 paused. Oil baths for all? Now, that was a good deal. 
“Uh…Back to the pods. Prepare for deployment!” 
And so—They went.
Planetside [Roger, Roger...]
Darkness. Shaking steel. Then, light. It was difficult to boot up again after such a rocky ride. 001 was ushered out of the drop pod in a grassy area with a city in the distance.  A standard day was 26 standard hours here. How many days would they remain? The droid unfolded, slowly but surely, hoisting it's weapon as if fell in line with dozens of its brothers and sisters. Aunts, cousins, maybe? It remained unclear. Their only goals were to follow the lead of the Core Imperial Confederation in attaining their goals. They could not worship Palpatine, because, they already worshiped the Vicelord. They could not have a false idol--But the CIC was going places. Moving up! They could help with that. "Battle line three. Ready, roger roger." 
The first few lines of droids moved forward while they awaited orders. Should they begin marching on Obroa-skai? Checking out all the knowledge? They seemed entirely unaware of the smoldering remains of other drop pods that had not been so lucky. That was the job, after all. 

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Vilaz Munin

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Location: Obroa Kai
Allies: CIC | Ves Fett | Keira Priest
Enemies: UCM | Kaine Australis
Objective: Simple destruction

He remained a steady rhythm in his breathing, thinking in the battle nearing him. His heart and stomach raged for blood, demanded for his hands to be further dirtied in sealing the fates of others; however, this was unlike killing random aruetiise on raids he conducted. No...this was in the sense of wanting justice, justice, and redemption. He once championed Cadera when she was little, offering his aid and wisdom yet she spat at it on the day of the Red Coronation. He had some fault in encouraging the pup in taking the mantle, though he didn’t imagine it she would alter her body in the developed shape of a woman in order to claim it. She was simply a pawn of the sloth god and the trickster god that his people knew of, and dreaded of their influence in their daily lives. Everyday she hacked the honor and pride of his culture, even though he wasn’t affiliated with the tainted Mandalorian Empire; however, some people no longer respected and feared the symbol of that T shape that was the visor of his and every other Mandalorians’ helmet to their armor. All that helmet was associated with was licking the boots of the Jedi and other foreigners.

There would be no prisoners today, all would have their heads detached from their shoulders. Those who pledged their loyalty to the Empire and the Mand’alor were tainted souls, all belonging to hell. Vilaz would pray that none of these Imperial Mandalorians would ever see the paradise of the Manda. They had allowed themselves to sell their souls and lives to a girl that only made mother Mandalore look like a fool, and Mandalore and her colonies would be cleansed from the sins and damnation of these heretics...with the blood of Cadera’s soldiers.

”Very ignorant of you to call these...warriors fierce, Fett. I did not expect a Fett to acknowledge false qualities of these pups before us,” the Warlord said to Ves in a calm tone of voice. If in his youth, there would have been some fire in his retort. Now he had aged and while he was Morellian in his blood, thus allowing him live more years than the average human and still retain his strength and reflexes, his mind was that of an old adult seeing much bloodshed. He cared little for jokes nowadays, finding it needless to retort back with dialogue. Much rather bite before talk.

He wishes to not entertain the Fett with anymore words, or with Keira. He cared little of rivalries or passive doubts at the very moment. He was here to make a statement and right the wrongs of his culture.

”We will go wherever a fight there is. There are no objectives except slaughtering the livestock before us. I don’t care if we end up leveling a city or scorch the earth. We’ll win with convenient, efficient tactics.”

Cold and dead was his tone of voice showing his indifference to the people inhabiting this world of knowledge. If he killed a child that belonged to the Mandalorian Empire, he would not show a hint of remorse. He promised to wipe them all out, and so he would strike down with great vengeance and furious anger.

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Illyria Syresh

Illyria Syresh

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ArmorAuxila Combat Suit

WeaponsHelius BR | Xiphos Vibroblade

Status: Confident yet Hesitant

Allies: Khonsu Amon | Vindicta | The Golden Company & Core Imperial Confederation

Enemies: The United Clans of Mandalore


Naval Complement: Thyrsian Classis III "Gladius"


"I'm nobody anymore. The Mandalorians took that from me, my identity, my belonging. I need to find my place, a new place to call home. Among all...all of this karking crap. Then, at least...I will know if I deserved to live."

