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Sphaera Tea Company

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Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais

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  • Image Source: Imran Sagar
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Development Thread: (If appliable.)
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: Sphaera Tea Company
  • Headquarters: Altiria
  • Locations: Only the one at this current time
  • Operations: Manufactures and brews a variety of teas.
Sphaera Tea Company sells a variety of teas. Some of the ingredients are imported or smuggled into it's home base and store on Altiria to be brewed and mixed. Besides just a tea shoppe at the front, it is also a warehouse for shipping across the Galaxy. Some teas are of your usual variety, while others can either hinder or enhance the drinker for a short time.

After the fall of Zakuul, Kay escaped death and suffered major PTSD. She needed to get far away from anyone trying to get her involved in politics. So she went to the far north to Altiria. The planet was rich in produce again and given Kay's knowledge of tea, she thought it best to set up a shop for herself and sell tea. Her access to trading partners and smugglers were high, so getting supplies wouldn't be very difficult. And the planet was deep enough in neutral territory that she wouldn't have to worry about falling under anyone's jurisdiction. The resulting condition of her PTSD has gotten her into the frame of mind to use tea as a way to either thwart her enemies or to help herself and her friends. No one is suspicious of tea. ;)

Subsidiaries: N/A
Parent Corporation: N/A

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