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Sabetha Tag

Sabetha Tag

    The Devil to Pay

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Deep Core

Prakith System

Along the Byss Run


They had descended like locusts. Dozens of pirate ships, wrecking havoc and drawing the trade flowing to and from Prakith to a stand still. Who were they? As for the what they wanted, that was clear. 


They wanted everything


Some ships hit heavily along the freights enroute, while others swooped in to snatch and run on the surface, peppering the major cities with chaos and an utter disregard for personal property. It was disorganized, completely decentralized, and in its way, completely ridiculous as a serious threat. 




The officials on Prakith were at a loss. They were accustomed to a certain level of safety in the last few years, and the pirate ships had torn through what defenses they had- almost as if they had already known exactly what was there, and what to hit. With no real recourse, they reached out to for help-


To both the Corellian Confederation and the Core Imperial Confederation. 


Why not both, after all? Perhaps one wouldn't answer. Worst case, they both did, yes? All the best to stamp out this pirate threat that had no place in the Core. It was only proper, it was only JUST that those with the power to do so would keep those without it safe. Yes. Of course. 




Sabetha whistled as she hefted another crate into the hold of her ship. It hadn't started out the day as her ship. But now with Preybird she and Hira had come in tucked neatly into one half of the cargo hold.... well, possession was nine-tenths of the law after all. 


She'd arranged this raid, reaching out to a number of contacts of this particular persuasion, after her little trip to Balosar. She'd scoped out nearby systems, and Prakith had just begging for someone to come in and walk off with everything that wasn't nailed down. 


Like, this freighter. 


Some of them were people she knew, like Hira Mitsae and Rohak Vizsla. Some she didn't know at all, friends of friends, but the right kind of people. People like Quell Rook. Some she didn't know AT ALL and had no idea how they'd even learned about this thing to begin with. Word traveled in the underworld, and a raid like this wasn't something you could keep a lid on anyway. Like a school of fish or a flock of birds, pirates knew that one way to stay safe was to congregate and hope that if serious opposition showed up, they would get someone else. Not the only way, but when a score was this promising, it was a temptation to hope it worked like that. 


"Hira, you done hurting the captain or are you getting bored yet?"


Sabetha shoved the last crate into place with her hip as she called down the main corridor toward the open door. She actually didn't know if Hira was hurting the guy, but odds were high. There was a hidden compartment somewhere on the ship, they just didn't know where, or how to access it. Better to ask and find out before they dumped the guy, right?


Booted feet stepped over the rapidly cooling body of a crew member as she started heading down the corridor. 


Unheard by the two women (reasonably busy after all), the comm crackled in the cockpit. 


Two, yes TWO fleets'r droppin' outta hyperspace. Codes flying for the Corellians AND the Imps. Scatter and run folks, time to blow this scene! Take what you got and scamper.


Dracken Pryce Tanomas Graf Mav Vohaloveer Open to CIC, CC, pirates, unfortunate bystanders

ooc thread: http://starwarsrp.ne...h-skirmish-ooc/

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Quell Rook

Quell Rook

    run up the colours

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Equipment: Skyriver Beskar'gam, Besh Firefists, WESTAR-34, Beskad, Tehk'la Blade

Allies: Sabetha Tag, Hira Mitsae, Rohak Vizsla

The Fuzz: Dracken Pryce, Tanomas Graf




"Your men fought well," when Quell grinned his aurodium tooth gleamed, "There's pride in that."


"Please don't do this!" the bulk transport's captain wailed, his muffled cries just barely carrying through the glasteel he pounded on in futility.


"Shouldn't have tried to run," the pirate's smile faded, he bowed his head grimly and cycled the airlock, "Now the next crew will know."


When it came to the fine details, there were competing schools of thought.


No gang of cutthroats came more highly recommended for their skill at managing a prize, but there was an unsettling nature to Captain Rook and his crew. Most were tearing every meter on the ship apart looking for sequestered valuables, some however were still seeing to tying off the runabouts. It was difficult to repair Tof technology this far from home, and many of their small fighters had broken down repulsor systems that couldn't risk being deactivated, so instead they secured them to the deck the old fashioned way, with rope and sailor's knots.


"Quartmaster Pharos on the horn for ye, cap'n," one of the Dar'tome called out to him in a broken Firefist dialect, "Says it be urgent."


"Pharos can wait," he scowled, clearly more interested in terrifying the surviving crew into submission, "I'm making sure we get paid, that urgent enough for ya sleemo?"


Quell ran a hand through wavy black hair slick with perspiration from recent acts of violence, helmet dangling from his hip where he had recently secured it. His armor certainly resembled the beskar of this galaxy, but there were exotic accents from his time on the far side of the verse. He sauntered with the extreme confidence of a man whose frigate was within weapon's range. Satisfied that their hostages were properly cowed, he climbed up a deck and made for the freighter's cramped bridge.


"Cap'n!" another call from below, this one had a note of urgency to it.


"I said I'm kriffin busy!" he roared back, stopping shy of the bridge and its sensor station currently pinging with new contacts. Fumbling for a cigarra, Rook fought off the shakes brought on by fading adrenaline. Sometimes in this job it felt like he couldn't find a moment's peace.

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Hiron Vizsla

Hiron Vizsla

    Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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Allies: Sabetha Tag, Quell Rook, Rohak Vizsla

The Fuzz: Dracken Pryce, Tanomas Graf


It was always annoying to hurt someone this way.




There was hurt and then there was hurt. Hurting someone just for the sake of it? Nothing frustrating about it. The end and the road were one and the same. Vent your frustrations, kill it down, it worked itself out. Then... see... then there was the other type. Where you were hurting someone with a goal in mind. Specifically? Information, trying to extract that as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Had to be careful there.




And if Hira was something? Well, she was a lot of things, but not cautious whatsoever. "So, let's try that agai-" Sabetha's voice filtered through the door. Hira sighed and put the knife down. 


"Working on it!" Over her shoulder, while rubbing her brow. It only spread the blood out more. "Hear that? Cap' says its almost go time. Now. Personally? Could do this all day an' would enjoy it too. Gotta roll when she says tho, so think about it carefully. Do you really want me to think you were unhelpful and... frankly annoying to deal with this entire time?"


