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Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

- - - - - CIC Imperial Confederation Imperial Confederated Systems Core Imperial Confederation Clans of Mandalore UCM Bogden Obroa-skai

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Kor Vexen

Kor Vexen

    Lord of Assimilation

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K O R _ V E X E N


Location | Bogden System

Objective | Observe

The UCM | Allies

The CIC | Adversaries

N/A | Direct Interaction


The Gehenna Fleet continued to maintain its neutrality in the conflict despite the hostilities rising between the opposition and vessels of the Sith Empire. Knowing this however, no one aboard any of the ships under the command of Vexen dared to fire upon anyone without his orders. Such was the power and fear that the Anzati commanded even amongst the veteran elite of both the Imperial Armada and Legion. With that being said, Vexen had continued to observe the situation from his own quarters after having concluded his little message to those who aided the Core Imperial Confederation in their attack against the Mandalorians. Did it move him into any course of action after the ships of Vanessa Vantai as well as herself had attempted to speak on behalf of the Empire with authority that she had none to persuade the Golden Company? Not in the slightest. If she or her own were to die in the conflict, it would be of no consequence to him or the Empire, merely a weak link weeded out and cast into the void. The Sith had no need for the weak or the foolish, and it was especially the case for Vexen's vision of the future. The Galaxy had fostered a false era of peace, one that bred and cultivated weak individuals that were of little use to Vexen, and made for poor sustenance.


The one true thing that the Lord of Assimilation desired above all else, was strong and worthy prey that could whet his appetite and let the centuries old Anzati enjoy something in its purest form. One must adapt and evolve in order to overcome and survive, and feeding off weak prey was the quickest route to becoming weak; like a blade left unsharpened, it would not suit the wielder when conflict came to them.


The Anzati General folded his arms across his chest as he observed the large holotable in his room that served as his theater of war, monitoring the situation in space while keeping a close eye of the situation with his so-called allies. How it intrigued the Sith that the warrior culture he had known and respected for hundreds of years had come to this...A flock of weary sheep, unable to fight for their own beliefs without expecting their hands to be held. They were infants compared to the warriors he once knew in ages past. They lacked the ferocity one would expect from a Mandalorian warrior, the cries for blood of those who dared to threaten their core beliefs and people. This did make Vexen question for quite some time now, why they were even allies at all. There was little if any strategic value in keeping sheep as either the sword or shield in the hands of the vastly larger and superior Sith Empire. As he monitored the flow of communications it was all just a panic and mess. Then again it was to be expected. Expose the queen, in this case the daughter of Mand'alor and the insects scatter in a frenzy of panic. It also made determining the wereabouts and position of her all too simple to determine. Vexen's fleet was positioned conveniently to the rear of the Mandalorians under the pretenses of arriving to aid, putting them square between the Golden Company's fleet and his own.


One word was all it took for his ships to turn and open fire and trap the Mandalorians, but alas he would bide his time. Centuries of existence had tempered the Anzati's patience, what more was either a few months or years before plunging the entire Galaxy into war and turmoil? The pawns at play had their roles, and were executing them in every manner he intended them to. Even the ones whom he had no influence over such as the CIS and SJO were playing right into his plans. It was just a matter of time before there would be no further moves to make and the eventuality of his vision came into fruition. He was already several moves ahead and waiting once this conflict had ended, ready to set off the next series of events when the time came.


Soon the gates would be thrown wide, and the inevitable ushered in.






Kanta Tukka

Kanta Tukka

    Sing the Universe Song

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Location: Obroa-Skai
The brigade of Akalenedat’ike charged forth with Venandi less for revenge on some unbegotten slight, and more for the joy of being taken as ‘real Coconuts’, just like the larger ‘Metal Coconut’ wearing Mandalorians. A simple culture with few loves beyond a splendid song and dance, hunting for crustaceans & fish, and that feeling one gets when they dig their toes through hot sand to the cool sand beneath, the Akalenedat’ike only ever wanted the chance to learn more songs. 
Songs of life! Songs of destiny! Songs of socks in laundry baskets, and the fascinating smells discovered by curious noses. All the Metal Coconuts and their Aru-spaghetiise companions made for songs that filled Kanta’s little fuzzy toes all the way up to his happy fuzzy hands with glee. 
Glee like sticking your hot toes in cool, shady sand. 
He hopped along, wielding his lyre aloft as he sang a little ditty about Obroa-Skai and its’ repository of ‘big all funky knowy-bits’. When Venandi asked Kanta to plug in the access codes for Obroa-Skai’s defences, so they could get down to the surface, Kanta even played a merry madrigal of all those numbers he remembered. 
And as an Akalenedat’ike, Kanta Tukka remembered everything. 
Down on the surface, Kanta and his scurrying coconut-clad companions launched into the HVAC systems, the engineering tubes and hidey-holes all over the campus. He set away his lyre for a fishy-whacker, which for some stroke of luck was a metal club. He attached the club to his side, grinning toothily up at Venandi. 
“Kanta suppooort. Kanta warrior! Akalenedat’ike Coconut-Mandos!” Venandi asked for support from the host of the little guys, and support he and his fighters would get. The coconuts ravaged the place, turning over tables, chairs, and setting up stations with… 
… water bottles, ration bars, little packages of neon coloured bandages. Everything a growing coconut thought Venandi meant by ‘support’. They scurried around, naturally harder to see and quiet when they did not burst into song. 
If they were silent much longer, Kanta knew in his brainy-bits the Akalenedat’ike would start a four act opera of silly dances to commemorate saving…. The repository of ‘big all funky knowy-bits’.  

