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The Nullifiers

Anti-Force Users Terrorists Revolutionaries

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"For too long, the Galaxy has been at war. Cities burning. Planets decimated. Innocent lives ripped asunder by the squabbles of others. The Force is a manifestation of the natural world, without question. But those who access its power have perverted its gifts. Ideology has caused them to constantly wage war in order to bring balance. Jedi against Sith, Light versus Dark. While they set the Galaxy ablaze, we who are not gifted by the Force are left in the ashes.

We seek true balance, to sever and suppress those who misuse the Force's gifts. We are the Nullifiers."

Who Are We?

We are the Nullifiers. We are a criminal/ terrorist group who believe that groups such as the Jedi and the Sith have abused the powers that the Force has granted them. To be clear, the Force itself is considered to be a natural entity and we do not seek to destroy it. Rather, we are a group of non-Force Users who have seen lives ruined and destroyed by the constant warring ideologies of the various Force Orders. We seek true balance by eliminating their connection and bringing them on an even playing field to the rest of us. Severing their connections, eradicating their knowledge.

To put it simpler terms, we like Legend of Korra's Equalists, only applied to Force users.

Useful Links

- Faction Page
- Discord