A slow stretch, bones creaking, but there was a bubbling murmur that made her smile.


"See? Was that so hard?"




Hira rolled her eyes and got to work. A few minutes later she stepped out of the captain's cabin, closing the door behind her. Sack slung over her shoulder that jingled beautifully. "Probs best if you didn't go in there. He's making an arse out of himself..." She jiggled the sack though towards Sabetha. "Got da jackpot thooo. How we coming up with the haul?"


Clueless about the metric fethton of chit coming their way.


Dracken Pryce

Dracken Pryce
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Allies: Corellians

Enemies: Hira Mitsae Quell Rook Sabetha Tag

???: ~



The First Fleet, or at least the Starchild out of hyperspace in Prakith's system somewhere between orbit and its nearest satellite. When he'd gotten the call he'd figured the pirates had a sizeable fleet and had launched fighters and his frigates in preparation, but when they dropped out into chaos? He wasn't ready for this sort of fleet. Dozens of ships of various sizes and tonnage blasted seemingly indiscriminately.


A bothan cruiser in service to Prakith was cracked by what looked to be a modified high powered mining laser, its explosion lighting up the bridge in a brilliant orange flare. 


"Pryyyyyyce," came the worried voice of Garvey, the ship's VI, "Are you sure this is the right system?" Around them six frigates designated Swords 1-6 dropped out of hyperspace along with a flight of X-wings. Before he could even give orders the Pirates were on them, the fight descending into a brawl before his very eyes. Pryce's eyes fell on the tactical readouts from the command table, a thoughtful expression hidden behind his eyes.


"Launch the Needlers."


"How many?"


Pryce thought for a moment. Taking into account the Pirate's ragtag forces even 2 squadrons of the mass stored fighters would normally be enough. But with as large, unorganized, and unpredictable fleet as this it was better to be safe than sorry. But he also didn't want to throw away lives needlessly. 


"Half of them. And get me a long range scan of the system. We see a lot, but I have a feeling there's even more on the other side of the planet. Prep Shock Trooper teams for imminent orbital drop."




First flight. First flight. First flight. Joseph's heart pounded heavy in his throat as he ran to his Needler, his hands fumbling with the helmet. Proximity sensors caught his movement and lowered the cockpit down to the hangar floor. The awkward swoopbike-style seat was difficult for many to get used to, and honestly neither was he yet. But it was just as manueverable and quick as other fighters out there. Its lack of shields made them ridiculously dangerous to fly but that was a badge of honor many in his squadron held tightly to their chest. 


The cockpit hissed as it lifted him into the belly. Systems lit up around him. He gave his manuevering jets a test, twisting them around before he got the OK to fly. The Needler racks disengaged and his squadron swarmed out of one of the dozens of hangars on the Starchild. He could feel his breathing pumping blood through his ears. His aural sensor picked up the explosions of nearby fighters and warships. A turbolaser blast flared past himand he nearly rammed into one his wingmen overcompensating for a dodge.


"Watch it rook-" His fighter exploded in a brilliant fireball as pirate fighter weapons ripped through the un-shielded fighter. Was he going to die here fighting...Pirates? 


His sensors began screaming at him as more Corellian ships began dropping out of hyperspace to join the fray. 


Jeremiah Jade

Jeremiah Jade

    Silver Fox

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Location: Aboard "The Creature", Prakith upper atmosphere

Objective: Get rich!

Allies: ???

Enemies: ???


The Ten Thousand Fists had arrived late to the scene. Death, despair, desolation, chaos. This is what the crew as a whole was introduced into. Hellfire lights flashings bright with a shine that reflected off the plasma burned hulls and engines. Perfection! Standing on the main deck Saverok barked out orders to the crew of Gen'dai directing them as needed. With such pain and destruction all around them in the fields of open space, Saverok could feel and siphon in the dark currents of the force. Like a speeder he rode them to new heights and foresights. For example how could he of known there was a weakened plate on the cruiser that Prakith has sent out in defense? How did he know it could be exploited and used to cause the ship to be disabled in a single blow? This senses were not natural and with the force it was as if the void had opened up to him. 


" There! Target that cruiser! Turn us toward the planet and exploit their backside. It is weak." He voiced loudly. The heft that was "The Creature" shifted slowly toward the planet. A vessel primed and armed for war itself. Once stolen from remnants of the Techno union long ago and re-purposed for a pirates every need. " Get those thrusts running. Redirect power from portside shields to starboard weapons!" The ship seemed to groan and pause with the electronic stresses running through its systems. 


" Its done sir! Hah! Shall I send them to oblivion?!" One of the Gen'dai crew members said with a chuckle. Silence and tension grew as the seconds passed with no response. Buying time. Finally a snicker was returned in kind by Saverok himself. " Soften them up with the Ion cannons and then annihilate them. We savage all that remains. Yaaaahhh!" he ended with a cheerful roar. The Creature's interior shook lightly as armageddon itself was unleashed in a payload of ionic energy and plasma beams. Through the viewport Saverok felt his eyes widen then squint as the opposing cruiser blew apart in a fiery flash of light. " This is going excellently." 


" Scour how is the raid going down below? I dont want to hear that my Intel was not reliable this time!" Saverok positioned himself in front of the communications array waiting for Scour to respond. Within a minute a hologram of Scour appeared. In his hand was a man gripped by the neck... 




Scour, Captain of the Ten Thousand Fists

Location topside on Prakith..

Direct Coordinates: Unknown..


Driving his blastsword through the man he held and tossing his corpse to the ground, Scour responded to the call. 

" Hahah! Shut your karking mouth Saverok! Keep your gloating to yourself and keep making us rich!" Scour said deactivating the his side of communications. Walking with the portion of his crew that was planetside the Captain of the Ten Thousand Fists himself strutted through ruined buildings and streets watching his men do what they did best. 


" Keep loading up the loot into the cruiser! Move your arse you globs of meat" His grin was wide. Etched on his black tattooed skin. 


" Aye captain!" 





