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Task Force Fallen Raven | CIS Fleet

CIS Confederacy

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Intent: To create a fleet for the battle of Taanab and Xobos Yakieer’s beginning fleet.

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Fleet Name: Task Force Fallen Raven

Classification: Invasion Task Force and Personal Fleet Group for Xobos Yakieer.

Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems and Xobos Yakieer.

Fleet Symbol: N/A

Description: As her training progressed, one point of necessity that Adron Malvern felt the need to train his apprentice in was commanding fleets in space combat. However, not one to typically give much of a choice or ease someone into learning a new skill, Task Force Fallen Raven will be the first time Xobos has the chance to command a fleet of this size. Because of this, the fleet is neither large nor extremely powerful, more fit for a support role. This will be it’s intended purpose in the Invasion of Taanab and possibly beyond.



Headquarters:  Geonosis

Ports of Call: Serenno, Hoylin, Hypori, Stewjon, Daan, Wroona.

Goals: The short term goal for this task force is to be a support fleet for the Invasion of Taanab. The longer term goal is for Xobos to use the fleet as a learning tool before moving on to larger, more complicated fleets.

Reputation: This being a brand new task force, it has never been heard of or seen before. The invasion of Tanaab will be the first time it is seen on the galactic scale.


Fleet Size: Medium

Lead Ship: Valiant I-Class Star Destroyer - CNS Roon’s Spear



Fallen Raven Command Group

45th Carrier Line – Carrier Group I

232nd Artillery Line – Artillery Group I

  • 2 Hyper Velocity Strike Frigates (HeVeSF)
    • CNS Inquisitor’s Fury
    • CNS Zhan’s Cannon

37th Quick Attack Line – Frigate Group I

  • 10 Deathstalker Class Corvettes
    • CNS The Prophet
    • CNS Albatross Rising
    • CNS Ryloth’s Endeavor
    • CNS The Immortal Life
    • CNS Bright Star
    • CNS Core’s Voyager
    • CNS Vicelord’s Facade
    • CNS Naboo Priestess
    • CNS Eternity
    • CNS The Remorseless



Xobos Yakieer – Commanding officer of task force Fallen Raven



Task Force Fallen Raven was one of the newest additions to the confederate navy’s growing group of strategic fleet lines as the war against the Mandalorian factions kicked up. Under the command of the inexperienced Xobos Yakieer, their first engagement would end up being the Invasion of Tanaab in a support fleet role. Moving forward, they would be closely tied to the fleets commanded by Adron Malvern, as their commander learned more in the ways of strategy and tactics. Eventually, the task force would be retired as Xobos moved on to newer, larger fleet, but this 13 ship fleet was perfect for her first command opportunity.


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