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Crimson Shadow Armor System Mk. I

Eli-Mae Forrest Segroth Vrotoa Locke and Key

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Visanj T'shkali

Visanj T'shkali
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Intent:  To sub a suit of armor for Eli-Mae Forrest for use in future submissions and role-playing.

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Manufacturer:    Visanj T’shkali / Vrotoa Industries / Segroth Materials Corporation / Locke and Key Mechanics

Affiliation:    Eli-Mae Forrest

Model:    Crimson Shadow Armor System, Mark I

Modularity: Yes, can be upgraded in the future

Production:    Unique

Material(s):    Segroth ShadowclothSegroth BantamVT-Lattice ClothSolarium GlasteelReinforced Stygian Triprismatic DuraplastReflec-based ShadowskinMalreaux LacquerIridonian DamascusElectrum, Friction Grip, various electronic components.




Classification:    Multipurpose

Weight:   Average


- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons):    Very High

- Kinetic, Projectiles:   Very High

- Kinetic, Concussion:   Very High

- Lightsabers:   Very High

- Other, Sonic:   None

- Other, EMP/Ion:   Very High

- Other, Elemental:   Average

- Other, Acid:   Average

- Other, Force Abilities:    None




  • Powerful onboard computer system provides distinctive tactical advantages - able to target and track various objects and individuals at once, provide suggested tactics, etc.
  • Encrypted communication system is powerful and difficult to intercept or jam.
  • Suit provides wearer with 200% improvement to strength, reflexes, speed, and stamina, as well as uncanny climbing abilities and agility, making the user nimble and quick in combat.
  • Excellent defensive suite, general stealth capabilities, and fitness augmentations make a well-rounded battlesuit.


  • Lacking a rectenna, the transceiver system uses a retractable broadband antenna, limiting its sensor range to 20km diameter around the user.
  • Offers no protection against Force-users' attacks.
  • Offers no protection against sonic attacks.
  • Requires practice to become proficient using the armor's abilities and technologies, and users should spend time becoming acquainted with these before they attempt to use them in the field.
  • While this suit is a good 'jack-of-all-trades' it is truly a 'master of none' as well, as it was intended to be a balanced, multipurpose armor rather than specific in its uses and scope.



Eli wanted a good suit of sound, multipurpose armor and approached Visanj T'shkali and Locke and Key Mechanics to design it for her. Able to be upgraded later, as Eli's skills and abilities grow, this suit provides a sound defensive suite, onboard tactical computer, and wide-range sensing abilities, on par with most powered armor suits in use across the galaxy. However, it does have a few unique abilities and tricks up its metal sleeve:


First, it uses a combined Myomer Actuation System and integrated exoskeleton to increase Eli's strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes to twice their usual limits, making her faster, stronger, and more durable in battle. This is further punctuated by the presence of GeckoGrip on her hands and feet, enabling her to climb and scale a variety of surfaces, even to crawl inverted across ceilings.


Second, it contains a uniquely-designed computer system, emphasizing secure, decentralized, and powerful computing power, slanted towards a tactical edge. This computer, via Eli's HUD and sensor package, can increase her situational awareness, suggest tactics, assist in targeting, and a host of other functions, all centered on giving Eli an advantage in combat.


Third, It offers broad protection against a variety of threats, and can even be used an EVA suit or worn underwater as a dive suit.


In short, this upgradable and durable suit can provide Eli with advantages and protections in a variety of situations and circumstances, and can be 'fine tuned' as time goes own to match Eli's abilities and experience.

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