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A Rite Of Passage (TJO)

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Kafh-en-ma-nofre found himself at the cave entrance, looking back to Kahlil. "Big brother, be safe. And if I don't come out, tell R6 I lost the bet." He gave a smile as he continued deeper into the cave. Kafh was a bit overwhelmed.

"Gods let the Force guide me..." He said as he sat down in the middle of a tunnel. His eyes closed. There wasn't really any difference in temperature, in fact it felt colder inside.

Four hours...that was the time limit. Either way Kafh had no qualms with how it was going to play out. The Force would guide him.

The young man then began to meditate, searching for what the Force wanted for him. What direction it wanted him to go in this cavern.

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Location: Jedha - Kyber Crystal Cavern

Kahlil Zambrano Kafh-en-ma-nofre Amaryllis Tansea Mikilanna Mihaly Allyson Locke Aubrey King Raven Ashe Layla Solari


On her path within the cavern, Ashelia did not follow the will of the Force, but rather the will of her emotions and passion. Although most kyber crystals were attuned to the light side, the crystal that she sought was very strong in the dark side, which she knew that the Force would not lead her to on its own. The one lesson that Ashelia had learned during her quest to the Bubble of the Lost was that one always had to strive in order to obtain true power. It was not something that would simply fall into one’s lap, without dedication and struggle on the part of the recipient. Those who had been born with the ability to utilize the Force had been granted a silver spoon that Ashelia had been forced to sacrifice for. As such, they were wholly ignorant of her struggle and the so-called lessons that left their lips were tainted with entitlement.


She did not trust them.


After thirty minutes of walking through the cave without seeing a single soul, Ashelia closed her eyes and channeled her emotions through the Force. The Elzeri was used to compressing her emotions into an enclosed box within her mind, whenever she tapped into the Force. That was how the Jedi had taught her. However, this was different. This time, she channeled her hatred for those who had made fun of her desire to become a Jedi. Ashelia recalled the intense feeling of humiliation she had felt when one of her co-workers patronizingly called her an ignorant child when she told her that she wanted to become a Jedi. The mocking laughter of the other dancers in the locker room were fresh in her memory, intensifying the hatred that she felt at that moment.


She would kill them all.


She remembered the doctor at Silver Rest, who had told her that she could not be trained as a Jedi before arrogantly suggesting that she find employment at the temple or join the Church of the Force. The rage and anger she had felt that day and the days before arose within her once again, before suddenly tearing a shrill and savage scream from her throat of preternatural intensity. The scream triggered a cascading series of shock waves which rippled through the Force and the cavern itself, causing chunks of frozen ice to crash to the ground around her and perhaps beyond. Ashelia found great catharsis in it, but it wasn’t enough to merely feel the pulsing heart of the dark side.


She had to control it.


Ashelia took a deep breath and opened her now-yellow eyes. She focused those emotions into a point as concentrated as the tip of a rapier. Then, she directed it through the Force with the intention of finding her crystal.


It was not long until the path that she needed to take illuminated itself before her eyes.

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Layla Solari

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Objective: Play

Location: Deep in the Kyber Caves.

Near: Raven and Ashelia

Equipment: Armor, weapons,(In passive mode) Ever present backpack


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She twirled and swirled, as she felt the emotions rising up in the cave. Her eyes shimmered with an almost unnatural light. Layla's own dark side presence, and her insatiable hunger had already began to corrupt the crystals around her, changing them, even as she fed upon them. Raven tried to separate the monster from the girl. But that was impossible. There was no place where one started and the other began. Where Raven was possessed, Layla was not. It was all part of her, ever last detail. A monster queen in a larval form. The little one giggled in joy as she looked at Raven, upon seeing that the woman had found her crystal. “Now, we can begin whatever tasks Master will want from you to build it.” This ever pretty and yet creepy smile formed on the girl's face upon feeling the force scream. “And, I think there is even more good news. Someone new to play with, I think they are quite close. And need some help.” Those dark emotions. Passion, hatred, destruction. The ripple of the force scream. It was like a symphony to her soul. It was vastly different from Layla's own however.


