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The Sha Koon

- - - - - Jedi Shadows

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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

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  • Starship NameThe Sha Koon
  • Starship ModelThe Sha Koon
  • Classification: Cruiser
  • Homeport: None - for security sake the vessel is often not at port and location kept known only to the Jedi Shadows across the various Jedi Orders. As it is a vessel tied to the Jedi Academy Network, it makes use of any JAN affiliated faction ports when resupplying. 
  • Travel Route: N/A - ship avoids falling into predictable patterns. 
  • Affiliation: Jedi Shadows of the Jedi Alliance (e.g., The Green Jedi, The Silver Jedi)
  • Crew ComplementModerately Manned
  • Notable Crew Members:
    • Kian Karr - Jedi Master with the Green Jedi Order. Kian has long been a Master within the Jedi Shadows and oversaw the commissioning of The Gnost Dural as well as The Sha Koon, which replaced The Gnost Dural, after the fall of the Republic. 
    • Jyoti Nooran - A Jedi Master among the Silver Shadows, Jyoti is renowned for her skills as a Jedi Shadow. 
    • Allyson Locke - A Jedi Knight, and skilled pilot, Allyson was trained by Jyoti Nooran in the ways of the Jedi Shadows.
    • Romi Jade - Romi is a Jedi Master who often works with the Jedi Shadows and is the official Shadow liaison for the Jedi Covenant.  
    • Jedi Master Eliza Ricon - A Miralukan Jedi Master who often oversees the day-to-day operations of The Sha Koon. Acts as an un-offical headmaster of the Shadows training on the ship. 
    • Jedi Knight Koras Qual - A Selkath Jedi Shadow who often assists in Shadow missions and who spends time between missions aboard The Sha Koon
    • Jedi Knight Soli Baris - A recently appointed Jedi Knight who often accompanies Jedi Qual on missions - The Sha Koon is practically her home and she has a close relationship with Kian Karr and Koras Qual, who both served as her masters throughout her training. 
  • AccessibilityThe Sha Koon is a member of the Jedi Academy Network, as such it is accessible to all members of Jedi Orders associated with that partnership. However, access to the vessel is very regulated - with significant security protocols in place making it often tedious to gain access to the vessel. Jedi who wish to train there often connect first with a member of the Shadows to allow them to gain access much easier. The ship also maintains an air of secrecy around where it is located at any given time and where it is going - alternating and randomizing routes to keep it hidden.  
  • Description: From the outside, the ship is large, sharp, and angular. It is designed to maintain as much stealth as possible. It is not designed for combat, but rather not being seen and getting away when under attack. Inside the vessel it is very much arrayed like a Jedi temple, with training rooms and quarters for Jedi to stay in. While all Jedi Temples have security, however, the security aboard The Sha Koon is extreme and, according to some, excessive. 




  • Lower hangars: On the underside of the ship is the entrance to the main hangars. There are four hangars that are used for all typical traffic to and from the ship. These are heavily fortified hangars with only two exits and entrances going out of each into the interior of the ship. Each of these have heavy security checkpoints where vetting and screening is done. This is typically done by both security droids and personnel as well as Jedi Shadows padawans who are on duty to learn about security protocols and using the force to detect deceit. 


  • Top-Level Security Hangar: There is a single hangar located atop The Sha Koon that is used for only the top ranking Jedi (in terms of security clearance; e.g., Kian Karr, Jyoti Nooran). This hangar is only accessible with the proper access codes which open the blast doors. Despite it being used for those with top-level security clearance, there is still a security checkpoint maned by experienced security personnel, droids, and, typically, a Jedi Knight. This hangar is smaller in size, only capable of handling a handful of Jedi fighters or shuttles. This hangar is used as it has access to the Council of First Knowledge Conference Chamber, allowing for the Jedi Masters of the Shadows to meet quickly to discuss Shadow business. 


  • Council of First Knowledge Conference Chamber: the Council of First Knowledge was historically a governing body of the Jedi who oversaw the duties of the Jedi Shadows and who sought to destroy the Sith. The Council of First Knowledge no longer operates in this capacity given the diversity of Jedi Orders across the various governments of the galaxy. While the ultimate goal of the Council of First Knowledge is still to wipe out the Sith threat - they no longer have the authority of a governing body. Instead, they are a group of Jedi Shadows who have obtained Master-rank and who represent the Jedi Shadows of the various Jedi Orders - often acting as liaisons between the Orders and helping to guide joint operations of the Shadows. The Council of First Knowledge Conference Chambers is a secure location from which these Jedi Masters can meet and discuss missions as well as share intelligence. This chamber has significant security measures, such as constantly updated security sweeps that seek out bugging devices as well as Stone Guardians (x2) placed at the entrance of the chamber. These are designed to activate when intruders or those with malevolent intentions pass between them. The Chamber is decorated fairly typically for a Jedi conference room. The only unique characteristic is the transparisteel domed ceiling that allows the Jedi a view of space outside the ship. 