Adara Raxis

Adara Raxis

    Darth Adarable

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Location: Bogden Surface, Skorvek’s Ship
For one magical collection of seconds, Skorvek had Adara in his arms, and the little girl believed her Uncle Sloobieboo would fix everything. Yet, the comfort was bypassed for preparations of take-off and potential battle. Senses pulsing with the curious panic and oppression of the oncoming drop pods, Adara covered her ears and shut her eyes. 
No listening. No listening! 
All she wanted was to do a science fair project worthy of beating Millie. It wasn’t fair! Adara prepared for over a month training her Porgs and Mr. Wimple! She got to be grown up for a whole day, trotting around with Great-Aunt Kay and seeing Sanya. Finally something Adara could achieve! 
Finally a reason to say she could wear her armour proudly. Alas, the scientific endeavour was waylaid by misbegotten information from the Thyrsians. 
If they thought orbitally bombarding a planet with no sense of permanence, and no permanent population was going to elicit a response from those on the upper echelons, they were woefully misguided. As misguided as an eleven year old girl thinking she could succeed at beating Millie with gravity-chasing Porgs.  
Adara huddled in the back of the ship with her Great-Aunt, cuddling Mugsy, Tugsy and Bert in her lap. Eyes wide under her new helmet, Adara stuttered out a cry. 
“But Sanya! I’m… I’m Dark just like Vanessa! Why do we have to be separated!?” She cuddled the Porgs closer, their little lungs squawking in alarm shared by their mutual affection for Adara… and the little treats she fed them perpetually. 
“I… I can cloak. I can move a couple of things, and… and…” When Vanessa asked Adara what she could do in the Force, Adara shut her mouth. Her wide eyes looked between Mig, Kay, her Sloobieboo… If she told them… would they get mad? Like Baba got mad? 
“I can do a couple of things. But if I try hard and I concentrate, I can disappear! For seconds! Maybe even more than seconds if I keep trying.” What the girl didn’t speak of was the energy exchange needed to fuel her powers. Mig Gred saw first-hand how Adara’s powers worked, yet to Adara’s knowledge the man had yet to share that precious information. 
What would they think of her, when they saw what it took? Would the ship take off now? How many bad guys were coming to ruin their science day? Did Geneveve the Porg get to safety? 
“Wait…” Mugsy… Bugsy…. Bert…. Adara counted the Porgs around her. She stuttered and rocketed to her feet. “GENEVEVE!” 
The child attempted to bound away from Great-Aunt Kay Arenais, crying her Porg’s name. 
“Geneve! Geneveve where are you!?”





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Location: Aboard the Titanic - En Route to Obroa-skai Via Droid Drop Pod

Objective: - WIN -
Allies: CIC & Friendly Fleshbags
Enemies: UCM & Conspirators
Specific Tags: @OOM-001-JELLYBEAN @OOM-003-CUPCAKE @Scherezade deWinter | Fiore de Noir 
Honeycomb had no idea why the 001 was punching him in the arm. Perhaps she was jealous that his attention was focused on the voluptuous auburn haired woman. It seemed that he had managed to make the human woman blush, so he must have said something correct. It was no small task to impress a woman, though it seemed he did so at the expense of earning the ire of another. The B1 unit shrugged at the hopes of his decommissioning. There really was nothing he could say in response or retort to that. Perhaps he was close to the edge of it, but the droid wouldn't know it. 
"But if she did that, then she would not have companionship. You are not jealous are you, Jellybean?"
Could a droid be jealous? Honeycomb did not know nor did he care. It seemed to be thing that the fleshbags would ask, so he asked it. There was going to be little time for him to get an answer to his question as it was time to head back to the drop pod for their assault. 
"Roger, Roger," The metallic voice sounded at the order. 
Dark. The worst part about dropping was being folded up and offline for the moment. 002 was nothing cannon fodder sometimes, but this was what he had been made for. He was offline, then he was online. He could hear the orders coming from the auburn haired woman, and their instructions to move toward the city. If he could have winked, Honeycomb would have. Instead all he said was, "Roger, Roger."

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Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais

    Care for some tea?

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Location: Bogden Surface, Skorvek’s Ship
Allies: Skorvek Sanya Val Lerium Mig Gred Ruus Vanessa Vantai
Enemies: Khonsu Amon @Deius Koman’na Arash Garshasp Illyria Syresh

Everything was happening so quickly. But then again she had been in situations like this before. Back on Commenor. The Sith had attacked them then, blockading the planet and placing it under siege before the inevitable occupation. Events took place rather quickly then too.

Yet at least right now they had some time to prepare.

Adara Raxis didn't seem to want to look for secret passages. Instead she had just wanted to be cuddled with her Porgs. Perhaps after a few moments she'd change her mind.

Kay looked to Sanya as she requested some of her blood. Was she really going to be that picky as to who could ride on her ship when they were all in danger? There was no time for such nonsense, especially as they were currently on the same playing field during this attack. But Kay complied anyways, pricking the tip of her ring finger and handing those droplets of blood over.

