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Droid Delivery Catapult

- - - - - Catapult CIS CCC

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  • Intent: Provide my precious droid platoon with a bold entrance strategy

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: Repulsorlift


  • Manufacturer: Clanker, CCC, CIS

  • Affiliation: Clanker, CIS, CCC

  • Model: N/A

  • Modularity: No.

  • Production: Mass-Produced

  • Material: Titanium


  • Classification:: Catapult

  • Role: Troop Transport

  • Size:  Average

  • Weight: Light

  • Minimum Crew: 1

  • Optimal Crew: 1

  • Propulsion: Repulsorlift/Wheels/Tracks (depending on terrain)

  • Speed: Average

  • Maneuverability: Very Low

  • Armaments: Catapult Launcher | Very Low

  • Defenses: None

  • Passenger Capacity: 8

  • Cargo Capacity: Large




  • Droid Launcher: With a quick and efficient method, a droid is loaded into the catapult, provided a small repulsorlift pack which is magnetically attached, and swiftly launched to any designated location within 2500 meters with semi-alright accuracy. Ideally, the repulsorlift pack will slow the droid’s descent just enough for them to not break upon landing. Ideally.


  • UPS Standards: The landing strategy is more an art than a science. If there’s unexpected wind, non-standard obstacles, or really just bad luck, a droid may break a limb or two when landing, and rarely one will just crash and become scrap. Recommended for droids who lose functions to quickly replace parts with scrapped droids’ parts or to become the vanguard so other droids may scavenge them for parts.


This is, for all intents and purposes, a catapult to deliver droids to various locations on the battlefield. Some may call this reckless abandon, and they would be absolutely right, but who better to risk their own lives for the overly drastic tactics brought forth by Droid Captain Clanker than fellow B1’s? Of course, most that have any semblance of a self-preservation program would never load themselves onto this thing, which is why even among the droid community the Droid Tribe are considered insane.


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