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Bee-Wan Tribe

B1 Battle Droids Ewok-Trained CIS CCC

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  • Intent: To compete with the shiny new unit of Battle Droids commanded by GL3AM, and also to have a bunch of crazy droids to throw at the enemies of the CIS and CCC.

  • Image Credit: Masterfully photoshopped by me from various sources (Droid) (Spear)

  • Role: Fighting fleshbags for all of droidkind, and maybe for the CIS if there's time 

  • Links: None


  • Unit Name: Bee-Wan Tribe

  • Affiliation: Confederacy of Independent Systems; Church of the Cybernetic Covenant; and droid Clanker.  

  • Classification: Infantry

  • Equipment: Hunter Spear and Hunter Shield; Commlink, infrared photoreceptors

  • Description: These B1 droids are standard except in that their standard combat and social protocols were replaced with the Ewokese spearmanship training downloaded from their Chieftein, Clanker. They act as a tribe of hunter-warriors rather than modern soldiers and are all infected with the CCC virus, making them religiously fanatical. As a random side-effect of their protocol replacement, the Bee-Wan Tribe speaks only binary and ewokese except for the occasional "roger roger". 

COMBAT INFORMATION: The combination of Unit Size and Availability below is the indicator of how numerous your unit is. Stormtroopers for instance would be considered Large/Common, while Rogue Squadron would be a Small/Unique unit. Majority Force User Units are prohibited from being Common or Large. The stronger and more specialized your unit is (FU or NFU), the smaller and less common it should be.

  • Unit Size: Medium

  • Unit Availability: Common

  • Unit Experience: Trained

  • Combat Function: These droids, though afforded individual intelligence, fight as a unit. They use ewok hunting tactics and spearmanship, as well as have righteous sense of purpose, making them a strange and motivated group of droids. They are not concerned for the loss of individual members, not because they are so easily replaceable, but rather because they're more focused on completing their holy task than their own safety. Even disadvantaged, they will fight and earnestly attempt to win against skilled organics, with or without overwhelming numbers, through guerrilla warfare which is this unit's specialty. But, they're still just B1 droids, making them individually weak and thus more dependant on grouping up or swarming.


  • Easily replaceable droids allow for large unit sizes and risky maneuvers without significant costs.

  • These droids are all CCC fanatics, based on Clanker's own personality. They're loyal to Clanker second only to their deity, MS-0, and will perform their tasks with a fervor to an extent not common in droids. Some compare them to zombies.

  • Individual personalities, though fanaticized, allow for independant thought for quick decision-making, adaptability, and interracting with other soldiers.


  • Weak droids that are easily targeted and killed individually

  • While they can make individual decisions and having variation in personality, these droids' fanaticism makes them fairly... single-minded in their logic. They will seek to complete their task against all odds, even if those odds are practically suicidal.

  • Droid supremacists, all of them. They'd rather use organics as fodder than be fodder for organics.

  • They only speak ewokese and binary, making communication with them, at the very least, difficult.



Droids 'borrowed' from CIS factories, they were downloaded with Clanker's Ewok training and the CCC virus, turning them into fanatical combatants loyal only to the CCC cause under Clanker. Armed with spear and shield, this unorthodox droid unit fights with madness, tending to always go on only the most dangerous, risky, and least-likely-to-succeed missions as tests of faith. While not particularly loyal to the CIS, they tolerate the orders until such a time that they would rather turn their spears to their fleshy overlords. As a tribe, Clanker acts as their chieftein, keeping the peace between the tribe and others (mostly organics, sometimes other droids). As an aside, while generally disliking all organics, the tribe has an unusual partialness toward ewoks for obvious reasons. They cast off their 'slave names', "B1", and chose to take up a new name for their group as 'free droids', "Bee-Wan".