While she was distracted with her thoughts, a lightsaber was placed in her hand. It felt quite foreign, given that it wasn't one of her own. "Yes, I know how to one of these...." Although it had been a while, Kay knew how to wield one. More often than not, people had kept her away from the fighting.

Her attention then turned to her grand-niece as she started to reveal her skills. Cloaking, moving objects and...disappearing? Well that was new. How much different was it from cloaking? There was no time to ponder on it for long however, as Adara tried to tear away from her to look for her missing little friend. "Adara! Stay with me! We'll look together! She could just be scared and hiding." Kay kept a firm grip on her hand. Maybe this was a good way to get Adara hidden. "Come on! This way!" She started leading her further into the ship, all the while she hoped that it wouldn't be long before they could take off. They were too vulnerable on the ground.

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    Mandalorian Guard Captain

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Location: Aka'jor Shuttle, Bogden

Allies: UCM & Allies

Enemies: CIC & Allies





OOC: I accidentally edited this post and submitted the post I was making for later in this box, when I was meaning to copy the header only. Just slipped my mind, sorry about that. From what I can recall about the post was Ruus loading everyone up and telling Skorvek that he would follow them. The next post will be what happens afterward. Again, sorry about this!

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Captain Larraq

Captain Larraq


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Location: Bogden Orbit
Objective: Establish Dominance
Forces: 1x Alor-class Ghost Ship

Fire scarred the heavens as Sith and Golden vessels unleashed their anger upon one another. Upon his throne, Larraq watched the display of power that played out between the two forces. <Still the same.> Larraq thought as particle beams, high frequency light waves, and hyper-energized plasma bolts crisscrossed the void. Sparing a glance at one of the cracked monitors at his side, Larraq let his eyes dance over the numbers being spat out by the ship's computer, courtesy of a functioning DER sensor. Wavelength frequencies, particulate levels, thermal energy estimations, EM and UV radiation flares upon interaction with shields. The enemy of the Mando'ade showed their hand as Larraq drew near. And as the Mausoleum hurled towards the golden invaders, Larraq discerned the weight and measure of his foe.

Returning his attention to the sword in his hands, Larraq breathed deep with lungs that drew no air, closed his spectral eyes, and let himself flow once more into the blade. Upon the hull of the Mausoleum, long dead weapons began to repair themselves, twisting and contorting as shorn metal erected itself into its rightful, cylindrical form. Mechanical parts drifted together, coalescing into the complex shapes that human hands had once created. Wires and cables and power conduits snaked outward from within the hull of the ship to once again connect with the weapons that adorned the mighty vessel.

From the swarm of starfighters and missiles and drones that battled one another in the heavens, three small probes broke rank from their duties and approached the ancient behemoth of wars gone by. Faster and faster they moved as they hurled themselves at the strange machine that flooded the void with radiation and a sick sense of the unnatural. The beast of a ship paid the probes no heed as they approached, nor even as they passed through the space that should have been occupied by a shield and smashed themselves against the hull of the mighty vessel. The Mausoleum, for her part, did not even flinch at the experience. She merely continued her ever-quickening approach as the debris from the dead probes pulled apart and drifted over the surface of the vessel where their component parts now found themselves incorporated into ever-repairing weaponry. Within the ship, the complex machines that had once projected energy shields over the vessel contorted themselves as wire and metal sought to reclaim a former shape.

As the Mausoleum drew near, Larraq felt movement. Ever so slightly, the greatest of the golden fleet's vessels angled her side flush with the Mausoleum's approach, the ship's computer spitting out automated alarms as the DER detected an energy buildup along the hostile vessel's flank. The reassembly slowed slightly, but did not stop as Larraq opened his eyes and let part of his focus move away from the sword in his hands. <I see you too.> Larraq thought as his right hand abandoned the weapon to hover over a keypad build into the arm of his throne.

Elsewhere on the bridge, a switch was flipped and long dead shields came back to life. Another switch flipped, and long silent weapons drew power once again. The deck of the ship hummed and vibrated as eight massive Vulcan cannons began to spin.

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Location: Obroa Skai, Archive

Objective: Defend the Archive from enemy forces

Tags: Scherezade deWinter

Weapons: Under weapons always with Venandi

Allies: UCM, defenders

Enemies: CIC, CIS, attackers

OOC: Was given permission by deWinter to say that her droids are in looking distance.

Brothers Weapons:




Venandi and his brothers were ready, the foilage they had hidden in was from the little open area before the archive itself. There was a sort of park located there, meant to calm visitors and those there, and provide an area for people to read. Now though it would do something else, it would provide a killing zone for the soldiers. They had set up, hiding themselves as well as could be done in such loose cover, while the coconuts got to work behind them. Trusting that they'd do actual work, Venandi didn't keep an eye on the coconuts, instead keeping an eye on the streets, waiting for the enemy to arrive. That was until a snort of disbelief was heard from one of his brothers.


