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The Black Crystal Fleet

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Tensus Kaoli

Tensus Kaoli
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WIP, like seriously this will probably need quite a bit of editing...


OOC Information:


Intent: To create a small fleet used by Tensus and the 501st legion as a means of transport and as a small attack force

Image credit: 

Links: In due time


General information:


Fleet name: Black Crystal Fleet

Classification: Transport/Escort/Task Force/General purpose fleet

Affiliation: The Republic

Fleet symbol: None as of current

Description: A smaller than average fleet made up of 3 standard Venator Class Star Destroyer, Each with it's own compliment of fighters and troops, accompanied by 2 Arquitens class light cruisers.


Social Informations:


Headquarters: Constancia

Ports of Call: TBA

Goals: undetermined

Reputation: Brand new fleet


Fleet size: Small

Lead ship: The Prestige, Venator Class Star Destroyer Commanded by myself

Composition:The standard group is comprised of 5 ships, 3 Venator Class Star Destoyers, The Prestige, The Grace and The Olympus, as well as 2 Arquintens Class Light Cruisers, The Artisia and The Venture.


This is my 1st time doing this so feedback is appreciated while I finish it