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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

    Kel Dorable

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As was typically the case with the aging Kel Dor Jedi Master, Kian found himself in the right place at the right time. The Sha Koon had "accidentally" picked up some Corellian Confederation military communications. Upon hearing that a rather devastating pirate attack was occurring near Prakith, Kian felt it was important that he offer his services. For that reason, as Corellian naval vessels dropped out of hyperspace, among them was a black and green Jedi-Class Interceptor, Kian's personal fighter the Storm of Dorin. Kian disengaged his fighter from the hyperspace ring that allowed the small ship to travel in hyperspace, and he immediately began pouring over the read outs in front of him. 


"Dorin checking in." Kian said, using the call-sign assigned to his vessel. "Good hunting boys." Kian said taking his vessel down toward the surface of the planet. Kian was an experienced dog-fighter, though certainly nothing as skilled as many of his Jedi colleagues, but he felt his services would be best served on the ground - helping to protect what civilians were there and ensuring there were no places for stragglers to hide. 


As Kian broke atmosphere, a rather ominous scene came into view before him. The pirates had set the planet to utter chaos on the ground. In their rush to loot what they could, they had targeted cities below. The dog fighting that was now taking place was taking a heavy toll in collateral damage. Kian felt the danger before his system alerted him to approaching ships. Three enemy fighters approached, closing fast on his tail. The Jedi-Class Interceptors, while heavily guarded and packing a nice punch, lacked the speed of a typical interceptor so it was not hard for the enemy vessels to close the distance. 


But they came in fast, and they came in cocky. A single fighter apparently making too tempting a target for them to exercise caution. "R7," Kian said to his astromech droid, "remember that move we did when we were ambushed on Nar Kaaga?" The astromech droid whirled in the affirmative, and if Kian didn't know any better he sensed amusement in the sound. 


"Wait for it," Kian said as the ships closed in hot, "wait for it," Kian closed his eyes, stretching out with the force. He could feel the malice in his pursuers, "Wait for it." Kian said again, and then he felt it. The sudden calmness as a decision to fire was made and the lead ship began to compress the trigger, "NOW!" 




R7 cut the engines and Kian's stomach lurched into his throat the sudden deceleration and his ship turned end over end, free falling. The three fighters, coming in as hot as they were, flew past him and the shots they fired hit nothing but empty air of where he once was. Not needing to be told, as soon as the vessel was in the proper position, R7 re-engaged engines and Kian pushed forward on the stick, lining up his first shot and squeezing the trigger. The hail of fire destroyed the first two fighters before they had a chance to recover, but the third had the state of mind to begin evasive maneuvers. But after a few seconds of chase, that too ended in a bright flash of flames and another enemy vessel down. 



Kian's Lightsaber | Kian's Robes | Kian's Ship: The Shadow | Kian's Starfighter: Storm of Dorin

Theodore Royce-Clarke

Theodore Royce-Clarke

    Good heavens

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Location: Entering Prakith system/deploying assets on ground.
Allies: CIC
Enemies: CC, pirates


Scum of the lowest echelon and class, a festering scourge that destroyed and robbed before fleeing for whichever rat hole frontier planet they called home. These creatures were nothing more than the galaxies bottom feeders, vermin that had to be brought to justice and disposed of fittingly. For those who prey on society will always face the full hand of the Imperial military. 
Warnings of a pirate fleet amassing by their whistleblowers in the underworld were met mainly with Imperial intelligence passing it over as boastful talk. After all, pirates banding together and not killing each other over minor differences to attack the core seemed extreme. Besides, their contacts in the Umbaran cartel despite being reliable were not always spot on with their info. And why should the Imperials trust them? The Umbarans despite being in the ISBs books were treacherous and brutal, yet an uneasy off the books friendship existed to the benefit of both parties. Not that the Galidraani general ever liked those pale devils. 
With the Imperials onslaught deep into the Mandalorian territory alongside their recent border wars with Corellia, a rapid task force consisting of Imperial army elements, the Kandaran expeditionary force detachment and storm troopers assembled to meet this growing threat. All veterans of the recent fighting against the Corellians. Theodore himself had taken control of the mantle and elected himself to lead this force into battle. Having proved himself to the hierarchy fighting both the Corellians and Mandalorians countless times. 
The lines of text skittered across the screen.
Harmless words on a black monitor, but the implication was like a blow to his guts.
How many deaths have these animals inflicted?
The Imperial General took a deep breath, the simple gesture enough to unnerve the technician who was operating the console before him.
“What shall we reply, Sir?” an officer asked from behind him.
The Galidraani put great emphasis on obedience and discipline, and he was in theory obligated to assist the locals in whatever way he could. But with the limited forces at his hand, he could only do so much.
“Inform the rest of the fleet that we will make the jump immediately over Prakith and deploy troops to ground,” Theodore ordered.
 “Yes, sir.”
“And officer,” he added. “Prepare another message.”
“For who, Sir?”

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Cynthia Alucard

Cynthia Alucard

    Sin's Child

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Cynthia Alucard, Pixie Wing Commander
Location: Prakith Space - Heading to Scout Pirates engaging Corellian Forces
Starcraft: TIE/IN Mark IV Interceptor (Wing Compliment of Seventy-Two) The Tuatha De Danann (HQ- Located far Edge of Prakith Space)
Attire: Flight Suit