  • Jedi Training Rooms: As The Sha Koon is ultimately serving as a Praxeum vessel for the Jedi Shadows, the vessel comes fully equipped with the training rooms typically needed by the Jedi. However, in addition to dueling arenas and force training facilities, the vessel also has training room dedicated to training the Jedi in stealth, espionage, slicing, and various other techniques that will aid a Jedi Shadow in their duties. 


  • Jedi Meditation Rooms: The duties of the Jedi Shadows often force a Jedi to think and behave in ways that are typically not thought of as Jedi-like behavior (e.g., spying, deceit, assassination of Sith). As such, there is an ever present concern for the well-being of the Jedi who pursue that path. As such, The Sha Koon is home to some wonderfully peaceful and tranquil meditation chambers. These are numerous - with Jedi having access to private rooms as well as larger rooms full of Flora and Fauna that are taken care of by the Jedi and staff of the vessel. 


  • Intelligence Centers:  While The Sha Koon's primary goal is in training the next generation of Jedi Shadows, it still serves as a mobile base. As one of the epicenters of what the Jedi Shadows do, there are numerous intelligence operations running at any given time, monitoring communications and reports from all over the galaxy. On a daily basis reports are being poured over and flagged. 


  • Deflector Shields (Ray & Particle) - internal and external
  • Advanced Detention Cells
  • Advanced Encryption Network
  • Stygium Cloaking Device
  • Thrust Trace Dampers
  • Cystal Gravfield Trap
  • Security Personnel
  • Jedi Shadows
  • Jedi Training & Security Droids
  • Stone Guardians x 2

With concern over the vulnerability of a Jedi training facility that was tethered to a specific location - Kian Karr commissioned the development of a mobile base of operations and training center for the Jedi Shadows of the Galactic Republic, The Gnost-Dural. When the Republic fell, however, so too did the Jedi Shadows loose access to this valuable resource. To overcome this, Kian Karr - with the aid of the Jedi Academy Network - once more commissioned a mobile Jedi Shadow base of operations. Unlike The Gnost-Dural, The Sha Koon has ties to all Jedi Shadow associated with the Jedi Academy Network. 


Like The Gnost-Dural, The Sha Koon is a secretive and secure training center for the Jedi Shadows. Designed to optimize security above combat, the vessel has limited offensive capabilities but has extensive defensive measures, most centered on stealth. A new arrival to the ship might consider the security overkill. There are checkpoints stationed throughout the vessel and a general sense of paranoia is sometimes pervasive on the vessel. As Jedi Shadow are often noted as having this as a personality characteristic, the larger presence of them there helps to amplify this environment. In an attempt to counteract this, the vessel makes extensive use of beautiful and peaceful meditation chambers - both private and public. 


Just where The Sha Koon‚Äč is at any time is hard to pin down. The vessel maintains a randomized course, only targeting specific sectors of space when required to do so. Jedi Shadows across the Jedi Academy Network are provided with access to a secure network that is updated with the trajectory of the vessel to allow it to be located when needed. The Sha Koon also acts as a meeting location for Jedi Masters of the Jedi Shadows (the Council of First Knowledge) to meet and discuss missions as well as the sharing of information between Jedi Orders. 



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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

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Kian Karr


Under review.

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

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Kian Karr


I like the pic and the concept. Mobile base is a good idea for Shadows. Probably practical for Jedi in general, given the current situation on the map.





Image Credit: Image is from here.


Is this the original artist? The link leads me to a wikia account, but does not provide the pic. I used Tineye, and came across a source link here: https://sinsofasolar...ntorak_Marauder


Please add the source links for the other pictures in the submission. I usually use Tineye when I have to find image links.



Homeport: None - for security sake the vessel is often not at port and location kept known only to the Jedi Shadows across the various Jedi Orders. As it is a vessel tied to the Jedi Academy Network, it makes use of any JAN affiliated faction ports when resupplying.


Please hyperlink Jedi Academy Network.



Affiliation: Jedi Shadows of the Jedi Alliance (e.g., The Green Jedi, The Silver Jedi)


Please provide hyperlinks for the associated groups.


Once this is done, this can be approved.

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Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

Elpsis Kerrigan-Alcori

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Kian Karr


Hi there. What's your status on this? Checking since it's been nearly a week.