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Closed Season - SJO Dominion of Yurb

- - - - - SJO Yurb

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Jessica Med-Beq

Jessica Med-Beq

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Objective 1: Diplomacy

Allies: Ura Iolar


"Thank you. Oh and if I may add, if the sand is suitable for glass, transparisteel or glasteel production, maybe we could get some rights to the sand required for its production"


Depending on the chemical composition of the sand, maybe this place can produce that sort of materials, but making transparisteel and especially glasteel required some iron, while clari-crystalline was usually more lead-intensive, she thought, while being carried away by the implications of using Yurb sand to produce the materials in question. Plus Jessica knew it wasn't her place to play around with jars, even if they were properly labeled as growth jars (presumably used for the purposes of reproduction or early childhood). Other than that, it seemed pretty reasonable: she never knew about Lervon even being called sand spirits, but perhaps the rank-and-file stationed in systems near Yurb may have met them. As was the case on Ringo, it is best to be cautious around the deployment of garrisons: yes, the need for, say, EWS is warranted, and that she knew it would be uncontroversial. Now that they were prepared to meet with the minister, they could get underway and get the best deal to secure the Lervon's food supplies, even if it meant allowing a portion of the sand to be used for other industrial purposes.

Ura Iolar

Ura Iolar

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Jessica Med-Beq


Ura looked to the Jedi Master, nodding slightly but gave off a somewhat nervous feeling as her monotone voice spoke up. 


"Your welcome, but I would be careful with how I ask about using the sands here for glass production. Being sand-like ourselves.... I think that explains enough." Then, as the time came to meet the Minister of Yurb, Ura looked back over to Jessica. "I hope you are ready Master, but if I may ask, Gadron Borin and his wife and adviser, Leda, do fall under a pair who generally spend their time... together. While they usually split for such events, if you're comfortable with it, I could tell them so." Once the question was answered, Ura would lead Jessica to the meeting place, and knock on the door. A momotone, masculine voice would be heard, saying "Come in."

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Thora Heavenshield

Thora Heavenshield

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BYOO: //Rusty Bucket\\



Nida Perl



Just as she reached the door, Thora heard the voice of Nida, somehow the pair had got separated which may have been Thora's fault.She waited at the door for her to arrive, her leg sore from the fall and Thora was finding it hard to place any weight on it. It hurt more than she realised it would and she didn't fancy telling her papa how she got injured. Maybe Nida could help? As Nida approached, Thora could see the look on her face, she was worried and upset that something bad might have happened to her which made her feel worse, she liked Nida and did not want to upset her.I hope she wont be too mad with me.


"I'm sorry", she said as Nida reached her, "It was my fault",most likely it was so she accepted the blame.


From behind the door, Thora heard a strange noise, a low rumbling growl followed by another. It sounded distant but something was in there behind the rusty door. And they didn't sound happy. 


"What was that?", she looked up into Nida's face wondering if she heard it too. And in the tradition of a bad horror flick, "I think we should go and see",there was a sense of anger and hunger in the growl, in the creatures that were in the ruined building and Thora knew they wanted to get out.