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The Zek'zoe Kenne [Stalkers Shroud]

- - - - - armor Prowler Uber

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  • Intent:Provide Prowler with a suit of armor suited for his style

  • Image Source: HERE - Avatar Picture from the site

  • Canon Link:  N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification: Multipurpose

  • Weight: Average

  • Resistances None, Very Low, Low, Average, High, Very High, Extreme 

- Blasters: High

- Kinetic: Extreme 

- Lightsabers: Average

- Sonic: High

- EMP/Ion: High

- Electric: Low

- Cold: Low

- Acid: Low




  • Hermetically Sealed

  • Air Scrubbers

  • 30 min air supply

  • NiteSite Infrared motion sensor

  • Vocal Enhancer

  • Self-Sealing foam

  • Sonic Dampeners

  • Reflec Coating


  • Is that it?: Between the Duramesh/Myomer bodysuit and the reinforced duraplast plating, the armor is capable of withstanding extreme amounts of kinetic force all the while protecting Prowler.

  • Lights still on: Sporting reinforced Duraplast as part of the creation of the armor along with other safeguards the armor is incredibly resistant against EMPs and ionic weaponry. 

  • I Can’t hear ya: Acting as shock absorbers the synthetic Myomer muscles and sonic dampeners manage to provide superior protection for Prowler against such weapons. 

  • Is this easy mode?: Putting all the resources at hand to use Prowler’s armor is fairly resistant against blaster and other forms of plasma weaponry except the strongest. 

  • KABOOM: Through the Seoularian and Key crystals placed within the armor and attuned to Prowler it allows the individual to focus on them and at times release shockwaves of varying intensity. 

  • Can you see me now: Coated in Reflec the armor is nearly blind to all forms of sensors and electronics. 


  • In and Out: As one would expect of such armor it is incredibly difficult to don or doff it leaving Prowler quite vulnerable in places when he needs to get it off. 

  • Absolutely shocking: Possessing very little resistance to Electric based weapons leaves Prowler quite Vulnerable to them.

  • Popsicle: Without any conventional means to protect themselves from cryogenic weaponry Prowler is advised to avoid such things in combat. 

  • Is it supposed to burn this much?: Acid will eat straight through the armor in very little time making it one of the forms of attack meant to be avoided. 



In a galaxy full of dangers and space magic. A suit of armor is a must have. For the Zek'zoe Kenne, a named birthed from Zabraki, The Stalkers Shroud is just that. A must have. The armor protects Prowler's body from harm but also his identity and physical traits This is something Prowler is rather keen on keeping a secret for unknown reasons. Metallic silver on one half and black on the other, except the mask or helmet. Prowlers armor is simple all its own. Almost completely undetectable due to Reflec coating, Duramesh and myomer in combination ward off against a variety of attacks. The strongest being Kinetic, sonic and EMP/Ion based. Meanwhile lightsabers, electricity and cold assaults come in as a trade off. Of course acids can also be added here too. Prowlers armor is not overly advanced and says alot about his mindset and how "he" prefers to work. For whatever reason it is apparent that Prowlers identity and physical appearance is maintained to be undisclosed. With a Hermetically sealed suit enhanced with Reflec and self-sealing foam this is accomplished. When wounded or injured the suit quickly releases the foam like substance to cover the area. Vocal enhancers mask Prowlers voice allowing it or "him" to mimic others and use various other voices he has encountered in the past. The only advanced or personalized addition of the armor are Seoularian crystals and key crystals. Its is not known how Prowler found these minerals but it is known that this mysterious figure knows how to implement them within technology. Both Key and Seoularian crystals rest within the armor itself. Attuned to Prowler himself the crystals respond with "his" own mental command to be activated. A thought is all it takes to produce a shockwave to project at someone or multiple persons nearby.


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