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- - - - - HANDalorian Amon Vizsla Cybernetic hand TOTT

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Dash Kessler

Dash Kessler

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Intent: To create a replacement hand for Amon Vizsla.
Image Source: Jim Martin
Canon Link: N/A
Primary Source: Repulse-Hand, Crushgaunt



Manufacturer: Tricks of the Trade
Affiliation: Amon Vizsla
Model: TOTT-002SC Silverhand
Modularity: N/A
Production: Unique
Material: Beskar, Phrik, Rybcoarse, Repulsor Generators, Cybernetic Components




Classification: Cybernetic Hand
Weight: 0.575kg


- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): High

- Kinetic: Very High

- Lightsabers: High

- EMP/ION: Average

- Elemental: Average


Crushgaunt Grip
Weaponised Repulsors



Phrik’ing The Fingers: Phrik offers heavy duty protection versus kinetics, blasters and lightsabers. Also EMP/ION hardened to an average degree. 


Get A Grip: Micronised beskar ligaments woven throughout the hand provide the wearer with an obscenely high crush grip, capable of crumpling durasteel or simply dominating any macho handshake contests.


Repulsive Destruction: The hand is also laced with miniature repulsor generators, which further augment its destructive capabilities through a series of short-range gravitational waves, particularly when applied to soft materials such as flesh, bone or related viscera.


Out of Touch: Due to the combination of the above features, the hand lacks the tactile sensation of a regular hand.


Yet Still Sensitive: While the majority of the hand is hardened against EMP and ION, the repulsor generators are still vulnerable and will require maintenance to restore to function if exposed.

Within A Hand’s Breadth: Repulse-Hand function only works in extremely close proximity, requiring the user to touch the target to affect it.


Contra-Banned: For understandable reasons, crushgaunts and repulse-hands are considered deadly weapons and are banned in certain sectors of the galaxy. Potentially an issue given the overt nature and design of this prosthetic replacement.


Not every day you end up doing a hand job for a Mandalorian that quite literally drops out of the sky during your lunch hour, but far be it for Tricks of the Trade to turn down a prospective paying customer. Not that an added surcharge wasn’t included in the final bill - can’t get a reputation for giving out handouts after all. Amon Vizsla seemed to be in a tight spot, however.


While beskar would have been the obvious choice given the client, Phrik was selected for the main components of the prosthesis due to concerns over the added weight. By way of a compromise, micronised beskar ligaments were used in the construction to give it a ‘crushgaunt’ like grip, as well as adding additional protection against lightsabers, blaster bolts and even its own repulsor generators. 


Speaking of which, miniature repulsor generators were installed. Might have led with that, probably should have, but here we are. These little beauties are concealed cunningly throughout the palm of the device, allowing the owner to surprise an adversary with short wave gravitational attack that causes extreme destruction to both organic and inorganic substances.


Simple and deadly, like it's new owner.


Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

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Dash Kessler, Many like this have been made in the past. In fact I have made a few with similar uses. 


Nothing wrong here. Approved. 


Vigil Rostu

Vigil Rostu

    G U N F I G H T E R

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  • 2,194 posts