As the girl brushed off her dress and made herself presentable, her mind ran wild, her imagination was quite active, after all. Whispers would surround her in the force, and the dark side clung to her like a living entity. She hummed a song, and hopped toward the sensation she had felt. As she neared Ashelia, unless the girl's mental resistance was quite high, she would begin to hear things. Creaks in the dark, the sound of crying, screams and whispers. Knocks would seem to come out of no where. The sensation, if it worked, would surround Ashelia, and the feeling of Dark Side corruption would move ever closer. It was a mix of pain and hunger, so intense as to be nearly indistinguishable from itself. The little one was not hiding what she was right now.


As her dress swayed in the cold air, the girl poked her dark head around a crystal, and looked at the woman who was letting off such delicious emotions. Hazel eyes seemed to glint in the low light, and as she stepped around the corner, it would be immediately obvious that she shouldn't be in this cave, or even on this planet with what she was wearing. The feeling, the way she moved, everything about her should give off a sense of unease, of incorrectness. Like something screamed at the back of ones soul and mind informing them of the danger this being brought upon them, and the fact it clashed so much with the outer appearance would be obvious. Her voice come out physically, soft and sweet, nearly innocent in its tone. “I think you are looking for something. And we can help you find it.....Do you want to play?” Layla gave her the most beautiful of smiles, and the telepathic voices suddenly turned into pure giggles. “Don't worry. I won't bite. But I can help you. We can help you.”


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Raven Ashe

Raven Ashe

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Objective: Accompany a Little Monster on an Adventure
Location: Kyber Crystal Cavern
Equipment: Raven's Mettle Armor, Electrosword, Bactapack, Ion Charge

Yes. "Yes," Raven responded calmly. Her helm lifted slightly and turned in the direction of Ashelia's scream. We should help them. "We should help them, Layla. And their friends." Or consume them. "Perhaps we will find one Animus will enjoy. Consume the rest." What words passed through the Pantoran's lips were surprisingly detached and fluid. She always sought not to show open doubt or uncertainty, but this was a cold acceptance. A knowing of purpose and intent.

Layla darted ahead, of course, eager to find a new playmate. The armored woman followed but in no hurry. There were others in the caverns with them; creatures that might interfere. Morsels that might be drawn to Ashelia for reasons opposite of the Dark Ones' own. As Layla was consumed with the passion to play, it would fall to Raven to be mindful of the larger picture -- to ensure the girl's enjoyment was not spoiled. Though they might intrude with words and shouts.

Once Layla slipped around the corner, Raven stepped forward to follow. An offer to help was extended, which the armored Sith added, "You are looking for more than a crystal. This is nothing but a tradition. You seek something more. More meaningful. More fulfilling. Do not squander your potential." As young as she was to the ways of Sith, it felt natural to encourage someone along a similar path. Strange Ashelia was with Jedi if she sought to wield her passions as a manifestation of her will. "Let us help you."

The Living Darkness had coiled itself within its vessel leaving no trace of his existence except the raging turbulence that surrounded Raven in the Force if one had the sight. Perhaps some would call it a 'disturbance in the Force. It was pitch black, however, and would eagerly consume Ashelia if she did not prove worthy. It would consume them all.

And somehow, that thought had Raven smile within the helmet that hid her features from view. After all, why shouldn't she?

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Mikilanna Mihaly

Mikilanna Mihaly

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Legs crossed, arms extended out, and crystal balancing gently on her fingertips; Mikilanna closed both eyes and mind to the distractions around her. Soley her focus was on the throbbing crystal tickling the tips of her fingers, but her predatory senses, too, where itching; agitating her inner light. Twice she attempted to cast aside said distraction, but each attempt produced only coldness and darkness. There...was....something...here.


Giving in, but not defeated, the young Jedi snatched her crystal mid-air, placing it in a worn down satchel; and stood up puzzled. Again, something was brushing menacingly and without invitation upon her young mind. But what?


Allowing curiosity to creep in like a foreign invader, Mikilanna slowly, unaware and directed by an unseen force, foot peddled down a dark, cold, corridor.




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