Illyria Syresh


Here was her. Here was she, in command of something that the woman knew that she deserved not to be in command of. Illy did not feel confident in her own abilities and prowess, especially now when so much responsibility was piled atop of her shoulders. She knew how to shoot a gun and she knew how to fight, yet she knew not how to take a life. She had never taken another’s life, she did not want to do such a heinous thing. It was something that she knew her father, her papa, didn’t want to do. And yet, she had no choice in such a matter. She had joined the Golden Company, a renowned mercenary company. In time she would be forced to take a life. It was an inevitability. She couldn’t sit idly by and refuse, she was forced to act. She would become better in time. Khonsu Amon was helping her and training her when the time was available and she wanted to be like him, he was confident, he was strong, he held sway with grand and auspicious gravitas...all things unlike of her. She wanted to be like him. She needed to be like him to survive in the messed up Galaxy that her parents had shielded her from, up until...those Mandalorians had taken them from her.


The Scion of house Syresh has been bestowed a small fleet by the grace of the Supreme Sun Guard. Illyria was young and naive in her youthful life, and such a thing transferred to her military and tactical experience as well. Khonsu had taught her bits and pieces of how to be a tactician both within the never-ending expanse of space, and the constriction of grounded warfare. She knew a few tactics, though to say she was gifted or that she knew entirely what she was doing was false. Such an opportunity as this...such an opportunity as hands-on experience was what the Supreme Sun Guard believed would help her the most. It was something that Illyria disagreed with of course.


Though, she was more than grateful for the constant help of Khonsu Amon and his kind words to her...his belief in her. It helped to speak to her that she should at least try. It gave her the confidence to truly believe in herself.


The ‘All Clear’ signal has come through. Permission to make the jump to hyperspace, mam?” A masculine voice on the bridge said, directing the questioned towards the blue-skinned woman.


Illyria hesitated before speaking. She was being addressed as a superior, as a superior. Such a notion felt strange to her, despite her royal and prestigious upbringing. Such a thing felt off, it felt as though the comment wasn’t addressed to her. And yet, it was directed towards her, and her alone. The blue zabrak’s golden eyes shifted to the comn’s officer on deck. He was a young man, just a few years older than Illyria herself. He had more experience than her and had served for longer than she had, and yet...he addressed her, a nobody, as someone in command.


Yes, permission to make the jumpto hyperspace and to regroup with Classis I and Classis II once we have entered the gravity well of the Bogden Star System.


Affirmative Mam’, Hyperspace jump commencing in tertiarynumerical...secondary numerical...primary numerical...


The vessels surrounding the Athenian jumped into hyperspace first, the stars shifting around them as they snapped forwards as through rippling through waves of the blackened cosmos of the Galaxy. After which, the larger vessels followed suit. The Athenian’s hyperspace core begin to whirl, the viewport of the bridge contracting inwards and outwards at the same time as the stars bent into one another into a kaleidoscope-esque view. And then...the gilded golden cruiser’s shape extended, being enveloped within an open aft cocoon as the space around it warped and contorted out from the vessel...jumping into hyperspace with the sound of a low humming zoom.


Stretched rectangles of blue and white light shone outside of the viewport, as a tunnel...the Athenian tunneled through the visage of hyperspace to make its arrival into the Bogden system. Those same stretched lights of blue and white, those same stretched stars were reflected in the clear golden globes of Illyria’s eyes, giving the streaks of light colors a golden shine. The view that was stretched out among the viewport was beautiful to the young female zabrak. It was something she had never seen before, and Syresh found it hard to find the right words to describe such a thing. She was mesmerized by the sight, her lips held agasp in wonder and shock at such a wondrous display


First time jumping into hyperspace, mam?” The comn’s officer questioned with an amused expression on his face, his hard silver eyes glancing up at her.


