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Khattazz al'Q'aah, The Shaper Lord

Sith The Sith Empire TSE Yuuzhan Vong Alchemist Shaper

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Khattazz al'Q'aah

Khattazz al'Q'aah


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(Image Source: Destiny concept art, can't find the artist)



Khattazz al'Q'aah (Avatar of Hate in Yuuzhan Vong)

The Shaper Lord



The Sith Empire



Sith Lord



Yuuzhan Vong












130 lbs.



Green (left eye Plaeryin bol), Blue (Right)
















+ Yuuzhan Vong Durability: Khattazz al'Q'aah, as a member of the Yuuzhan Vong species, has hard skin capable of taking more damage than the average Human

+ Yuuzhan Vong Biots: Khattazz has implanted in himself several biots, Yuuzhan Vong biotechnology. These biots include:

  • Plaeryin Bol: a deadly ranged venom spitter replacing his left eye
  • Tizowyrm: a small, slug-like creature inserted in the ear to translate languages and allow him to speak them
  • Tuk'ata Claws: a biot of his own design, Khattazz al'Q'aah has implanted the claws of a Tuk'ata hound in his hands, which he can extend and retract as necessary (although the experience is painful, it is slightly less painful than the similar Steng's Talons or Fighting Claw biots)
  • Dart Flower Thorn Spitter: By implanting a Dromund Kaas Dart flower in the forearm and coercing it to take root in the Sith's forearm bones and muscles through Sith Alchemy and Vong bioscience, the Sith is able to fire the plant's poisoned thorns through a barely-noticeable slit in their palm. This is another al'Q'aah original biot.

+ Sith Alchemy: In addition to his Shaper training which he has refined since joining the Sith, Khattazz is also skilled in the application of Sith Alchemy. 



~ Force Sensitive: Unlike some Yuuzhan Vong who retain their Force-Dead status, Khattazz al'Q'aah has a connection and while this allows him to use the Force it also allows him to be detected in the Force all the same as any other being



- Unsettling Visage: While not out of the ordinary among his Sith compatriots, his seemingly-noseless face combined with ritual scars and tattoos and Plaeryin Bol eye can unsettling for your average galactic citizen to behold.

- Weak to Force Lightning: Khattazz and his armor are weak to Force Lightning, as his armor dies when attacked by it and he has not built up any kind of immunity to such an ability.

- No One's Better than Me: Khattazz is arrogant, especially when it comes to his skill in biotechnology. He has fashioned himself as the Sith's Master Shaper, "the Shaper Lord," whether or not that's true.



- Telekinesis

- Telepathy

- Force Lightning

- Force Choke

- Sith Sorcery

- Sith Alchemy

- Force Drain

- Drain Knowledge


Khattazz al'Q'aah is a slightly below-average height Yuuzhan Vong, and is less stocky than your average Vong. His hard skin, about the same tone as the average Human, is covered in tattoos and ritual scars typical of his species. Atop his head is a thin strip of hair that is tied in loose braids, and his ears come to points. Khattaz's left eye is green due to his Plaeyrin Bol biot, while his natural right eye is blue. 
Like most Yuuzhan Vong Khattazz's clothes were grown rather than sewn, and he typically wears a suit of Vonduun Skarr Kyrric, or Vonduun crab armor, along with a cloak of living fabric he grew himself. (Playby: Nom Anor)


Khattazz al'Q'aah, former name unknown, is a former Yuuzhan Vong Shaper turned Sith Lord. Although it went undetected at birth, it was early on in his shaper career that the man that would become al'Q'aah discovered that he was not Force-Dead like his people (although due to centuries living and breeding on Zonama Sekot, this is becoming more and more common). Rather than remain on Sekot, the young Vong traveled away from home, hoping to find someone who could teach him to use his unique power.


He was eventually accepted by the Sith Empire, where he discovered a sizeable community of his own species served the Dark Siders. He accepted the philosophy and beliefs of the Sith, casting aside his old name in favor of "Khattazz al'Q'aah", a name translating to "Avatar of Hate" in his species' language. Due to his Shaper training, Khattazz found himself drawn to studying Sith Alchemy and its applications, a trade he spent years learning. He has also taken to the Sith's philosophy quite well, though he still retains the reverence of pain of his species, which fits in quite well with his new beliefs.


What sets him apart from his peers, however, is his unique application of Sith Alchemy: by combining his skill in the arcane with his Shaper training (an education he also continued learning among the Vong community loyal to the Sith), Khattazz has concocted a plethora of deadly new biots for himself and the more daring Sith to utilize. Among these new implants are dart flowers within the arm allowing the Sith to fire the poisonous thorns through the palm of their hand, retractable Tuk'ata and Terentatek claws, and various applications for Sith poison.


The Shaper Lord, as some have taken to calling him, spends much of his time in his laboratory on Florn, occasionally venturing out to test new biots, retrieve sources for more, or join his Sith brethren in combat. While Florn is deadly to those without  hyperaccelerated nerve implants, or a similar level of natural reflexes, that serves Khattazz perfectly and he has grown his Damutek near one of the planet's great oceans. He is always eager for willing participants in his experiments and brave Sith to try out his biots.



- Red-bladed Yorik Coral Lightsaber w/lambent crystal

- Amphistaff

Vonduun Skarr Kyrric

- Tizowyrm

- Gnullith breath mask

- Villip communicator with Oggzil attachment 



Slayer Ship: A Yuuzhan Vong analogue of a heavy assault fighter, the Slayer Ship is
 made up of three yorik coral triangles, joined from apex to base. The leading two have mica-like canopies, while the third and largest has a "tail" at the back, to complement dovin basal propulsion. Such dovin basals enable the ship to enter hyperspace, a feat that standard coralskippers lack; while the singularity defense can swallow four times the incoming attacks a normal coralskipper could deal with. In six extensions on each side of the ship are held yaret-kors. One direct hit of plasma from such a ship could reduce a fully charged XJ3 X-wing deflector shield down to fifty percent.