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Following it back to the source (Corellian Confederation Dominion of Eclipse)

- - - - - Corellian Confederation

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Samantha Solo

Samantha Solo
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A conversation among equals that's what this was.


Ashan had all the logs dating back a few months.Ms. clickclick noise brought out assignment sheets and the list of who had access to the list.Oleg could tell her who drew what weapons, or made inquiries on what weapons were going to be used on the day in question.


Each held a piece to the puzzle that she hoped she could fit together and point a finger.Each seemed suspicious of the other as they exchanged glances.


"Mr. Ashan is it alright if I look at the log." He nodded without hesitation telling her two things either he had nothing to hide or he was secure in knowing there was nothing in the logs.


Ms. click click asked about who assigned the details that day.Ashan pointed to himself. "Needed the best that day." Yes they were all the best at what they did.  


She knew others were tracing information from another direction, maybe she could find something that tied to their information.So many things to consider.Sam scanned the listing. 

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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

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Objective: Confront the terrorists who attacked the Andromeda Star

Involved Parties: Kaleleon Seleare Aeneis Valdemar Atlas Kane Nulgath Zardai Samantha Solo


Kian watched the younger Jedi as he spoke, his face passive. It appeared Kaleleon did not have training in flying. Kian was surprised, given the skill of his master in the art - but not bothered by it. Kian was a capable pilot but it was not something he enjoyed. Many Jedi over the years had been exceptional pilots and truly enjoyed it. For Kian it had always been a necessary skill to learn and nothing more. Aside from dogfights, he let his droids pilot for him. 


"Nothing to worry about," Kian said nodding his head, "I made an assumption - my apologies. We can have the droid take us in. Help with navigation and monitoring for anything suspicious." Striding up the loading ramp into the shuttle, Kian quickly took a seat in one of the chairs and leaned forward - instructing the droid to take them to the rendezvous point. 


"Once we've gotten there," Kian said strapping in as the ship lifted off and existed the larger vessel, "We will be disembarking the ship and moving across the surface. I hope you're ready for a nice stroll in vacuum." Kian said smiling beneath his mask. He wondered if the young man had ever had to engage in such an operation before. Kian certainly had not at his age. As a Kel Dor, Kian benefited with the ability to withstand the vacuum of space for a short period of time but he wouldn't be chancing it today. "We can suit up once we are there."


Kian closed his eyes and focused his mind - stretching out across the darkness of space as they propelled toward their destination. He did not doubt that the stealth systems on the ship would do the job, but he was still worried. Kian had been a Jedi Shadow for a long time and that tended to bread paranoia. "Have you ever faced off against a darkside user Jedi Seleare?" Kian asked opening his eyes and turning his attention back toward the younger Jedi. Kian was earnestly curious, it was not a questioning of his abilities and he hoped that his presence in the force would make that clear. Turning toward the readouts on the screen, Kian was pleased to see the other forces were commencing with their attack. They would draw much attention - Kian just hoped it wasn't going to be costly in terms of losses. He always hated watching soldiers die, though having the pleasure of serving with many over the years he was aware that they did not hesitate to do so when it was called upon them. 


After what felt like an eternity, the vessel settled down at its location and Kian rose to his feet. "Come," Kian said beckoning with his hand, "The suits are aft." Leading the way toward the back of the ship, Kian quickly threw a suit over his robes and attached a large helmet designed for Kel Dor use. There were other suits there for Kaleleon to use - humans were always easiest to accommodate. Kian waited until the other Jedi was ready and then pressed the button to lower the ramp. As Kian's memory reminded him, the eeriest part of vacuum was not the vastness of the space around you or the cold biting at your body despite the warmth of the suit. No, the worst part was the silence. Stepping down the ramp into the void of space, Kian steeled his will and pressed himself forward. 


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Rimateen Riverwolf

Rimateen Riverwolf

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Location: Eclipse

Time: Mid-afternoon

Tags: N/A

Objective: BYO Detective time


Rimateen stood in the street looking over the crime scene again chewing her gum. She couldn't believe she had been hunting a serial killer who had moved from corellia and had until this point been in front of the corellian confederate forces however they had picked eclipse this time around to hit on the same day corellian forces had come to the planet to try and do something in the asteroid fields. She wasn't sure what nor why because she was corsec. wasn't her business to know what the jedi or the higher ups did or were doing.


As she continued to take in the scene the coroner arrived. As the coroner finished her final results rima crossed the distance to her. "So whats the deal with this body?" The coroner shook her head as she shoved the body into it's body bag. "It's exactly what you thought ma'am. Killed with a special poison in the same way the last seven cases you sent through have. However there's a mix in this one that wasn't present in the last one."


"What's that cornie?" Rima would ask still chewing her gum looking dead into the coroners eyes. "That would be that this time theirs Devonian blood present in the poison. I would say your boy is a Devonian who's running low on his normal stuff and has resorted to using his own blood as the toxin. I can probably even get you a DNA sample from it get you a way to hunt this monster down." Rima looked surpised. "Hutt shutta no way we almost have him. Get me that data as soon as you can I will put out a bulletin out on Devonians stop them from leaving the planet at least by the space ports." As she ran of to do exactly that.


Darth Immortuos

Darth Immortuos

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Tags: Rimateen Riverwolf Kian Karr Samantha Solo @#everyone else


Demands and directions shot back and forth throughout the room as Nulgath directed. With a shake the hangar room within the asteroid shook after a tremor had a erupted not too far from the surface. Cold pale eyes slowly traced the sounds and shakes. Fissures in the room ripped about the ceiling and walls, spilling asteroid dust into the already cold stale air. This was all a tad unexpected. The Corellians were too early to begin their attack. 


" Where you followed?" Nulgaths slack jaw snapped at Atlas Kane. His Pale eyes accusingly glaring at the man busy with the ritual. The question was rhetorical. The accusation was not though. It mattered little now though. " We shall continue. Those willing line up and we shall begin!" Nulgath spat while focusing on the enviorment around him. The fear, pain, worry, hate, anger and despair of the situation. It fed him and empowered him so. Red arcs of electricity sprouted from his being in wide thick beams of static energy. The rotting epicanthix unlike the sith next to him was a master of the darkside and was able to summon forces that most sith could only dream of. 


" I will be back shortly.." He uttered aloud. 


The cold chill within the air intensified when a sudden focus of static arcs on the walking corpses figure shot out in a flash of light. A horrid sound escaped into the air with a scream. Something very wrong had just occurred. It stained the force itself with heavy corruption. A plague. Force Travel.


And with that Nulgath had seemed to be gone from where he previously had stood! 


Where did he go?