Yes...yes actually, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it. It’s just been…,” Illyria paused, trying to gather her thoughts and memories from the first time she saw a ship jump into hyperspace. “...simulations and holo-recording previously. It’s...uh, it’s beautiful, I have to admit. Beautiful and mesmerizing, like those carefree and happy dreams you used to have before the Galaxy hit you with all of it’s chit.” The zabrak said the last part with a small chuckle, surprised at her own use of profanity.


Most definitely, you know it, mam. The good ‘ol days.


The swirling vortex of the hyperspace jump bounded in on itself as the ‘walls’ of the tunnel appeared to collapse in on itself and fold outwards, giving way to a black expanse filtered with stars and distant metal vessels embezzled in gold. The Athenian shot out into the black expanse with a whirling, mechanical buzzing sound, meeting up with the rest of it’s accompanying fleet.


Illyria’s golden eyes looked out among the ever-flowing sea of midnight, her eyes catching on what appeared to be vessels in the distance, though it was difficult to tell from this distance. As soon as the Athenian had entered the system, reconnaissance vessels #1 through #12 were sent out from their mother vessels in a stream of glowing blue lights reflecting off of cool, dull durasteel hulls.


Scan coming in mam, a cluster of Golden Company identified vessels located directly ahead of our bow. Transmissions are coming in...Classis I and Classis II have been identified as the starships ahead of Gladius Fleet. Awaiting orders.


Her first orders. Now the ships surrounding the Athenian, and all people aboard them were under her command...her protection. She didn’t want to allow anyone to die here, though such a thing was an inevitability. Despite how hard it would be, Illyria knew she would have to live with what happened to those around her. They were at her naive mercy, ironic...who was she to give help and mercy to those helping her?


Have the light frigates create a loose cloud barrier in front of our bow and have them begin approach, after-which all larger vessels will follow after the defensive cloud barrier. Have the Perysian guard out aft for the moment being as we approach Classis I and Classis II.


The ships began to follow suit from the given orders, moving rhythmically and orderly. As they did so, a loose-formation was kept to, no full formation was taken as of yet....however all ships were at the ready to take their specifically given positions agreed to before the battle to safeguard the Athenian and all other larger vessels part of Classis III.


| Actions Taken |

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Location: Obroa-Skai

Objective: -- (Intro Post)
Allies: UCM and friends

Opposition: Everyone shooting at the UCM
With: Fiore de Noir

Directly Engaging: --

In a smokey den in a shady part of town, the couple slowed danced to mellow jazzy beats. There were other people on the dance floor, but for Jihun, the raven haired woman between his burly arms felt like the only person in the room. 
"It's been forever. You should come around more often, soldier boy." She gently nudged him on the shoulder in admonishment, then rested her forehead against his chest with a small sigh. 
"Nothing stopping you from leaving with me," he pointed out tiredly, yet again. 
"Nothing except a war. Or, wars, in your case." 
"It's just business, and you know what I meant. Getting off this rock."
"Is it, though?" She tilted her head, looking up at him with honey eyes. "Constantly running headfirst into hails of lasers and bombs? That doesn't sound like very good business to me. You're playing with fire."
At the mention of fire, he felt a tickle in his chest. 
"The money is good, though. Real good. Soon we'll be able to--" 
"Dead men can't spend credits." 
The tickle bloomed into intense pain, which stopped him dead in his tracks. 
"You keep playing with fire," she continued. "and you're gonna get burned." 
Lances of flame split open his chest, completely enveloping him. Everything around him flashed away as his world became fire and agony, vision filling with red. 
Red turned to to white as it felt like every particle of his body was being incinerated. He would have screamed, but he no longer had a mouth. 
Finally, white faded to black as nothing remained but ash. 

Fiore de Noir

Fiore de Noir

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Location: Obroa-Skai

Objective: Find Cardinam, but also get situated

Allies: UCM and friends

Opposition: Everyone shooting at the UCM

With: Cardinam

Directly Engaging: :3


There was silence on the other end of the comm and Fiore narrowed her eyes. The man was usually pretty good about answering her and when he didn’t there was something possibly wrong. Groaning, she continued to sprint up towards where everyone was waiting and quickly sent another message. She marked it urgent and sent it off.


