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Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

- - - - - CIC Imperial Confederation Imperial Confederated Systems Core Imperial Confederation Clans of Mandalore UCM Bogden Obroa-skai

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Sanya Val Lerium

Sanya Val Lerium

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Location: Bogden Orbit
IN SYSTEM: Libita , x2 Hammerhead Destroyer, , x3 Ireth-Cruiser, x2 Udarnik Assault Frigates, x6 Tuitio Support Boat, Starfighter compliments,  Inquisition Gunship 
NPC's: Ancoran Guard (On board Libita), Maria

Enemies Illyria Syresh Khonsu Amon @Vindicta 

Allies: Mandalorians

Neutral: Sith



NPC - Fleet Admiral Syl'era 

All squadrons from the two Hammerheads launched and immediately began heading straight for the small craft Sanya and others was in. "Open the hanger door's the queen will be here soon."

"Admiral, even when shes aboard there is still the enemy fleet, and their interdiction fields are up." The man said from down the pits. "I am aware. TD-7 TE-2 come in." Syl'era stood back as the two holograms of droids showed up. "Yes Admiral." The droids responded. "Push up and take out their interdictor TE-2, TD-7 Aim for the large vessels engines I want that thing immobile." "Roger Roger Admiral." Without hesitation both holograms flickered off as the two Hammerhead star destroyers began to advance. Along with the Hammerheads one of the Ireth pushed up behind them to support the star destroyer fend off enemy star fighters. 


While hard to sacrifice star destroyers due to the cost to remake them it was a tactic the admiral did not have to worry about making. No living soul was aboard those ships in the first place for the very reason they was made. These star destroyers was made to ram into their targets causing much damage. 

 Fleet heath + Actions




Location: Bogden surface > to orbit

Sanya looked at Adara seeing her worried after mentioning the sith could not stay aboard the Libita. It hurt to see her pout and be upset. "Sorry Adara, its not about who is dark or not. Non of those on the ship can feel the force. It's because she is a sith. My people, they don't like the sith because they was once slaves to them and ruled over by a nasty dictator. the people was forced into believe in this sith ways. For this they won't tolerate them, and I'm sure to go as far as trying to kill her. I can't assure Vanessa's safety, the most I can do is let her stay in the hanger till we are all safe." While not a fan Sanya has worked with sith in the past, she couldn't trust them herself but when their paths head to the same obstacle they can can be reliable. 

Sanya collected the small capsules containing the blood of each person aloud access to further in the ship. As the ship kept flying the feline woman added them into the bio metric security system. "Okay everything is sorted, and don't worry i'll let them know we are coming." The queen pulled out her holo communicator and let the ship know that they was inbound any time soon.  

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