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RD-1 "Redeye" Reconnaissance / Slicing Droid

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Visanj T'shkali

Visanj T'shkali
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 (Large Image)



Intent:    To sub a modernized canon droid for future submissions and role-playing.

Image Source(s):    [X] [X] [X

Canon Link(s): 

Primary Source(s):    N/A




Manufacturer:    Visanj T’shkali

Affiliation:    Closed-Market

Model:    RD-1 Aerial Reconnaissance / Slicing Droid

Production:    Semi-Unique

Modularity:    Yes

Material(s):    Segroth BantamSegroth PGA CoatingReinforced Stygian Triprismatic DuraplastReflec-based ShadowskinMalreaux Lacquer, Electronics and Droid Components




Classification:    Second Degree

Weight:    Light

Height:    0.46m

Movement:    Repulsorlift

Armaments:    None




  • Powerful Sensor Suite: Droid has powerful sensor suite, ranging up to 8.2km, allowing it to augment its master's sensors either in tandem when 'perched' on the back, or independently once deployed. When deployed, the droid makes a terrific scout, able to perform reconnaissance on an area, facility, etc. easily.
  • Expert Slicer:  Droid is a highly capable slicer unit, able to slice into a variety of systems and perform a variety of related tasks, i.e. data mining, uploading computer viruses, taking control of systems / droids / vehicles, etc. It can slice into most systems easily, and with sufficient time can usually access highly-encrypted / protected systems, such as military-grade computers, etc.
  • Very Stealthy: Moving silently, the droid is an expert at avoiding detection, and its various stealth materials and components allow it surreptitiously perform its duties in a proficient and clandestine manner, making it difficult to near-impossible for all but the most sensitive and powerful sensors to detect.
  • Hard Shelled: Hardened against EMP/Ion, electricity, radiation, and low-level corrosion, these droids are able to operate in hostile environments and places where organic beings might not be able to go.


  • Not a Tough Guy: Droid is entirely unarmed and lacks any shielding beyond its casing, leaving it vulnerable to attacks. Survival programming ensures droid will run and hide, rather than confront an enemy, which means if it calculates high risk / likelihood of being detected, it will break off its slicing or scouting and seek a safe hiding place.
  • Not a Strong Guy: Droid cannot lift more than 4.5kg, leaving it rather weakened and unable to offer assistance with most physical tasks.
  • Limited Skill-Set: Droid is skilled at slicing and reconnaissance, nothing more, and cannot therefore be used as a repair droid, astromech, pilot droid, or any other purposes.
  • Gibberish: Droid only speaks in Droidspeak, and while it can understand other languages and even mimic voices via its sonic impact sensor, it is incapable of original speech in any languages beyond Droidspeak.
  • Narrow-Vision: Droid's scanning area is limited to 20km, while its slicing and communications distance is much further it can only scan and sense within a relatively small area, which can be further degraded by various sensor blocking materials or technologies.
  • Really Jams Him Up: Droid is susceptible to jamming by powerful jammers, and can also be sliced by an expert slicer if detected and enough time is allowed to bypass its notable security programs and protocols.


(Additional Images)


This droid is able to ‘perch’ onto a special mount, provided with each model sold, which can be fitted onto most armor systems, enabling the droid to be carried on the back of its master. Able to deploy and return to this position autonomously, “Redeye” droids can provide a host of advantages to their users. From scouting and reconnoitering the battlefield, providing over-watch, even exploring through small tunnels and facilities, to launching powerful slicing attacks against enemy systems, droids, ships, and vehicles, the “Redeye” droids are a versatile tool in the arsenal of adventurers and soldiers.


Stealthy and silent, this droid can use its powerful repulsorlift to unassumingly take up position high above the battlefield, employing its equally-powerful sensor suite to surveying the area, scouting routes, scanning for enemy activity, and more. It can be sent into hostile environments and dangerous, constricting places due to its small size and notable protections, which – while unable to enter the battle himself – the droid can use to go where others just simply cannot. “Redeye” comes with a full suite of expert slicing subroutines and software, and can launch potent remote-slicing attacks or pair into enemy systems to wreak havoc or capture valuable intelligence.


When ‘perched’, “Redeye” passively links to the user’s communications and serves to boost their own sensing and slicing capabilities directly. Also, “Redeyes” have a detachable remote viewer and micro-holocam, able to observe and record, acting as “look-outs” for them while they slice various systems. Experts at avoiding detection, they will also avoid danger, taking no unnecessary risks to themselves.




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