“Where are you?! There’s some serious stuff going on right now. You better be okay; I won’t forgive you if you aren’t. Getting everyone and heading towards the spaceport – meet us there.”


Fiore shut her comm closed and closed in on the group. Everyone was looking the same as when she left them. Two fingers rested against her lips as she blew hard, it caught everyone’s attention except Kirkland’s. The tall man was still waving his burly arms trying to get Lid’s to pay attention and agree with him. “Kirkland!” Fiore shouted at the man with an air of authority. She stood several inches shorter than him, but he crumbled like a puppy who just wet the floor. “S-Sorry, but Lids ‘ere” A stern look, shut the man up instantly.


The slender Echani woman who was next to the man, covered her mouth and snickered quietly. It was always a joy to get the man in trouble. She didn’t do it to be malicious, he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. A few feet behind them was a shorter gentleman who was built like a thick tree trunk, his arms folded and his glasses resting on the tip of his nose. A man of very little words, but he expressed enough with the air of his confidence. He took a long stride and was now near the Echani named Lids and the humanoid man named Kirkland.


With everyone now at an attention, Fiore cleared her throat and nodded. “Seems that there’s a lot more going on here than what we anticipated. Might be in for a fight.” As she spoke, Kirkland’s face lit up like it was Life Day. Fiore ignored it for now and continued. “So, suit up and make sure you have everything.” She didn’t want to mention Cardinam, it would cause some worry and the last thing they needed. “Sounds good Ears.” Fiore nodded and sighed as Lids spoke in her chipper voice. Embarrassed, Fiore did her best to hide the tips of her Eldorai ears.


As the crew got ready, Fiore leaned next to Karl and sighed. “I haven’t heard from Cardinam, you hear anything.” The old man shook his head and spoke a few words under his breath to the girl. “Don’t worry, he’ll turn up.” Fiore nodded and took a moment to gather her equipment. Once everyone was ready with blasters and melee weapons, they headed towards the Space port. She looked around for any friendlies, mostly UCM military.


As they continued, she was able to meet up and explain that they weren’t invaders. She got a quick low down as to what was happening with the planet. As the soldier moved on, Fiore explained the situation to the crew. They nodded and headed on, she hung back and sent another message to Cardinam,


“Looks like the planet is being invaded, keep an eye out and be safe. See you at the port.”


Another urgent message and she continued on with everyone, she didn’t like the feeling she was having in the pit of her stomach.


Kaine Australis Yasha Cadera Taeli Raaf Scherezade deWinter, OOM-001-JELLYBEAN, OOM-002-HONEYCOMB, OOM-003-CUPCAKE, @Erik Morshna, Haastal Verd, Valery, Prime, Lynda Dorn, Ves Fett, Vilaz Munin, Kad Munin

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Kor Vexen

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K O R _ V E X E N


Location | Bogden System

Objective | Assess the Situation

The UCM | Allies

The CIC | Adversaries

Khonsu Amon & Vilaz Munin | Direct Interaction


Vexen's fleet would soon arrive into the Bogden system, having been in close communication with the defensive forces over Obora-Skai and ascertaining the readiness of their defenses, which were in poor condition to be handling an invasion force with its half ready defenses. This was welcome news to the Sith General as it made striking down military targets and cutting down defenses much simpler and quick. Gehenna Fleet would drift along in space, not making any offensive maneuvers against any present forces, both hostile and friendly, rather just sitting there like a large bear waiting to be poked at. Given the circumstances of the situation, he could not technically attack anyone involved due to the intricate web of alliances and non-aggression pacts put in place, so assuming no one wanted to incur the wrath of the Sith Empire, and the Anzati General, he was more or less free to observe at his own leisure. Given all the chatter on allied frequencies being received, there was quite a few choices that the Anzati General could take into consideration for this conflict, all of which would ultimately benefit him in the larger picture.