Engaging: None


The tepid glances that continued to glance between the Captain and the Wing Commander soon slowly filled with fear and anxiety. Neither appeared ready to fold to the other wishes and yet someone needed to be de facto in charge, and some of the crew wondered how long these two would continue their staring contest. The constant daggers being thrown between Cyn and the Captain would had filled the armory over at Coruscant and then some. 
“Advanced Recon it is Alucard.” The Captain finally spoke, perhaps it sounded he relented but his voice held an edge ready to cut the TIE Commander in half. No more the Tiny TIE Ace, instead she would be called the Diminutive Tiny TIE Ace. 
Not the catchiest of titles. 
“I choose the engagement and I have final say to call for a tactical withdrawal.” Cyn added, her own voice matched the steel of the Captain’s voice. 
The situation had developed into a rather strange phenomenon, the patrol group was simply monitoring strange hyperspace signatures. Technically Prakith was not an official member world of the Core Imperial Confederacy, thus not subject to the defense pact signed by all Core Worlds within the Confederacy. But, they could not turn a blind eye to unknown signatures so close to Imperial space. 
Cyn though was hesitant, and figured the best option was to alert the Sector Fleet instead of investigating it themselves. Her words fell on deaf ears as the Captain felt confident with their abilities to act as a scouting group. And thus, Cyn stood on the bridge, their small group of ships huddled together near the edges of the Prakith system and the Captain requested the use of Pixie TIE Interceptor squadron to act as reconnaissance and scout ahead for the rest of the Patrol group. 
The idea was sound, they wanted a detailed report to be sent back to the closet Sector Fleet and let High Command make the decision to engage with pirates that had been reported to be harassing their merchant vessels and other commercial freighters. The situation clearly called for a large measured response than Prakith’s own Defense Force but what made Cyn reject the proposal of the Captain was the inclusion of Corellian Confederate ships spotted in-system. 
And yet, here I am, putting on my flight suit and grabbing the rest of my Wing to go out into the cold vacuum of space to turn into a blade of fire before the remains of my body freeze. 
Sitting once again in her TIE Interceptor, the rest of her pilots all gave the clear and go ahead. The grav-clamps disengaged the initial acceleration of the launch out of the bay-doors halted just as quickly when they entered space proper. Cyn sneered, her emotions darkened her mind as she quickly got her Interceptor up to speed and headed to scout the enemy and possible Corellian forces. 
“Pixies, remember, no direct engagements unless I give the clear for weapons free.” Cyn reminded them all. 


Rohak Vizsla

Rohak Vizsla


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Last time Hira Mitsae and Sabetha Tag worked with Rohak was a dark time. He'd been broke as a joke. Broke, grumpy and aloof. Now? Rohak's luck smiled when he turned privateer for the ORC to retake the famous Sluis Van Shipyards. Who would've thought he'd get so much credits and finally form up his own crew after a long time of mercing himself out as a professional boarder for hire.




The order came down to the boarding parties to ransack the frigate they had just ionized to complete shut down. No no code of conduct was given, no rules of engagement were told. They were pirates, after all.


As looted merchandise of all sorts was brought to aboard the Red Hand, a few troubling flashing dots appeared on the tactical viewscreen before him.


Corellian and Imperial dots.


"Long range scanners indicate that's an Imperial destroyer, Cap'n." Karl the Herglic commented from behind. "The bigger issue is the big Corellian carrier that just popped out pretty darn near."


"Funny, aren't these two at war with each other?" 


"Sure are but everyone hates pirates."


"That's one way to put it. Maybe we can use this political situation to our use."




"No clue yet. Shields up and scramble the fighters out. We've still got the numbers, unless the cowards flee and that will give us some time to form up a plan."


"What plan, Cap'n? It won't be long before both Corellians and Imperials reinforcements come out."


"The plan to commandeer an enemy ship, Karl. We're pirates, remember?" Rohak briefly smirked. "Inform Sabetha and Hira that the Red Hand Pirates plan to commandeer an enemy ship. Tell 'em we need more manpower for it."


A communique would be sent over to Pirate Misses Tag and Mitsase of Rohak's mad idea.



Sabetha Tag Hira Mitsae Quell Rook Saverok


Dracken Pryce Kian Karr


Theodore Royce-Clarke Cynthia Alucard


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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

    Devil, Philosopher, and Beverage Connoisseur

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Captain Jack Sparrow stepped onto the bridge of the cargo cruiser All Free. And so it is, he thought to himself as he walked forward, the bulk of his crew behind him. He'd left Lagan Cloudburner, his pilot, behind on the Black Pearl, along with Pomwyn Gloor, the Ithorian quartermaster, but the rest of the Pearl's compliment accompanied, for show and out of courtesy. 


Before him stood a woman of medium years, not unhandsome, smoke streaking her face and her clothing burned in spots. Looking beyond her to the pilot's well she could see why: the smouldering remains of what was once a living being, any recognizable features burned away. Jack curled a lip in distaste and addressed the woman.


"As agreed, Captain, I've come for your unconditional surrender. Surely by now you know that I and my crew have overmatched you and yours, and that you're all my prisoner, and that we'll be taking your ship and her cargo as prizes. Now. If you'd like, I shall make you a part of my crew until we reach port, with the understanding that you're to follow the orders given by any of those above your station, which is to say, anyone behind me." Jack hooked a thumb over his shoulder to indicate those from the Black Pearl. "Once we reach our hand-off destination your crew will be free to leave, find new work, new jobs, new loves, whatever they'd like. The other option is for anyone who wants off to line up in an orderly queue, where they will then be escorted to escape pods and they can make their way from there. You have my word that no one from my crew will attempt to fire upon them once they leave, though I cannot guarantee the same for any other ship out there. The third option, now--"


"Death to all pirates!" shrieked a high-pitched male voice, charging at the crew of the Pearl with a vibro-sword. Quicker than lightning, a long furry arm darted out, grabbing the attacker by the throat. Before the man's arm could swing the blade, another vibro-sword descended, severing the attacker's arm just below the elbow. The long furry arm, which was attached to a tall, furry Wookiee, lifted the man into the air, then slammed him head-first into the ship's deck. 


"Well, that's the third option, I'm afraid," said Jack. He blinked at the unmoving man. "One of your crew will need to mop that up, I'm afraid."


Jack's crew regained their composure, but looked more ready than ever to fight.


"Now then. What's it to be?" asked Jack, drawing his blaster and his sword at the same time.



Sabetha Tag Quell Rook Hira Mitsae Dracken Pryce Saverok Kian Karr Theodore Royce-Clarke Cynthia Alucard Rohak Vizsla


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Former Senator of Kashyyyk
Former Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic

Romi Jade

Romi Jade

    Jedi Beauty

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Location: Jade's Wind, Prakith Upper Atmosphere

Objective: Fly & Don't die

Allies: Kian Karr Dracken Pryce

Enemies: Saverok




The R-wing wove in breaking stealth, Romi pushed the throttle forward, picking up speed. "Birdie picking up speed!" She'd turned the laser cannons on the opposing vessels she'd been trailing -- they exploded into a fiery balls, and the hull of her ship screeched through the atmosphere, cutting right through the clouds of smoke. "I like your style Master Karr." 


A calculated cadence of beeps and squeals sounded off in tandem with the alert flashes on her system, "Missiles! Pull us up R0!"


