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Bell Tome Heavy Walker Droid

- - - - - Battle Droid First Order Crimson Hand

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  • Intent: To create a Walker Droid and to move away from the C.I.S design
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: Link


  • Manufacturer: Gahenn Droid Foundry
  • Affiliation: Crimson Hand
  • Model: BT-HWD
  • ProductionMinor 

  • Modularity: No
  • Material: Durasteel, Droid Components, Walker Components


  • N/A


  • Thick armor plating (4 inches thick) allows for the defensive capabilities of the Droid to be quite high, making it quite a force to be dealt with.
  • The Mass Driver Cannons can cause a great deal of damage against light to medium armored targets, and can even demolish buildings, if fired at enough times.
  • The Homing Missile Launcher can launch 20 missiles at once, and the interior holds a contingent of about 180 missiles inside when they are deployed. Once all 180 missiles have been launched, the launcher cannot be fired again until its ammo stocks are replenished.
  • The Anti-Personnel Laser Cannons on the small arms at the front of the Droid allows it to protect itself from infantry attacks.
  • Three built in Deflector Shield Generators allow extra protection of the droid, as it can hold its own with this shielding and the armor up against a small army of vehicles and infantry.


  • The weight of the Droid prevents it from being used in certain environments, such as swamps, non compact snow, and even some urban areas, depending on the surface and where it is deployed.
  • Another issue caused by the weight is that the Droid is extremely slow, only able to keep up with any armies it is deployed with if they move to such a slow pace that they might as well be standing, or they do just that; stand until the unit reaches the front, so then it can keep the pace of the rest of the troops.
  • The back of the unit where the generators are located, although protected by the shields, has little to no armor protection. This can be exploited to either land on top of the unit, or get behind it and take down the shields. Only two of the generators are built on the exterior like this, but it can greatly weaken the defensive capability of the droid.
  • Due to the height of the droid as well, the droid is unable to work its way through small corridors or canyons, and must find another route around, even if could risk the destruction or capture of the droid.

With the recent amounts of old C.I.S battle droid designs, Kayvel Ren ordered that the Gahenn Droid Foundry moves away from those designs. This unit was their answer to such an order. It's main purpose on the battle field is two fold; To be a heavy Artillery unit and a Vehicle destroyer when deployed. Its weight and size is mainly due to the twin Mass Driver Cannons built to be the primary weapons on the droid, with a Homing Missile Launcher and two Anti-Personnel Laser cannons as secondary weapons to be used in much closer range. If these droids are used piecemeal, they can cause great deals of damage against vehicles and troops without even having to be on the front lines, with a range of about 40 Kilometers for the cannons. They can even lock their feet down into the ground to allow a better stabilizing platform to be utilized.


If they are launched as a squad, then they will be monsters to take down, due to both their 4 inch thick durasteel plating and the three Shield Generators built into the unit. The original plan was to only have one, but when the shields were deemed too weak to keep themselves protected, an extra two were installed on the back as a kind of last minute decision.

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