Sighing at the snort, Venandi turned his head to observe the coconuts, only to give his own snort of disbelief. They were setting up relief items, things that would be needed in peace time, not war, yet they thought they were helping. Shaking his head, Venandi decided to humor them. He stood up and took a few steps towards a nearby table, on which there were ration bars and water bottles. Smirking behind his helmet, Venandi grabbed 4 of each and tossed the extra 3 to his brothers, while keeping a pair for himself. Nodding in thanks to the coconut, Venandi chuckled inside his helmet, even as he went back to his position, taking his helmet off in the process and taking a bite from the ration bar.


Relaxing, Venandi kept an eye on the street across the small park clearing while continuing to eat, enjoying his little pre battle snack. He'd eaten his way through his ration bar quickly and was drinking from his water bottle when he saw them, off in the distance. For a moment he froze, then the bottle fell from his hand in shock while his mind flashbacked to the war, the Clone War. What had happened there wasn't pretty, and even though Venandi knew the CIS were still around somehow, he didn't expect this.


Off in the distance of the streets were droids, CIS B1 battledroids. Not caring about the mess he'd just made, Venandi grabbed his helmet and slammed it on his head again, immediately warning his brothers about the enemy approaching.

"Contact! It's... oh Fett no, it's CIS B1s." They should be easy to deal with, if there weren't a lot of them. But still, it was the past come back to life. "They've come back for us brothers, come back from the war." Taking a shaky breath, Venandi turned his head to the coconuts, still going about their business. The sight cheered him up, and he returned his gaze to the droids. "They've come back, but I doubt they've changed. Let's show the modern CIS di'kuts why clones, and even moreso ARCs, were superior. For our brothers!"


His brothers repeated the cry, even as they prepared themselves to open fire on the enemy. The droids were closing in, even when so far away, their clanks still echoed, their look was so similar as to be the same, it unnerved Venandi. He had fought this enemy countless times, no doubt he'd fight them countless more times, though he wished he wouldn't. Almost 900 years had passed, why couldn't the droids just rust away, never to return? Venandi didn't know, nor did he have anything resembling an answer. Thus he looked through the scope on his Westar-M5, taking careful aim at the droids as they neared. He could've opened fire 10 paces ago, but had waited, now it was time.


Giving a green light to his brothers, Venandi opened fire on the drois. He and his brothers aimed for joints or the head. Surge fired for clusters using his bowcaster, Cutter aimed to cut the droids down by sending a line of plasma down their ranks, hoping to cut the droids in half, while Strings aimed for joints along with Venandi. They opened fire with the precision of men well attuned to each other and their weapons, men who had fought an enemy before and were unleashing their rage in a controlled manner. They fired into the droid ranks, sorely hoping that the droids weren't endless here as they had been before, not that it mattered, they'd fight and kill as many as they had to. And so they fired, each with their own weapons, each aiming for weak points according to their own weapons, and each unleashing their rage.

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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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Location: Approaching the Celebratus Archive

Objective: Protect the Library and Celebratus Archive, Assist the Defending Mandos in repelling the Invaders

Allies: Flash Australis Kaine Australis Mig Gred Gilad-Abim Cardinam Fiore de Noir

Enemies: Scherezade deWinter Tanomas Graf @Valery Haastal Verd Vilaz Munin Theodore Royce-Clarke


Equipment: In signature

Forces: 7,500 Sith Legionaries

Equipment for Legionaries:


"My Lady, we're picking up a hostile force moving towards the primary archives on the planet," Tarkin reported, a holo-display coming out of his gauntlet. "Enemy composition is unknown, but likely droids of some sort."


"The archive must be protected at all cost," she said quietly, her rage barely contained within her tone. Any enemy force that might even accidentally destroy the knowledge contained on the planet had to be completely eradicated, their commanders either killed or captured... that was assuming the Lady of Secrets was feeling merciful. She wasn't today. "Land around the archive and set up defensive positions as quickly as possible."


"As you command, my Lady," Tarkin replied, relaying orders to the Shadow Captains and from them to their Division Captains. Through the front viewport of their transport, the archive came into view and for the Confedracy forces marching towards the library that contained information on over three hundred thousand species and counting, they would see the black transports roaring towards them from the other direction, Sith fighters still escorting them in. The fleet she had brought hadn't been engaged, but Commodore Fidelias was holding position while the Iron Wolves made for their target. He would keep her informed on their progress.


The first transports began to land, disgorging their troops in a rush of armor and weapons from the side doors. Taeli joined them on the droid, lightsaber hilt already in hand as she looked out towards the rapidly approaching enemy forces. She could feel a dark presence leading them, some Sith or Dark Jedi of the CIS no doubt. That presence felt... odd, as though everything was a game, but there was a lust for death and destruction lurking there. Lovely. Her presence would call out to the enemy commander, challenging her to come while her men continued to land and prepare firing positions at the foot of the archives. She doubted everyone would be landed or defenses prepped before they arrived however.


"B1s, you have got to be joking," someone behind her muttered. Her men were using their helmet's electrobinoculars no doubt. "Walking tin cans with terrible aim, you would think the CIS would have better."


Oh she was sure they had better droids, lurking, just waiting to be revealed... and much more deadly. She wasn't concerned, she wanted one thing at the moment... to defeat this commander and make an example of them about what happens when a library world is attacked.