The R-wing shot straight up, out of their field of view, with the missiles overshooting but quickly changing trajectory in order to trail their target. "Gimmie a surge to all power R0, reverse thrusters. Standby... Coren Starchaser showed me this trick." pushing the throttle up, she rolled her fighter -- and kept rolling until the missiles spun too close and collided into one another.


"Ugh...I hate flying." She banked to her left and then to her right and looped around. Killing power a bit she was now behind them. With a series of laser cannon blasts, the last few starfighters were taken by surprise and were turned into nothing but smoldering pieces of raining metal. 


"Wind to Dorin...I'm gonna go for that battlecruiser up ahead. Can you cover me?"


She was going to need a bit of help to cut a path for her as their fighters screamed towards the bulking frigate, she guided the ship to avoid the laser fire now hitting their position.


Soon enough, she could see it: the hangar bay. A shield was still up, however, which would prevent their ships from going through unless they had a specific transceiver frequency. R0 started squealing at her, "Hey sassy pants, just trust me jeez! You got my back?" Her astromech stopped responding, "Ugh, you're such a brat!" The generator was directly next to the hangar opening, and Romi fired full blast, spinning as she did so. In a fiery explosion, the generator shorted out, and the shield was taken down.
Snapping in s-foils at the last second, she put the R-wing down hard, skidding across the hangar bay floor. Popping open the canopy, she catapulted out. 
Her scarlet weapon started with ease -- she immediately began to weave an orb of protection.

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Sabetha Tag

Sabetha Tag

    The Devil to Pay

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Prakith System

In Scene: Hira Mitsae

Allies, probably, usually: Rohak Vizsla

::hand waggles:: Iffy: Quell Rook Saverok Jack Sparrow

The Fuzz: Dracken Pryce Kian Karr Theodore Royce-Clarke Cynthia Alucard Romi Jade



"I mean, I usually make an arse out of myself when you're involved, so I can't really blame him. Cargo area was packed with luxury goods mostly, some exotic food stuffs. Stuff we can turn around for a decent clink if we hit the right markets, dole it out in places that chit's scarce."


Honestly, she'd rather something she could sell quickly and was wanted in their more usual circles. Weapons. Spice. This would ultimately net them a higher profit but it was also a pain in the maw when it came to the logistics. The extra time involved meant that the higher return closer to evened out. 


The comm down the hall crackled again, this time garbled beyond recognition. 


"Okay if we're keeping this ship though, first thing we fix is that damned comm," Sabetha said, heading up toward the cockpit. 


"Lemme see what I can......" She sprawled into the co-pilot's seat, fiddling with the controls for a moment. Ahead of them, the surface of Prakith hung, filling most of the view. They had taken the ship just above the atmosphere, and with their tail drifting casually out system, they still couldn't see much of what was happening. The sensors had been pinging non-stop but that had been the case since they'd cracked this nut- too many pirate vessels tagged as hostiles- and she'd already tuned it out. 


"There's the b-"


The voice of Karl, a rather sensible Herglic who Sabetha half hoped to poach from Rohak at some point if she could manage it, came up out of the garble.

"and Imperial. So Rohak either has a plan, or is hoping you might have one."


"Okay Karl I missed what I hope was ninety percent of that, so start from the beginningwhattheKARK-"


A starfighter nyoomed past them, followed by another dozen as they headed to the surface. Sabetha reached over, tapping something into the sensor array. "Hira, sit your rear end in that pilot's seat, which I'm gonna regret but.... wow will you LOOK at that?"


The sensor now differentiated the ships. A low whistle from Sabetha. 


"Corellians AND Core. Did we kick a hornet's nest. I think we're good for now, this is a civilian freighter, so just keep us coasting for now, if anyone hails we lie through our teeth, savvy?"


Flipping back over to the comm's, she leaned an elbow on the control panel. 


"Alright, start at the beginning and when you get to the end, stop."


Karl laid out what she'd missed, though as it turned out, it wasn't much. 


"I mean, the solution is obvious, but it'll mean giving up on the Core for a while if we value our skins."

"Okay but what's the solution."


"Start a war of course."

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Aeneis Valdemar

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Enemies: Saverok
When the call came out the Shocktroopers answered. They may not be physically enhanced like the Halycons. They may not sport the same level superior tech that the supersoldiers were supplied with. What the Shocktroopers did have was loyalty, heart, and a way of getting the job done when it needed to be. Klaxons aboard the Starchild wailed, filling the halls of the large vessel. Aeneis had already been awake when Price sent the command for drop. All the Shocktroopers had, they’d been prepared since the moment the Corellians had arrived in system. 
The anticipation of combat was always within Aeneis, ever since joining the shocktrooper corp the man had a love-hate relationship with battle. This thirst, or lust as some would describe it had simply continued to grow ever since he’d begun his training in the force. Hands at the small of his back the Corellian paced up and down the row of drop pods, in front of each member of those under his command equating to three fireteams. 
“Well, it seems like the higher-ups decided they don’t need us up here anymore! Instead, we get a first-class flight down to the surface of Prakith!”
“Oooh, just what I always wanted!” One of the shocktroopers said, with a facsimile of a swoon that brought a chuckle from the others gathered, and even a smile to the Arkanian’s lips. 
“That’s right! Let’s show them what Shocktroopers do for fun! Move out!” The lieutenant barked watching his soldiers load into their pods, ensuring each was secure before finally entering his own the Corellian felt pride swell within his chest. Even when going to face unknown odds his troops did so without question or remorse.
Hand dancing over the controls within his own pod Aeneis sent out the release command. In an instant, his stomach felt as though it was propelled into his throat as from the ship at tremendous speeds the pods were shot out. Through the small viewport built into the front, the Lieutenant saw bursts of turbolaser fire fly past, explosions in the distance as starfighters and other vessels were turned into miniature stars. 
Not once did the man flinch, not even as his pod slammed through the atmosphere of Prakith, the entire thing feeling as though it would come apart in an instant. Analyzing the tactical displays within the confines of the durasteel shell Aeneis began to mark a rendezvous point for them all to meet. No sooner than he had typed it, he felt his vessel slow. The thrusters working counter to the gravity to ensure the trooper didn’t die on impact with the ground.
With a solid thoom, his pod slammed into Prakith’s surface kicking dirt high into the air. “No better time than the present.” Kicking the hatch control, Aeneis was welcomed by the light of Prakith’s primary. 


