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Tsais Raugze

Saeza Resistance

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Baton of Redemption




Intent: A Personal Weapon for Saeza Bolok’Vang

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Role: Pet | Weapon

Links: Scepter of Power



Age: 1 Galactic Standard Year

Force Sensitivity: Force Dead

Species: Amphistaff 

Appearance: Tsais Raugze is a unique Amphistaff with white and light grey colored scales and a smooth appearance compared to his spiked cousins. When making an intimidation display Rau opens a hood, much like a hooded serpent would around his head that is otherwise flat. He measures around one and a half meters long as a whip, but condenses down to about a single meter when he is used as a sword or blade. Raugze has four fangs, two large ones on his upper jaws and two small ones on his lower jaws. All four are capable of spitting and injecting his antivenin.



Name: Tsais Raugze | Rau

Loyalties: Saeza Bolok’Vang

Notable Possessions: Yammosk Neural Tissue


Personality: Rau is usually protective of Saeza, willing to strike or coil himself around perceived threats to her if they get too close or act too aggressively. However, to anyone he doesn’t see as a threat or to those Saeza trusts, Rau is adorably cuddly and cute, more like a ball of loveable mush rather than a deadly weapon. Rau will snuggle, cuddle, hug, and lick people he likes and usually has excellent judgment of character. Leo has found he can sometimes be bribed with treats or scritches.


Training: Rau can be used as a short-sword or an elongated whip, using his powerglands to reorganize his structure. More importantly, the Tsais Raugze has been modified with Yammosk neural tissue giving him limited command over other Amphistaffs and their offshoots. He can control amphistaffs and their subspecies in close proximity to him to a degree, usually forcing them to refuse to fight he and Saeza but has been known to make them turn on their master’s on rare occasions.



Combat Function: Tsais Raugze functions as both a sword and a whip for Saeza just as much as he serves as a beloved pet and faithful guardian.



  • Master of Serpents: Raugze has an innate control or intimidation over other forms of Amphistaff which usually keep them from being willing to fight against him, though sometimes his control will cause them to turn on their masters and act according to his and Saeza’s will.
  • Antivenin: The Raugze’s venom is not poisonous, but rather a potent antivenin that counteracts many types of poisons including other Amphistaves, Sith Poison, and ixetal cilona.
  • Force-Dead: Like most Yuuzhan Vong Biots, Raugze is Force Dead, void to its presence according to the senses of Jedi.


  • Non-Lethal Venom: Unlike normal amphistaves, Raugze has no harmful venom, which limits his offensive capabilities over his brethren significantly.
  • Force-Dead: Because Raugze is Force Dead he cannot be healed or assisted by the Force as well.


Tsais Raugze is a modified, shaped, Amphistaff that was created specifically for Saeza by a small sect of Yuuzhan Vong on Alderaan committed to assisting the planet heal from the One Sith’s Vong-Forming of the once tranquil world. Tsais Raugze, translated to the Baton of Redemption, is a unique version of the Amphistaff most closely related to the Scepter of Power once wielded by the Supreme Overlords of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire because of its ability to cause other Amphistaffs to flee, submit, or serve the Tsais Raugze and its wielder.


Tsais Raugze, usually simply called Rau or Raugze, is more of a companion or pet than a weapon, with a personality, able to display emotions and convey them to Saeza well. He was not designed to be this way, but became this way only once given to Saeza Bolok’Vang and exposed to her connection with biots, though the Shapers do believe that the alterations they made did make the biot more susceptible to such behavioral influences.


Since being given to Saeza, Raugze spends most of his time on her person, worn as a bracer wrapped around he forearm or thigh, or curled around her neck like a necklace of sorts, though he also plays and slithers around when able or in familiar territory.

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Laira Darkhold


Subverts expectations in a good way.