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Ventin' Vendors

- - - - - Cogmind Daro Tarsi

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Arage Bao

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  • Intent: Found some awesome art, wanted to make something from it
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  • Manufacturer: Cogmind
  • Affiliation: Open-Market
  • Model: Ventin' Vendors
  • Modularity: Yes. The vending machines can vary in both aesthetics as well as contents. 
  • Production: Mass-Produced.
  • MaterialDurasteel, electronics, wiring, various mechanics, Nightshadow.


  • Versatility: The Ventin' Vendors come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Each and everyone of them is customized to fit a particular niche. You can find one that sells hot food (pre-heater, lush aroma), some sell weapon mods, tickets to a local event. Hell, word has it that there is a special one on Terminus.... one that does body mods. Few people know where that one is though.


  • Let's corporate interests sell their wares 24/7 without spending money on stores. 
  • Cheap prices, modular, you can find them anywhere. 
  • Proper security, difficult to hack, robust casing makes it difficult to break into. You are more liable to blow yourself up or what's inside, rather than get to it. 
  • Food vendors have exceptional cooling and heating compartments.
  • Sensors-be-gone! Thin stripe of nightshadow lining means neither the Law nor the Outlaw can scan the contents of the vendor for a quick buck.


  • Durable, but this isn't a mil-tech appliance. It won't survive any serious damage. 
  • Anything that feths with electricity will wreck it. 
  • Those advertisements seem awfully personalized...
  • ...even if you are on a different planet.

Never to be outdone by others, Daro Tarsi looked at the recent food stall fad with some interest. 


Too hands-on for his taste though.


He had better things to do than drift about a single planet. Nah, there were better ways to get this done. For years Cogmind had grown, expanded, increased its reach. Now was the time to show just how far they had come, since Daro had started the organization from the cargo bay of his own freighter. 


The Ventin' Vendors was his answer. 


Highly modular, cheap to produce, plopped down anywhere and everywhere. Profits split between corporations that want one and the manufacturers. 


Dream come true.


The fact that some of them sell... different things? Well, that was just good business. Illegal weapon mods on Nar Shaddaa, body mods on Terminus, sometimes a Cogmind-special, if you are lucky. 


Business be good.

Edited by Daro Tarsi, 11 July 2019 - 05:11 PM.


Adron Malvern

Adron Malvern

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Under Review.




Adron Malvern

Adron Malvern

    King of Illyria

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