Quell Rook

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Equipment: Skyriver Beskar'gam, Besh Firefists, WESTAR-34, Beskad, Tehk'la Blade

Ship: Buccaneer-class Tof Runabout, Rook's Gambit [Support/HQ]

Allies: Sabetha Tag, Hira Mitsae, Rohak Vizsla, Saverok, Jack Sparrow

The Fuzz: Dracken Pryce, Kian Karr, Romi Jade, Aeneis Valdemar, Theodore Royce-Clarke, Cynthia Alucard





Quell roughly forced open the bridge's hatch at last, only to be greeted with a spectacle of closing telesponder signals and the tell tale sight of las fire. Slamming a dataspike into the nearby scomp link, he seized control of the freighter's navigation systems and set the ship on a collision course for the nearest capital ship. Already damaged by his crew's rough treatment, even at full speed the transport posed very little threat, but it was something else for their ambushers to deal with. One of the Gambit's nagai crewmen called his name from just outside the bridge, and Rook cuffed him roughly to the deck with a gauntlet on his way by.


"Cast off those lines!" he hollered at his boarding party, a quick jetpack burst launching up and over the side of their lead runabout, "Let the others hide among the chattel like frightened bantha, we've no fear of the black."


Another of his clan took hold of the ship's rudder while Captain Rook balanced himself against the rigging and loaded a nasty looking harpoon turret. They began to accelerate slowly at first, then picked up speed. Despite the runabout's open design there was a containment field around them that kept Quell from asphyxiating or combusting from exposure to vacuum which also provided a crude inertial dampening field. Scanning empty space for any targets, Quell caught sight of glinting metal and swung his turret around.


Intermittent pings warned him that his aim and the timing did not yet align, then at the sound of a chime he squeezed the trigger. A power harpoon hurtled through the black, slamming through the canopy of a passing Corellian needler and impaling its pilot. Both Rook and his pilot let out a cheer, taking the time to appreciate their shredded prey's spiral into oblivion. For the first time all day, his blood was up.


"Signal from the Gambit, cap'n!"


Captain Rook turned, and sure enough he caught a flash from the Tof frigate's quarterdeck. Tugging his spylass free, he zoomed in on their mothership and translated the crude signal code they relied on in lieu of conventional comms during battle. It conveyed the general spirit of the Red Hand pirates' plan to use their enemies own animosities against them, and requested further instruction. He considered this last puzzle, unlike the others there was no mistaking the Rook's Gambit for what it was.


Quell grabbed a strobe from under the runabout's benching and signaled back his instructions. A full broadside, then retreat. Mere seconds passed between his instructions and eruptions all along the frigate's hull revealing its position in brilliant and terrible splendor. Gouts of Fotia's Fire arced through empty void, burning away at anything unlucky enough to cross through its arc of fire. His quartermaster must have had their gun crews already at the ready in anticipation of such an order.


He fired a flare gun above his head, its arcing luminescence barely registering over the Gambit's fury, but any Tof runabouts in the area would know what to look for. It was a contextual signal, in this circumstance its meaning was clear.


"Run silent," he repeated his order out loud to the pilot, who nodded and powered down their sublight engine.


Now running purely on solar sails, their speed dropped considerably but the tiny transport's energy signature more or less evaporated. He signaled for the pilot to switch, and they awkwardly traded places. With his hand now on the rudder, Quell gently guided them around to coast towards the incoming patrol fleets while preserving as much of their momentum as possible.


"We make for one of the smaller Corellian ships."


He just hoped none of their jetii sensed him coming, otherwise this was liable to be a real short trip.

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Jeremiah Jade

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Watching a R-wing maneuver through turbolaser fire was quite amusing. Few species naturally had the reflexes to actually keep track of such a small fighter but a Gen'dai? Saverok grinned as it wisped by his Battle cruiser. It posed no real threat. His commanding voice again began to bark more orders. " There across the field. Send out a scouting team to salvage that vessel now!" Gritting his teeth he smiled strong in confidence. Victory never felt any sweeter than now. It would be short lived. A rattle took over the ship as a whole and only after the fact the alarms decided to go off. 


" What the kark? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO FIX THIS POODOO!" He screamed motioning to the alarms and thus the ships electronic systems. The alarms go off before to warn, not after a impact! " What just happened status report!" His head turned left and right searching for someone with answers. " Take a look for your self, Saverok." One of the crew stood up and backed away from their station. With a light shove Saverok shoved the gen'dai crew mate out of his may and growled. The shield generator was down. Large hands motioned over the display screen to replay what happened.


It was the R-wing.


" Gah!!" Spit found rest on the technical readout console as Saverok expressed his disappointment. Then he felt it. A different presence. Not dark and unfamiliar to him. At first he doubted the feeling intill his second mate contacted him. " Saverok the hangar bay. Do you-" He need not finish his sentence. 


" Aye. I will handle this newcomer." A jedi was onboard "The Creature". This would NOT be tolerated. 


" Handle them? Have your forgotten your condition? The Yorrik coral" Latch, second in command and ship medic growled back over comms. He would receive no response. 


This was all five minutes ago...


Location: Aboard the "The Creature" in the Hangar bay

Equipment: In sig & Dragons Flame Pike

Objective: Make a Jedi dog heel Romi Jade



Stepping out into the hangar immediately a booming voice blasted to the Gen'dai crew members ready to strike at the new arrival. " ENOUGH! The jedi schutta is mine and mine alone." A sinister smiled faded into a look of sternness. " Divert power from starboard weapons capacitor to backup shield generator and get out of my sight!" Saverok stepped forward examining the young female jedi. His entire body had a sickly color to the flesh and embedded into it rought bone like patches of organic nature. In some regions it grew out like bone forming sharp hazardous spikes. It almost covered his whole body. In fact it matched perfectly with his Vonduun Skerr kyrric he wore atop. An interesting choice in armor but effective and very lightweight. Slung around the torso of this monster was a single bandolier strap that connected to a large rifle on his back and a even bigger hammer. Fangs clashed together tight creating a evil visage. 




