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IFW Evakmar-class Crops Assault Carrier

- - - - - The Directorate Imperium Forge Works

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  • Manufacturer: The Directorate / Imperium Forge Works
  • Affiliation: The Directorate / IFW Select Customers
  • Model: IFW Evackmar-class Corps Assault Carrier
  • ProductionLimited
  • Material: Listed Below



  • All Stardard Starship Features
  • Atmospheric Operations equipment
  • Planetary Landing Gear



  • Heavy Defensive Rating 


  • Reduced Attack Craft Complement
  • Reduced Armament Rating


The IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrieris based on the ancient vessel of its name used during the first Galactic Civil War. The successor functions just as the original vessel but with more advanced systems, armor and shielding. The IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier has a standard crew of 3,450 and could be operated by a skeleton crew of 360. It stowed enough Consumables for a full crew compliment and to support its deployed corps for one month. The IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier's role is to transport and land a full standard Army Corps, regardless of the specific type of corps. In so it has modular internal construction and open Hanger storage which can be adapted to store and deploy any combination of assault forces. A normal configuration allowed for a full line corps complement of 48,000 troops, its 20,000 personnel support personnel, and its 550 personnel corps HQ, Supporting this force was the corps complement of assault vehicles. A normal Line Corps complement consisted of carries 2,600 repulsor vehicles/light walkers, 400 heavy tanks, heavy walkers.
The IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier was powered by two Proton-8 reactors.  These reactors set side by side in the aft of the ship just behind the massive multi tiered open hanger. The IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier had very few weapons systems for a ship its size. These were used for defense against attack as the vessels moved into the atmosphere of the planet and deployed troops. Three Heavy Turbolaser Turrets made up the main batteries of the The IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier. Twenty Light Turbolaser Cannon Turrets offered Anti-vessel, anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft defense.Twenty Hexlaser Turrets offered anti-personnel defense while the vessel was landed and deploying its assault forces. Point Defense Light Ion Cannon Turrets worked with the point defense lasers giving the vessel anti-droid defense while deploying its assault complement. The 12 Anvil-class Missile Batteries gave the IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier more assault capabilities enabling it to bombard a landing zone before it landed to deploy its assault force. These launchers could fire any combination of projectiles from its internal warhead magazine. Automatic loading systems selected the appropriate warhead delivery system and loaded the launcher. The magazine carried a variety of warheads.
Defensively the IFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier had a quad reinforced IFW Ferrofaraday Starship Frame reinforced by quadranium bracing. The hull was made of EMNERA Star Ship Armor Plating On top of the under armor a layer of Matrix Armor Plating was laid down to give the vessel formidable protection from energy, heat, radiation, ion and projectile attacks. Three powerful IFW-76x Fortress Shield Projectors installed inside the vessels hull worked to shield the vessel in an overlapping layer of protection. One projector positioned just forward and below the central hanger trench and one aftprotected the vessel at all times. The third projector could be bought online when the vessel was making planet fall to further protect the vessel from enemy fire as it descended into a worlds atmosphere. 
The massive internal hanger held a complement of assault craft used to deliver and support the Corps in battle. This consisted dropships to deliver and support troops to areas of engagement outside the landing zone. Heavy dropships were used to deploy vehicles outside the landing zone. These craft were house don the upper deck of the hanger and deployed from the two large flank hangers located amidships or the axial open hanger. In addition to the assault craft used to deliver the Evakmar Mk III-class Corps Assault Carrier's forward complement, the vessel had A full complement of Drop Pods for rapid deployment of troops pre landing. TheIFW Evakmar-class Corps Assault Carrier used massive repulsors to enter a planets atmosphere and land. Once the vessel had landed two large ramps extended from the ventral hull allowing troops and vehicles to deploy. as three of its support squadrons the IFW Evakmar-class had equipment and launchers for 36 All Terrain Deployment Pods. A special variant of these pods could drop a heavy vehicle/walker/mech in place of the 4 light vehicles/walkers/mechs. The remaining 3 squadrons consisted of heavy and light vehicle lander ferry, and assault shuttles for landing assault platoons of 40 troopers or assaulting and boarding enemy vessels. 


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