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The Exarch's Heart

- - - - - Kyber Crystal Force Imbuement Siverra Lightsabers Legacy Item

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  • Intent:To forge a kyber crystal specifically for a new weapon that will be crafted for Srina Talon. 

  • Image Source: Zak Katara, Artstation (x)

  • Primary Source: Kyber Crystal (x) | CIS Dominion of T-43; Expedition: Dragonflower (x) | CIS Dominion of Orcus (x) | T’Raa Saa Healing Nexus (x)



  • Classification: Crystal

  • Weight: Light

  • Resistances:

    • Blasters/Plasma: Average

    • Kinetic: Low

    • Lightsabers: Average

    • EMP/Ion: Low

    • Heat: Average

    • Cold: Very High

    • Radiation: Low

    • Corrosion: Average

    • Sonic: Very High

    • Corruption: Extreme

  • Color: Maroon, Iridescent Red.


  • Banshee, carrying Tellu’s essence this allows Srina to tap into her younger sister’s signature ability. ‘Banshee’ form is what Tellu referred to as her final form having channeled all her emotions into such a heightened state that she could emit a powerful sonic wail, strong enough to make a full-grown Epicanthix fall to his knees. 

  • Energy Bender, Tellu was often able to harness the elements bending their energies to her will. So too, had Srina learned this but perhaps not to the same extent as Tellu. Now, with the imbued with Tellu’s essence, Srina can utilize this energy bending ability to her full extent.


  • Corruption: Comparing the crystal to other crystals both natural and synthetic it was found that it had extreme resistance to Force corruption. Whether this was a corruption from the light or dark remained an unknown. 

  • The Essence of Tellu: Imbued with the Essence of Tellu Talon, this allows Srina to not only keep part of her sister with her. This also allows Srina to use some of Tellu’s signature abilities, including Tellu’s ‘Banshee’ form, and Energy Bending abilities.


  • Bond: It was made to bond specifically with Srina, and will most likely break should that bond be severed. Rendering it and its capabilities inert, and should it break the essence of Tellu would then be gone. 

  • Average: The crystal bears a number of ‘average’ resistance meaning it can hold up to them, but not for very long and may easily become overwhelmed if it is not properly protected. 

  • Vulnerabilities: The kyber crystal weakened to physical damage after the process of imbuing it was complete. This was discovered as a small sample was carefully cut so that the properties could be studied. It was then discovered that the crystal had grown weak to electromagnetic pulses and radiation thereof. 


This kyber crystal was imbued with Tellu Talon’s essence, done through a series of techniques that Mishel learned from the Rave Merrill Library. Scrolls, datapads, and data in between were brought to the nexus. She studied and meditated on the knowledge and began to craft the crystal as this would be perhaps the only tangible item that the Exarch could have of her sister. 

The Jedi learned that the techniques for imbuement were as vast as the galaxy is diverse. It was then she realized why her Master had made a Jedi Forge there in the Nexus. A place where the Jedi could find peace and work their craft. The process of this type of imbuement took time, Mishel not only had to learn as she worked she could not make a mistake. Maybe it was this time in which she took to craft this crystal that she had ‘matured.’

In a sense, she started to come into her own. Beneath that flighty, mouthy exterior laid a more determined and sensitive person. Utilizing the Forge, the Waters, and Tellu - the kyber crystal’s abilities were unknown to Mishel. She could only say that whatever would abilities it possessed were connected to Tellu herself. The Exarch did not smile but there was a knowing look, she knew what this crystal was capable of. For she alone knew her sister so well. 

And so, as Mishel finished the kyber crystal she wrote in her journals that it was called the Exarch’s Heart. Tellu was Srina’s heart and as such, this crystal would now bear this Force Master’s essence. Mishel would add one more craft to cement her legacy as an artificer. 


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