As it turned out, the Lady of Secrets herself was reported to be arriving in the system soon. While Vexen held much respect for Taeli Raaf for her past actions, her arrival would make little impact on the situation at hand. Vexen turned to his Vice Admiral as he spoke, " Maintain neutral standing until conflict comes to us, I have matters to attend to. Ensure I am not disturbed unless your lives depend on it. " The Vice Admiral would offer an overdramatic little bow as he spoke with a grin, " Of course Lord General. " Vexen would turn on his heels as he began to depart from the bridge, making way for his own personal quarters. The solid steps of his metal boots against the metal floor could be heard as a daunting echo as he entered his private chamber and had the door seal behind him. The room would dim as he activated a terminal, and the Thyrsian Sun Guard had a heavily encrypted back channel provided to him as a Shadowcloak concealed his identity, making it impossible to identify the Sith General even if anyone managed to intercept the communication. An elaborate plot from the shadows was soon reaching fruition as the Galaxy found itself being thrown into an era of conflict and bloodshed once more, for the sake of those who thrive in battle and those who sought more powerful prey. All it took was a few zealots, coaxing the major powers at play and forcing their hands.


A disembodied voice would speak from a shadowy mass to Khonsu, with an identical message being directed to Vilaz " And so fortune smiles upon those of the Sun and War. Though I cannot directly aid in your...Slaughter, I am able to provide you with valuable intelligence. Fortunately for you, Obroa-Skai's defenses are sub-par at best and likely not in any condition to repel a full force assault. Strike hard and swift and they shall fall before you. Locations will be provided to you where they are most vulnerable to exploitation and being overwhelmed. Do with this information as you see fit. It may also intrigue you that the daughter of a certain mutually despised ruler is in the system as well at these coordinates. Consider her a potential high value target that you can cast your vengeance and hatred upon. This conflict will provide much boon for those who seek blood and power. Relish it...Thrive in it...Profit from the atrocities of war... Let them know how true wolves fight and tear their enemies apart. Remind them that you are to be feared.  "






Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Location : Obroa Skai - Main Spaceport
Objective : Defend the Spaceport
Post : 3 (switching from Flash)

Gear : in profile





Something had gone badly wrong with the planetary defences, that much was obvious to Kaine. Hostiles were dropping towards the surface, and landing in the city. The Admiral in charge of the world's defence had some serious explaining to do, but for now, the job was simple. Drive the scum back. The city itself was in a panic, with civilians rushing for shelters as alarm klaxons blared out, warning of the air raid that was already in progress. Kaine half expected blasts to begin going off as a bombardment commenced, but thankfully they'd been spared that indignity so far.

He was alone, everyone but him had duty stations, pilot duty, garrison duty, and places to be. The other Mando'ade would be reacting to the threat, he knew, Flash would have seen to it that the alert came out. Even knowing how busy the other man would be, Kaine commed anyway.

::What's going on?::

Kaine heard swearing and yelling, muffled, before Flash's voice came over the comm.

::Everything's gone to osik up here. We're holding their fleet at bay for now, but you're going to have company.:: Kaine heard the strain in his voice. The Admiral was close to losing it. Well, shab, he couldn't hold his hand today. He didn't need to add to Flash's burden eitther, that could wait. ::Do what you can. I'll keep the scum busy.:: Kaine let the Admiral off for now, the stress of dealing with the surprise attack was enough punishment for today.

Approaching the spaceport, he could see drop pods scything down through Obroa-Skai's atmosphere. They couldn't miss the space port, it was lit up like a Life Day tree, and rather ostentatious. Kaine would go for the control tower first, were he assaulting the place, so that was where he headed. He reasoned that if there were any smart enemies, it was best to kill them first.


As he entered the spaceport, Kaine drew his sidearm, ready for targets of opportunity. He could hear blasterfire, that meant the local militia or the spaceport guards. They were good enough for peacetime, but not for battle hardened assault commandos. They would represent the bulk of the day's casualties, he figured, as it was so often. Unfortunately for those assault commandos, basic guards with hand blasters were not the only difficulty they'd need to overcome to take Obroa-Skai.



Kor Vexen Vilaz Munin Tanomas Graf Scherezade deWinter Taeli RaafOOM-001-JELLYBEAN OOM-002-HONEYCOMB OOM-003-CUPCAKE Haastal Verd Valery Prime Lynda Dorn Ves Fett Kad Munin

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'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'