The long Lightpike he held was given life at the touch of a button. Its orange lit blade resonating a deeper hum than the average lightsaber and its containment field seemed odd. Plasma seemed to move dowwn the blade like water droplets slowly. Was it an illusion?. *Wooossshhh* With a single bound Saverok went airborn to close the gap between him and the Jedi Romi Jade. A yorrik afflicted right hand sliding down the lightpike of the shaft to better exploit its advantage of superior reach. A one handed horizontal slash poised at the waist was the monsters aim and if he had he way the strike would hit its mark.  






Away Captain of the Ten Thousand Fists 

Location: Prakith planetside

Objective: Protect the booty!

Equipment: Blastsword & Heavy Scatterblaster

Engaging: Aeneis Valdemar 


" They are mine. Load up that loot and take the captives!" Scour moved swiftly into action as new enemies crash landed in pods not to far away. His rather deceptive and densely packed body allowing him to sprint into action and maneuver quicker than the average Gen'dai. A testament to the amount of control he had over his own muscles. Drawing his Blastsword in one hand and Scatter blaster in the other Scour shouted wildly letting loose a warcry. " Give em hell boys! Giv'em HELL!" None of his own Gen'dai crew flanked behind their Captain as he was dangerous all his own. Closer and closer he closed the distance between him and the shock troopers ahead. 


He opened fire... 


Scattering blasts of red plasma flew through the air in large arcing sprays. Loosely aimed at the new arrivals, the shots mainly served as a distraction. " Haaah! Come on!" 

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Romi Jade

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Location: Aboard the "The Creature" in the Hangar bay

Objective: Engage Saverok

Allies: Kian Karr Dracken Pryce Aeneis Valdemar

Enemies: Quell Rook Sabetha Tag




There was a flicker of warning



" ENOUGH! The jedi schutta is mine and mine alone."



Romi spun around just in time to sweep the lightsaber blade across three incoming blaster bolts -- after that, it all ceased. She glanced up, and the two stood and stared for what seemed a long while, neither blinking, the test of wills before the inevitable battle. The imposing figure, would stare at the calmly composed Jedi; he seemed to be taking her measure. Her own aura would reach forth and clash with his own and ride the wave of tension amongst the room.




His saber sprung to life.



Plasma seemed to move down the blade like water droplets slowly.



"That plasma...a Lava crystal?" she sounded off in her head. An observation.


There was a tranquility about her, almost a blissfulness, that spoke of an intimacy with violence. She widened her stance, and allowed the rippling wave surrounding her to build into a current of metaphysical power that she would then shrug on like a well worn cloak. It would caress her astute frame and end at the tip of her saber, this all before she loosened her grip on its familiar embrace. She steadied her senses....



*Wooossshhh* With a single bound Saverok went airborn to close the gap between him and the Jedi Romi Jade. A yorrik afflicted right hand sliding down the lightpike of the shaft to better exploit its advantage of superior reach. A one handed horizontal slash poised at the waist was the monsters aim and if he had he way the strike would hit its mark. 



She takes in the sight of the massive humanoid blazing for her. Propelling herself into the air with astonishing speed, she tucked her knees in and watched the sweeping blow fly underneath her floating frame before arching her back and rolling through a backflip. Landing, she backpedalled with her blaster pistol leveled in her off hand. She let go several rounds in retaliation.


"Feeling confrontational?" she smirked.

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Kian Karr

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Location: Inbound to The Creature

Objective: Provide assistance to Romi Jade

Secondary Objective: Destroy Saverok

Tertiary Objective: Don't die.




"Copy that." Kian said to Jedi Master Jade and he fell in behind her, providing over. As they approached the battlecruiser, Kian's compressed the trigger on his stick, targeting the anti-boarding canons around the hangar to ensure they would not be fired upon as they approached, while Romi destroyed the shield generator. Kian brought The Storm of Dorin into the hanger, dropping it a bit harder onto the deck than he would have liked. His ship spun to the side, so that when it came to a stop, his cockpit was facing away from the gun fire pouring down on Romi Jade. 


Kian dropped down from his ship using it to provide cover and ignited his green blade, stepping out from around the vessel and into the hail of blaster fire from the enemy. However, he found himself ignored. The enemy focused solely on Romi's rather impressive entrance. Kian, always one to exploit an opportunity for surprise, used force speed and stealth to move from his ship to another, and then from that ship towards some storage off to Romi's right. By the time Kian had made it there, it seemed the firing had stopped and a booming voice rang out in the hangar. 


There was something oddly familiar and yet foreign about the force signature....but Kian could not place it. Kian watched from the shadows for a few moments while the other's left the hangar. The Sith didn't want help with Master Jade? Cocky or confident? Kian watched as he ignited a lightsaber pike and leapt forward to the attack. Master Jade easily dodged the powerful attack and fired several shots at the very large opponent. At this point, Kian leapt out from his hiding place, landing to the right of Master Jade, so as not to be in the line of fire.


"Mind if I join in?" Kian asked, his lightsaber held up ahead of him defensively. "Feel free to surrender. You'll be treated fairly." Kian said, not out of an arrogance that the Sith would suddenly feel he must because he was outnumber, but rather because he always gave them a chance to do so....despite the fact that is decades in the field, no Sith had ever taken him up on the offer. 



