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Shahku iw Kraujas

- - - - - Cularin Ruin Underground

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Jenmae Ophiro

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  • City Name: Shahku iw Kraujas

  • Classification: Subterranean Ruin

  • LocationCularin

  • Affiliation: Jenmae Ophiro | Seren

  • PopulationInsignificant - Currently just the pair noted above

  • Demographics: N/A

  • WealthPoor - The city itself has no people to create an economy

  • StabilityPoor - With no one living within the city there is little to no stability. The structure itself has stood for an age, undisturbed - though with people making their way back to the ruin, it's likely that what has stood for innumerous lifetimes will not last much longer.

  • Freedom & Oppression: Freedom reins, for now. With no laws and no one to follow any that may be created, Shahku iw Kraujas is lawless and free.

  • Description: Shahku iw Kraujas appears like a looming Goliath from the darkness of the cavern it lays nestled within. Made almost entirely of stone and re-purposed wood that appear to have been crafted together in an age long past, Shahku iw Kraujas is not the most welcoming of sights.



  • Throne Room
    ​What may have once been opulently painted walls, decorated with rich tapestries and warmed by glowing braziers is now a hollow and chilled chamber, filled with stone pillars to support the high stone ceiling. The corners of the room are filled with crumbled remains of portions of the walls that have collapsed over the ages, covered in a layer of dust that makes them all a matte grey. At one end of the chamber there are a massive set of heavy wooden double-doors, both stuck wide open; at the opposite end sits a raised dais, three massive stone thrones set upon it. Decorated in the same grey dust as everything else, they appear moderately ominous in the darkness that permeates the room. 


  • Temple of Shahku
    Aptly named the Temple of Blood, this location lives up to its name. Located deep within the bowels of the ruins, far below where any natural light could ever hope to reach, the temple itself lays cut from the very stone of the cavern itself. Rough hewn stairs lead down to a hexagonal shaped altar that's been etched into the stone floor. Simple stone shelves have been carved into the stalagmites that jut up like crumbling pillars around the altar itself, each shelf filled with bones that are crumbling with age - and much more modern candles, placed there recently during explorations of the ruin.


  • The Pit
    It's unclear what this place may have been used for in years past, but the chamber that holds The Pit is one the few blessedly fresh smelling locations in the deeper parts of the ruin. The cause of this is the gentle breeze that blows up from the depths of the pit that lays in the centre of the massive space. Marked with crumbling, stone posts around the rim, The Pit is a dangerous spot to lose your footing. It's unclear where exactly the gaping, black hole in the floor of the chamber leads to, but it's safe to assume that it's not anywhere pleasant.


  • Oubliette
    What may have once been holding cells for the cities less desirable denizens in it's heyday has now fallen into complete disarray. What may have once been neatly carved stone walls that lined long, wide corridors are now crumbling to rubble. There are, however, several of the halls that have withstood the test of time better than others. These halls hold small, windowless cells, barely large enough for a 6ft creature to lay down in. The decaying wooden doors have been replaced with thick, durasteel doors with manual locks on the exteriors - and any debris that cluttered the interior of these cells have been cleared. 




The city has fallen to disuse and as such, no maintenance was done to keep their defenses strong or relevant in this modern time. Walls made of stone and wood, a moat with no functioning bridge to draw, parapets towering above walkways lost to dust and rubble.



Shahku iw Kraujas has been lost to time. Buried deep within the mountains near the equator of Cularin, the stone fortress may have once played a role in the defenses of an ancient people, their records of the place slipping like sand through an overturned hourglass. However, based on some of the major features of the city itself, it can be assumed that the people who most recently inhabited it were a rougher stock than most; temples soaked in eons worth of blood, ashen hued bones piled high around crumbling alters.


Whatever happened here may have been forgotten, but the evidence of an age of violence remains.


In more recent history the river that flows through the basin of the cavern that the ruins are located in have flooded, causing pathways into the depths of the mountain to open anew and allowing life to return to Shahku iw Kraujas.





Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

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Jenmae Ophiro


I like this place.