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Sambo Maximus


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Sambo Maximus

Sambo Maximus


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Name: Sambo Maximus


Faction: NONE


Rank: Sith Knight


Species: Human


Age: 28


Sex: Male


Height: 6'2 or 1.776m


Weight: 230lbs


Eyes: Red


Hair: Blond


Skin: Caucasian


Force Sensitive: YES




Strengths: He is trained in advanced lightsaber techniques making him a formidable opponent with a blade.


Weaknesses: He has a robotic hand which limits his force lightning abilities. A low body temperature causes him to suffer in cold climates such as the Planet Hoth and other frozen worlds or areas.


Biography: Sambo was born on Yavin Prime. His childhood was hard and tough because His parents left when Sambo was young and Sambo grew up in hatred toward his parents. When Sambo was fourteen the sith found him in the forest of Yavin Prime and taught him their ways.


Ship: R60 T-WIng Interceptor

Twin Light Laser Canons

4 Proton Torpedo Launchers

Hyperdrive Class 1

Limited Shielding 

Faulty Navicomputer and jump memory


Kills: NONE


Bounties Collected: NONE




Roleplays: NONE