Erik Morkshna

Erik Morkshna

    The Wolf of Mardum IV

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Operation Meat Hook

Lieutenant Erik Morkshna
Onboard dropship, entering Bogden atmosphere[/background]
Allies: CIC & Friends - Lannik Hayes

Enemies: Mandos & Cronies - Vanessa Vantai



For a moment, there was quiet. Far too much quiet for Erik's liking. Then, a trooper spoke up to him. "Yes. Cautious." he replied. Erik started to move forward then stopped in his tracks. "Wait." he said as he looked about. The sounds of approaching starfighter engines alerted him. He looked up to the skies above to see fighters on an approach towards his position. "Everybody down!" he roared as he pushed the trooper(Lannik) into a lagoon and jumped in behind him. As the dropship was attempting to take off, it was obliterated by the multiple fighters that strafed their position. Few of the troopers managed to survive with only a few scrapes or bruises, but most of the squad was gunned down.


Erik remained beneath the waters for a few moments before coming up to look around at what had transpired. He pulled himself out of the murky waters, using a tree root as leverage. "Damn." he said beneath his breath. Erik turned his gaze to the trooper(Lannik). "We have to keep moving. Use the trees and fog as cover. The swamp shall be our camoflauge." Erik brushed off a bit of leftover swamp foliage fro his shoulder. "Any word from other squads that have landed?" Erik asked. "We are going to have to link with others soon now with half our squad taken out."


Fiore de Noir

Fiore de Noir

    Pierce the Heavens

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Location: Space Port -> Celebratus Archive

Objective: Fend off the invaders

Allies: UCM & Friends

Enemies: CIS & Pals


The ship was live, and Karl was echoing in Fiore’s ear letting her know. The man she had radioed seemed to be busy with what he was doing. So instead she remained hidden for the time being waited for forces to show up in massive numbers. While she waited for the chaos to occur, she helped the local forces along with Lids and Kirkland thin out any groups that had shown their faces at the spaceport.


There wasn’t much, but once any stragglers were picked off, the same local officer ran up and greeted the Eldorai woman. “Thanks for the support.” The man smiled and Fiore nodded, unsure how to really respond. “Uh it was nothing.” She turned her head away slightly and blushed and coughed to try and make herself feel less awkward. “Are there any reports on where else they might be landing?”


It was just then the Captain paused and pressed the device in his ear tightly. “Yes. Okay, I’ll send help” Perfect timing. He cleared his throat and continued. “Looks like they’re headed to the library – few stuffs there that’s protected and the likes. Guess they are just attracted to large shiny things or something.” The man shrugged and Fiore sighed. “Easily entertained then.” She spoke softly.


“Sounds about right. Here’s a code to our secure comm, also Tips will be your code name.” Fiore raised an eyebrow at the code name and figured it was because of her pointed ears, how clever. The Captain had lost his charm, but she nodded and accepted. “We’ll head that why then.” A wave of her hand and the others filed into order. The ramp lowered enough for the rest of them to jump on and quickly lift off. Fiore let the others settle in for the moment as she loaded in the code for the secure line, as she did so she opened up a secure comm with Cardinam


“We’re in the air, heading towards these coordinates” She quickly sent him the location she was given by the Captain. “I’m listening to the chatter to see if we can get any more information on what’s going on. Nothing much happened at the port – but I don’t’ expect the whole day to be a walk in the park.”




Lannik Hayes

Lannik Hayes

    ѕυp-p-per тroop-p-per

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Sergeant Lannik Hayes, Imperial Stormtrooper Corps

EquipmentKatarn Multipurpose Battle ArmourAKraB Vibrodagger, T-88 Self-Loading Precision Carbine, 2x Thermal Detonators, 2x Fragmentation Grenades, 4x Adhesive Grenades

Location: Bogden, Swamp

Objective: Operation Meat Hook

Allies: Core Imperial Confederation, The Golden Company

Enemies: The United Clans of Mandalore





Kriffing Nethers!


It was as if his reminder was the herald to the percussion of death that rained down from above. All he could remember was a softly spoken ‘wait’ and the ominous hum that sent the fine hair on the back of his neck standing.


It was all Chaos the next moment.


All Lannik felt was an impact at his side, and he was sent flying, his armoured limbs akimbo as he flailed wildly for a hot second… before he plopped none too gracefully into the lagoon he was carefully avoiding while he was securing the perimeter. Even as he continued to sink down the murky depth, he could see the vivid bolts of lasers flashing overhead. Like his superior, the sergeant paused, allowing the weight of his armour to pull him deeper downwards until he saw the other began to make for the surface.


Despite his own reluctance, the stormtrooper followed after Lieutenant Morkshna, his display began to update and revert with a list of casualties. Gritting his jaw in frustration at the knowledge, the brunet cursed the Maker on their behalf even as he pulled himself out of the clouded waters, his form concealed by the thick foliage.


Ever professional when he was with an unknown quantity such as the commissar, Lannik stamped down on his attitude as he checked their positioning in tangent to the next squad. “Sir, the nearest squad is approximately a kilometer ahead of us and is a little out of our way. They have also suffered heavy casualties.


Kark, kark, kark.


Fate must rolling around on the floor and having a good laugh at our misfortune.


Even with his internal cursing, his inflection when he spoke to the other brunet was nothing but calm and neutral, the perfectly obedient stormtrooper. Well, that and he wasn’t quite under that much duress yet. “Shall I redirect them to advance towards the location of our objective?