Kian's Lightsaber | Kian's Robes | Kian's Ship: The Shadow | Kian's Starfighter: Storm of Dorin

Hiron Vizsla

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Prakith System
In Scene: Sabetha Tag
Allies, probably, usually: Rohak Vizsla
::hand waggles:: Iffy: Quell Rook | Saverok | Jack Sparrow
Hira unceremoniously plopped herself in the pilot seat.
"Y'know, when ya want me in this seat, even I start to be worryin'." She thought about that statement for a moment. "Nah, that's a lie, I dun' worry." She didn't do much right away, because it wasn't needed. They had, luckily enough, cut through the ship's inhabitants for the most part. Civilian freighter. Both sides of the Fuzz had their hands full on the actual pirate ships right now. Oh, if they stuck around for too long? Sure would be a problem. Lots'a questions. Knowing Sabetha they wouldn't be sticking around for the fu-
She followed the conversation.
Head turning from eyeing Sabetha to the comms and back. The farther the conversation went? The wider that grin got. By the end of it, when Sabetha finished? Hira actually clapped instinctively. 
"Yes, yes, yes, gurl! This is what I am talking​ about." 
Her hold on the controls got a little bit tighter. She refocused on the status prompts, checking their fuel, shields, clicking with her tongue. "Not sure how far we will get in this chit though..." Hmmm'ing, before starting to smile. "Oh oh, okay, yeah! I can crash it through one of their bridge's viewports, take control and then-" She trailed off once she saw Sabetha's expression.
A long sigh.
"Okay, fine. I guess you just want us to dock with one of their smaller ships? Use the fact that we are civilians to get on board?
The positive respond made her shruuuug. "Yeah, okay, we can do that too. I GUESS." It didn't take long before one of the smaller sub-capital Corellian ships got a docking request from a random civilian freighter. The voice was terrified, feminine and asking for shelter. They were probably afraid they'd be shred between all the volleys of fire being bounced around.
Made a ton of sense.
Of course. 


Aeneis Valdemar

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Enemies: Saverok Hira Mitsae, Quell Rook, Sabetha Tag
Objective: Engage Kill Scour
The welcoming that Aeneis got wasn’t the hand of a friendly shocktrooper aiding him out of the drop pod, instead, it was a volley of blaster fire that tore into the vessel. Within the confines of his small pod, Aeneis didn’t have much room to operate or even dodge, so a few of the blaster bolts struck him. On impact, the darts of crimson energy dispersed, the heat, energy and kinetic impact absorbed across the surface of the armor and activating the systems within. Storing the energy the Arkanian-offshoot kicked into gear. 
Leaping out of the pod, VAARS rifle in hand Aeneis entered a roll and in one fluid motion was up on his feet once more charging across the grounds towards the rendezvous. Blasterbolts and slugthrowers chipped away at the stone, dirt, and grass behind the shocktrooper as he charged across the field of battle. Reaching the pinnacle of a short ledge, the lieutenant hopped over and crouched pressing his back to the inside of it. Looking up blasterbolts and slugthrowers flew overhead and hammered the ground causing bits of earth to fall.
“Glad you could join us Lieutenant! Thought you were going to leave us standing.” One of the shocktroopers called out clapping the Arkanian on the shoulder.
“Not for a lack of trying on their part.” Aeneis responded a slight smile on his face behind the helmeted and expressionless helmet. The Corellian wished he could comfort his troops with his customary smile, but a battlefield was the last place you wanted to be without your helmet. “Enough jokes, status report!”
Eyes glancing over the troops that had managed to make it, Aeneis knew the answer before the leader of Fireteam rancor spoke up. “Rancors, down by one. Krayt made it intact… Nexu sir.” 
“Frink!” The outburst immediate, and unable to be held in. Loss of life was nothing new to the Corellian officer, he'd experienced it when he was an enlisted grunt. He’d seen allies fall in the name of Corellia, but when you were the officer tasked with leading them it was different. They placed their trust in you, you were supposed to be the one to get them home to their families. Now there was an entire fireteam that wouldn’t make it back to see their parents, wives or children. 
From deep within Aeneis he felt a deep-seated rage that rose up. What had once been a small flame became a raging inferno, and when he next spoke his orders came with a hint of finality. Though none could see the gold eyes, within them there was the promise of damnation. “They took some of ours, so we’re damn sure going to take some of theirs.” Reaching up and flicking the switch on his rifle Aeneis looked it over once ensuring it was set to the proper mode.
“Switch to Anti-matter rounds. Hit them hard, and swift. Once you’re out of Anti-matter rounds use the Cryo and pyro rounds. I’m going in after their commander.”
“Sir, do you think that's the best decision?” One of the soldiers asked a bit of concern obvious in their tone. 
“Nope, but its the only choice we got. You have your orders.”  Sitting up and glancing over the edge, Aeneis spotted the large figure towering over his troops and commanding. Eyes narrowing he leapt over the ledge charging straight at him. From behind the officer the other shock troopers opened up with a barrage of fire. 7 shots rang out from the shocktroopers and in return there were 7 explosions among the ranks of the pirates sending some careening, and eviscerating others on impact. 
Smoke billowed from the explosions and Aeneis’ drabbed in his special armor penetrated those clouds his own rifle raised and aimed directly at Scour. Pulling the trigger there was a heavy thump against his shoulder from the sheer recoil of the weapon, his armor absorbing the kinetic impact. From the barrel one of the very same anti-matter rounds the officers troops had fired flew through the air at the Gen’dai. 


Tanomas Graf

Tanomas Graf

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High Chancellor Tanomas Graf

Location: Imperial Executive Building, Coruscant 

Status: Realpolitik




"More casualties from three days on Kuat than from three fortnights in the Expansion Region with the bloody Mandalorians. Now we have pirates, of all the scum in our underworld, openly raiding a Core world. This is absurd, and it needs to be rectified immediately." Tanomas Graf boomed to his cadre of advisors and other miscellaneous government officials, each with a datapad in hand, "Get the ministers of industry and defence on the line, I want KDY to be producing forty star destroyers biannually, and then those star destroyers to be patrolling our fringe systems and protectorates."


He waved his hand and the crowd cleared out, leaving him alone in his office with a single Chiss: Druwor, a high-ranking member of the party. "Our external sources discovered that Prakith sent out not one, but two, communiques requesting assistance with their issue." He uttered calmly, hands folded over his chest, "The other being to our dear adversaries, the Corellians." Graf's forehead creased as he looked up from some pertinent documents, a grimace making itself known. A trembling hand reached up to remove the spectacles from the bridge of his nose, setting them down carefully on his desk, "Maker save us, it's going to become an all out war." He fretted, quickly standing up and grabbing his coat from the nearby stand.


Druwor, silently understanding what needed to be done, reached for the comlink in his pocket and brought it up to his mouth "Chromium to HMIS Avenger, prepare the ship for hyperspace and expect the high chancellor's presence momentarily."


Tanomas left his office, pulling a cigar from his coat pocket and lighting it, "Inform the forces already en-route that I will be joining them at Prakith, nobody is to fire a damn shot unless I say so."