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The Corporate Protectorate Q & A

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An Unholy union of PMC, Galactic Bankers and Politico's has emerged. Aimed on consolidation of wealth, territory and the prosperity of their people, this Protectorate holds a deeper darker secret at its core. On the outward front humanitarian works mask an agenda and all the pieces that move are simply the pieces of the chess board, developing every play.


For Power


Citizens gain their status through service in the Military or Public sectors. Prosperity and trade are emphasized, while Military action follows as a close second when negotiations fail....





Run by two elected Consul's, whom direct the matters of State, the Government of the Protectorate is a senate style affair.


Governors of their world named Magistrates vote on matters, with the Consuls leading the debates and making the final decision on whether to ratify or strike down doctrine.





The Military of the Corporate Protectorate holds some of the most well armed and trained soldiers. Focused primarily on ship to Ship and land warfare the Federal Legions provide the Auxiliary Forces. The Federal Legions are conscripted troops whom receive a place in Public Office after the duration of their services.




Composing the elite forces of the Protectorate PRAETOR SECURITY CORP gets the top block for funding, weapons and other arms. Many of their forces are comprised of hired guns, or professional Mercenaries. They provide the Bulk of the Forces to include the Naval Intelligence Service, as well as the Praetor Guard program...








The Rundown:



Essentially we are a group of like minded people and some newbie RP'ers trying to create a "Shadow Government" theme. We aim to RP our settings as more political and land warfare than fleet heavy. We are already engaged with elements of the First Order in an IC power struggle.


We are looking for a few serious folks whom want to add their own twist or just be a part of building a salt free chill faction.


Here's our Page


Here's our discord.


If this interests you definitely check us out. I'd love to have enough folks to actually start RP'ing the voting of IC laws and stuff.