Lannik lifted his blaster once more in a ready position even as he took point, moving into the thick of the fog and shadows that permeated the swamp. He was not dying here today if he can help it. And definitely not to any of those annoying starfighters buzzing in the skies.


Because knowing his luck, Alucard will laugh at his inglorious death.


Khonsu Amon | Arash Garshasp | Illyria Syresh

Cynthia Alucard |Erik Morkshna (interacting with)

Vanessa Vantai | Captain Larraq | Sanya Val Lerium
Skorvek | Valdus Bral | Mig Gred | Adara Raxis
Kay Arenais | Kanta Tukka | Ruus



Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

    The Blood Hound

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Location: Obroa-Skai, in the city that holds the Celebratus Archive


Allies: CIC & friends [ OOM-002-HONEYCOMB OOM-003-CUPCAKE OOM-001-JELLYBEAN Prime Haastal Verd Theodore Royce-Clarke ]

Enemies: UCM [ Taeli Raaf Venandi ]

Post: Five




Oh, the city was very lovely. Scherezade had an easy time imagining herself coming here during her time off if it hadn't been for the fact that the planet was Mandalorian-owned for as far back as she could remember. Granted, her active memory of being alive and doing things was only a year and a half or so long, yet still – until recently, she had no notion that the world had even existed. There was definitely a plan forming in her mind now, to find ones that were similar to this. I a galaxy full of so many planet and places, there had to be at least a few more. And she would visit them, when time permitted it.


Along with her five battalions of B1's, Scherezade marched into the city. The droids were lovely, their personality chips mostly taking great pleasure in the job they were doing… She, while she held a knife in her hand, ready to attack anything, was mostly disappointed that there was nothing for her to actually stab. She saw a street kitten run by once, but even though Scherezade deWinter was a Sith, a scion to three powerful Sith bloodlines, a Warrior, a Blood Hound, and all the rest of those fancy thing- she could not bring herself to randomly stab a street kitten just because she was bored. Besides. She loved animals. There was a reason she had a Loth Wolf, a duck, and a soon to be dragon on her ship.


Slowly, they were advancing. What had earlier just been the top of the Archives that they could see, was not lightly more of it. They were gaining ground, bit by bit, though Scherezade had to admit to herself that this was the most boring ground-gaining ever. Where was the action? Where were the Mando-corpses flying around? Where was-




They were getting shot at!


"B1!" Scherezade screamed a she turned the comlink on as well, making sure all five battalions got the other, "run forward as one! We shall pour over them like a tsunami that should flush Theed clean! NOW!"


Many B1's fell. Scherezade was in the front lines, though not the very first, marching with her droids. 2,500 thousand B1's marched with her, and the first several dozen that fell she picked up with the Force, shaping them into a shield in front of the other B1's that were still marching. Other B1's continued to fall. She could hear the robotic screams of surprise in those split of moments before they went offline. A lot of scrap metal would have to be picked up when they were done. And still they marched forward, all together, the battalion that Scherezade directly led being the first, and the others coming behind.


Whoever it was that was shooting at them… "We're coming for you," Scherezade purred, the Archives coming closer and closer. Only once did she glance sideways, to make sure that the three that hadplayed Cards Against the Confederacy were still with her, as well as Haastal Verd.




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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

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Location: Evacuation Point on Bogden

Objective: Elminate hostile enemy forces controlled by Arash Garshasp , escape the ambush, survive the invasion.

Enemies: Arash Garshasp

Allies:  Skorvek ,  Ruus



The chief combat officer quickly spoke up, " We've lost the attackers in the swamp brush. They're no longer firing. Orders?" It appeared as though the harassing fire from the opposition forces had ceased for the time being. Whether it was due to the onslaught of explosions caused by the Orar'buir's special rotary ripper weapon system that fired modified thermal imploders had scared off the attackers or if they had been destroyed, Valdus had no idea. However, his main concern was not fighting a full scale army with only the Orar'buir. As durable and as might as the Orar'buir is, even it could not be a one-vehicle army. Valdus paused and then spoke aloud, "Conserve the Ram'ika rounds, only use the quad laser cannons as covering fire. The kriffin' ammo is expensive." Valdus' voice was firm and commanding until the last few words where he more muttered them to himself than his clan mates. That was one of the downsides of the Orar'buir, it could put out a devastating amount of firepower within a short amount of time, however all that destruction cost the comparatively small coffers of the Bral clan dearly.


Valdus returned to the vehicle intercom system, " We're moving away from hostiles. They've been lost in the bush, we don't have a visual on them yet. The evac ship has left, but we may be the lucky ones. There's a blockade up there. At least down here we have a fighting chance." The Orar'buir bucked as it hit a boulder and quickly crushed it under the massive treads. The gargutan vehicle was really moving now, going at a top speed that would be impressive for its size, however it was still comparatively slow to most other vehicles, especially light vehicles.




