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- - - - - TSE Darth Prazutis Sith Greatsword

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

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  • Manufacturer: Rave Merrill, Darth Prazutis - Reforge
  • Affiliation: Rave Merrill (Creator), Darth Kryptus (Original Bearer), Darth Prazutis (Second and Current Bearer)
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Alchemized Mullinine. Black Electrum Hilt, Electronic Components 


  • Classification: Sith Greatsword
  • Size: Large (2.1336 Meters / 7 Feet)
  • Weight: Heavy (6.8039 Kilograms / 15 Pounds)



  • Enhanced by Alchemy: The blade was created through imbuing mullinine with the mysterious and arcane tenets of Sith Alchemy, enhancing it far beyond the comprehension of mortal means. The blade is supernaturally sharp, allowing it to cut through most metals like a lightsaber would with minimal effort. As with all creations formed through the profane alchemical techniques the sword can completely resist the plasmatic blades of lightsabers, as well as both absorb and expel bolts of force lightning.
  • Laced with Poison: A malevolent addition to the greatsword is a thin layer of the gemstone known as Devaronian Blood Poison applied to the weapons edge. While not inhibiting the cutting ability of the mullinine the effect of this exotic gemstone is deadly. Due to the poison just by touching the blade to ones skin causes unendurable pain. If the blade breaks the skin not only would this blinding pain last until the wound was healed, but the effect of the crippling torment would amplify threefold as the opportuntity presented itself for the jewels toxin to enter the bloodstream.
  • Eater of Souls: A legendary feature of groundbreaking work achieved by Rave Merrill, one of the greatest masters of alchemy in modern memory, the blade includes a specialized form of leviathan blister trap. Everything that is killed by this blade finds its soul consumed by it, devoured by the hungering runeblade. The unique nature of the blister trap allows the blades wielder to access the knowledge of the deceased (OOC Note: In a PvP setting this can only be done with the express consent of all parties involved).
  • Sonic Discharge: On impact the blade releases a series of sonic waves and vibrations that allow it to rip through flesh, most forms of armor, stone, durasteel plating and more.
  • Soul Bond: The blade is inexorably bound to its owner who is the only one capable of utilizing its devastating power. The aformentioned owner has the ability of both calling and dismissing the blade, seeing through it, and knowing its location at all times.


  • Heavy: A byproduct of the alchemization process has made this monstrous blade incredibly heavy. The blade is so heavy that it's entirely unusuable for most humanoids, while those who were equipped find themselves needing the power of the force to use.
  • The Light: As a sword so deeply rooted in the vile power of the dark side, it is uniquely vulnerable to the power of the light. Direct applications of force light in great concentrations has an ability to damage, and even destroy the blade.
  • Madness: The blade is imbued with its own twisted, malefic sentience that constantly pulls on the mind of the wielder. It actively thirsts for blood, hungers for souls to add to its collection. A wielder of the weapon constantly guards against its whispers, and in battle prolonged exposure to gore has the potential to drive the wielder into a bloodthirsty rage.
  • Beacon: A byproduct of the blades immense darkness is that under no circumstances can the blade be hidden, it can always be felt by those sensitive to the force as an abomination of the dark side, an affront to reality itself.





In the very beginning the blade was a farcry from what it eventually became. It was the byproduct of long, arduous research by one of the greatest alchemists of the past eight centuries Rave Merrill. The blade was further inspired by the Leviathan of Corbos and their unique blister traps that are used to trap souls. Rave put her brilliant mind to task researching these impressive beasts and achieved an astonishing breakthrough. Through a complex process she was able to combine one of these leviathan blister traps into an alchemized blade to create an impressively powerful weapon capable of stealing the souls of those it killed.


A pair of blades were made one named Daesumnor for Jacen Cavill known as Darth Kryptus, and one named Derriphan for Kaine Zambrano who would someday be known as Darth Carnifex, to be used in the war against the Jedi. Decades passed and Daesumnor was used to terrible effect in the hands of Darth Kryptus who slaughtered countless foes with his terrible blade. Eventually the Sith Lord finally put down the blade when he saw how far the blades corruptive influence had manipulated him, locking it away it moved through several of his vaults before settling on a hidden one on Prakith. Darth Kryptus too disappeared from the known galaxy leaving only his legacy and rumors behind. The runeblade slipped into myth and legend.


Until Darth Prazutis came looking.


A long investigation saw him track the blade far and wide across the galaxy through countless hidden vaults left behind, he followed the blades trail through each one until it finally led him to Prakith. It was there that he finally came into possession of the runeblade. In the years that followed it too faithfully served as the chosen weapon of the Lord of Lies who slaughtered thousands with it including some of his most dangerous adversaries, the most notable being Silara Kuhn in a kaggath to the death. It was a duel that also saw her daughter, Lisette Kuhn executed with it. 


But not even this blade was invincible. In battle against the spectral Jedi Master Zark on Rhen Var a targeted assault saw the blade strained.


It was enough to create miniscule cracks which allowed Silara Kuhn to pull her soul free. The cracks were patched just in time for the Sith Empire's retaliatory strike on Pantora. In the aftermath of a sucessful invasion the Shadow Hand revisited his runeblade, simple repairs was no longer a feasible solution. Daesumnor was no longer enough. So the blade was disassembled its blister trap carefully removed and Daesumnor was reforged anew. Into the new blade he poured his cruelty, his malice, his absolute hatred of all life. It is a farcry from the original design of a bastard sword, now it was a Sith Greatsword a colossal seven feet in length, and a staggering fifteen pounds. The blades terrible power unleashed earned it many names by those who bore witness to its terrible destruction: The Blade of Hunger, Breaker of Dynasties, Bane of Kings, End of Empires, The Great Blade of Death. 



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