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Arash Garshasp

Arash Garshasp

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Arash Garshasp

Location: Near Evacuation Point, Temporary Scientific Outpost Kyr’ta

Objective: Defeat All Mandalorian Enemies

Status: Engaging Enemy Vehicles Following Enemy Armor

Engaging:   Valdus Bral Ruus

Allies: Khonsu Amon |Vindicta

Arash peeled away deeper into the swamps and thick foliage, his HUD warned him of incoming fire but yet the amount of firepower exerted was far from what he expected. The explosive force around him threatened to dismount the Thyrsian from his Anhur, but clenched hands remained steady and Arash maintained his grip and his body on the seat. The other riders that fired their pod missiles later suffered worse off as the enemy vehicle was now made aware of their attacks. 
The edges of the clearing continued to light up with explosions of the enemy fire, from heavy rounds of their rotatory ripper cannon to the streams of laser cannon fire that dissuaded the rest of the Anhur riders from approaching the edges of the clearing to deliver their own counter-fire at this point. None expected such heavy armor to be located on one of the outposts that had appeared to them to be lightly guarded. 
Arash grimaced as he realized that they had no real way of penetrating the heavy shielding for the moment. The call for possible close-air support was tossed around by the more veteran members of the Anhur riders, but strangely an order was given to capture the survivors and to delay the evacuations for long enough until the Auxillia arrived with heavier weapons and another Cohort brought along their own heavy armor. Arash himself felt bitter of the face he was not facing infantry out in the field, but instead enemy armor. 
But he remained vigilant and continued on with the rest of the riders, their numbers had thinned down to twelve of the original sixteen but thankfully the rider’s reported as wounded but now were forced to move with their own two legs through the swamp. “Follow the enemy armor and keep at max distance of our weapons.” The coarse voice echoed into Arash’s helmet, they were here to keep the enemy preoccupied, their old objective quickly adapted to a new mission. 
Arash gritted his teeth and his Anhur bike roared angrily, the terror that they had endured from enemy fire didn’t match the terror Arash held within himself at the moment. But it’s a close thing, that’s for sure. Arash wanted to not think about losing his targets, should the enemy manage to escape their grasp. . . from his grasp. Arash tightened his fingers and pushed himself dangerously closer. 




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Location: Bogden Low Orbit, Heading to the Libita
Allies: UCM Kaine Australis Kay Arenais Mig Gred Valdus Bral Sanya Val LeriumRuus Vanessa Vantai
Enemies: CIC Lynda Dorn Khonsu Amon Erik Morkshna Vindicta Valery @Deius Koman’na Arash Garshasp Illyria Syresh Kor Vexen


The pros and cons of this ship made its self apparent as the ship even with the increased speed with the boosters and the maneuverability it still rocked from the battle in the skies even taking a few scrapes and hits from stray fire, But he had one goal in mind and kept his focus on that one specific goal alone. That goal was to get these people to Sanyas ship....well that and keeping the ship in one piece, He did his best to maneuver the ship through the field of fire as the shields protected them a little but unfortunately this ship wasn't built to take alot of punishment.


''We should be reaching the ship soon which would be beneficial at this point this ship wont take alot of beatings in this warzone. Lets hope your ship is their to greet us'


He had the C1 continue to handle navigation as he continued to see what systems he can sacrifice to put into shields without sacrificing the boosters, This will hurt the power supply for he has to try and keep power going through several systems without frying every system in the ship. But it was either that or spend more time in this dog fight chaos they've entered and he chose the get to the rendezvous point as quickly as possible option rather then playing it safe.


Mig Gred

Mig Gred

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Allies: UCM, Adara RaxisKaine Australis Kay Arenais Skorvek Sanya Val Lerium Ruus Vanessa Vantai

Enemies: CIC, CIS, Scherezade deWinter Khonsu Amon Illyria Syresh Vindicta

Equipment: Trayc'kad Lightsaber, "Slick," Armor, Echani Vibrosword


The fleet of Torrent-types were hit by the fire from various locations, but their ablative armor managed to fend off the initial strikes. The fleet leader smiled. Thank Kad for this armor. He then sent out new orders.


"Second wave, fire two torpedoes and two cluster missiles each." At those words, the ships began another hit and fade assault. The vessels would appear, then vanish back into the black, firing a pair of heavy proton torpedoes, and two heavy cluster missile a piece. The cluster missiles were aimed at the strike craft that appeared, and the heavy proton torpedoes aimed for the Perysian. The warships were set on eliminating this interdictor, and they knew they had to succeed. 


Meanwhile, Mig held onto the side, looking at Kay and Adara.


"Wanna hand? I think I've picked up a thing or two from Talyn."





"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."

Tanomas Graf

Tanomas Graf

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Equipment: DARKSABRE Assault Armour/Mark IX/CQB - G-12A Blaster Rifle - Blackwing Electrosword

Location: Celebratus Archives

Theme: As I See Them


Lyon paused in one of the many corridors of the Celebratus Archives, backing up against a wall and allowing himself to sit down next to a wounded Mandalorian guard captain. The dying man didn't even try to raise his half-empty blaster carbine in a futile attempt at vengeance, instead resigned to whimpering while he clutched his carbon-scored abdomen. Eight-Oh-Eight rested his rifle against the wall to his side, stretching out his legs and pushing away the debris covering the floor. "I know it don't mean much to you, but I am sorry that this happened the way it did." Lyon growled, his head not moving to look at the captain.


He raised his hands to just below his helmet, a hydraulic hiss just barely drowning out the groaning of the dying, and pulled the hunk of metal off of his dome. The Mandalorian's eyes flickered over the features of his attacker, noting the near-black hair and chocolate brown eyes of a Carida-born statesman. "They came here with the delusion of facing the unyielding Mandalorian warriors, I came here to punish those responsible for wronging me." He continued, voice unimpeded by his vocabulator, "Your kind, they almost killed somebody I love dearly on Umbara. And then your masters had the audacity to cry that it wasn't them."


The death trooper produced a metal case from somewhere on his armour, opening it to retrieve an expensive-looking cigar before he tucked the case back into place. "It's always funny how leaders are the type to start a fight then hide behind others." He chuckled, "Not me, not anymore. When you get to my age, you jump at the first possibility to try and get killed." He stopped, reaching over to press the tip of his cigar against the captain's still-glowing blaster wound, holding it there until it lit. He brought the roll of tobacco to his lips and puffed, blowing the smoke out of both his mouth and his nose, "I don't try to be a bad guy, most of the time. But I've done things, some things I just can't forget... Whatever I do they're always there, eating away at me..."


He puffed his cigar again, reversing his grip on it and then holding it over the captain's mouth in silent offering, the dying man taking a strong puff to help ease the pain. "I don't have the guts to face the consequences..."


He looked at the burning cigar in his hand


"...So I kill myself a little every day..."






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Location: Obroa Skai, Archive

Objective: Defend the Archive from enemy forces

Tags: Scherezade deWinter Taeli Raaf

Weapons: Under weapons always with Venandi

Allies: UCM, defenders

Enemies: CIC, CIS, attackers

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Brothers Weapons:




Venandi and his brothers were laying in wait when ships came down to land. He didn't recognize the color scheme nor the symbol, but that was to be expected with all the years that had passed. That's not to say they didn't treat these shuttles with caution and had remained hidden but positioned to also strike the new group. Apparently they didn't notice Venandi and his brothers, instead focusing on setting up defenses. That was good, it meant they were there to defend the place as well. Relaxing slightly, Venandi and his brothers went back to what they had been doing before taking their little break. When they went to get the food and water, they didn't try to hide themselves, instead walking openly and fearlessly, acting as if they belonged. Then they had returned to their positions.


They acted as if nothing were out of place, until the CIS showed up. At that time they had their crisis before resolving themselves to continue fighting. Their anger was at a new height now, one set on destroying these droids forever. Giving his cry to his brothers, Venandi had opened fire, then he turned his head slightly to call out to the others defending the archive.

"Come on, fire at the clankers!"


Their fire had gotten quite the response from the droids, no doubt inspired by the wet(organic) leading the droids. Under any other circumstances, with the amount of fire and droids advancing and with just his brothers beside him, Venandi may have retreated slightly to a more defensible position. However, he didn't want to draw more attention to himself than necessary with the new group, plus there were a lot of them there to help distract from the 4 ARCs. Comforted by that knowledge, Venandi and his brothers had stayed in their locations, once more grateful that the B1s had such poor aim, as most of the shots went wide.


A few shots came close to the group of ARCs, but if they were ever hit, their armor could take it easily. Not only that, the bolts seemed to be in slow motion to the ARCs, as they had augments that slowed their perception of reality, and were used to fighting droids in such a manner. As the droids advanced, Venandi prepared a thermal detonator while knowing that his brothers either already had one ready or would get one ready. Once the droids reached a certain point, Venandi stood up and chucked a grenade as hard as he could towards the droid ranks, aiming to get it into a clump or two. His brothers threw their own thermal detonators at varying intervals, hoping to decimate another line or two of droids. Then they went back down into cover to continue shooting.


Venandi wasn't fast enough though, and took two blasts to the chest before dropping down. One hit his chest guard and the other his shoulder pauldrons. Both were the heavily armored sections of his armor, so he was fine, but it still made Venandi mad. Now he'd have to clean out his armor later. Sneering at the droids, Venandi took to a knee and opened fire again, his armor now smoking slightly from the chest area. The smoke didn't obscure his vision, but it sure went well with his black and red armor, no doubt it could make him look like a partial phantom in the right light. Venandi knew it too, but still kept pouring shots into the droids, aiming for the weak points he'd practiced a lifetime to know intimately.




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Location: Aka'jor Shuttle, Bogden

Allies: UCM & Allies, Kay Arenais , Skorvek , Adara Raxis , Valdus Bral

Enemies: CIC & Allies Arash Garshap , Khonsu Amon





As Skorvek's ship took off and received glancing blows so did the Aka'jor Shuttle. While unarmed and without hyperdrive the shuttle was relatively small for a starship and extremely fast. Ruus was no Ace Pilot but what he was, was trained. His piloting was enough to keep the shuttle from being destroyed as well as, hopefully, space worthy.


As he was following the other evacuation craft he looked out of his window to see Valdus Bral and his mobile command center being engaged by the enemy. The Captain did not know how much punishment the vehicle could take, he was not privy to that information, but from what he had seen and heard before made it sound quite considerable. Was he worried about Valdus? A little, this was a surprise attack after all. If Ruus and the Guards with him decided to turn back he'd only be getting in Clan Bral's way as well as risking the lives of the scientists he had in the back.