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- - - - - The Armoury Adenn Kyramud Slugthrower Railgun

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Taru Cadera

Taru Cadera


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kwa-kriss-vector-new-kwa-kriss-vector-gu(Standard Variant 1st picture)image0.jpg(Sniper Variant 2nd picture)

il_570xN.png (grip 3rd picture)






  • Intent:To create a weapon worthy of Adenn Kyramud

  • Image Source: X & Y & Z

  • Canon Link:N/A

  • Primary Source: X



  • Manufacturer: The Armoury

  • Affiliation: Adenn Kyramud

  • Model: Armoury Interchangeable Railgun System 1 (A.I.R. System 1)

  • Modularity: Yes 

  • Production: Unique 

  • Material: Phrik , Dallorian Alloy (in barrel only) , Slick Anti Acid Coating , Krayt Dragon Pearls (in hilt only)



  • Classification: Railgun/Slugthrower

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Average

  • Ammunition Type: Slugs

  • Ammunition Capacity: In Standard variant, 30 slugs per magazine. In Sniper variant, 5 slugs per mag.

  • Reload Speed: Standard- Fast , Sniper- Very Slow

  • Effective Range: Standard Variant- Average~Long Range (at long range there is a better chance for increased bullet spread and decreased accuracy), Sniper Variant- Battlefield 

  • Rate of Fire: Standard Variant- Very High ,Sniper Variant- Low

  • Stopping Power: Extreme

  • Recoil: Standard Variant- High , Sniper Variant- Average





  • Requires HUD connection to use and aim.

  • High recoil even with recoil dampening system (Autosteady Gyro Gimbal)

  • Quieter firing from the built in suppressor

  • Interchangeable Weapon - Can switch between Standard and Sniper variants.

  • Extreme Kinetic damage with each shot (normal slugs, but with explosive slugs it combines the two)



  • Requires HUD connection. If HUD is offline then the gun will not work.

  • Magazines are very bulky

  • Interchangeable weapon - switching takes around 3 minutes to do, which in battle is very slow. And to switch you need to carry around the components of the other variant.

  • Unique Weapon. If it breaks, only The Armoury personnel can fix it.  






It means hellish in Mando’a. And it fits this weapon perfectly. There is no other weapon which gets the job done like this one. It is stylish and practical. With a custom (the entire weapon is custom) engraved hilt with embedded Krayt Dragon Pearls, this gun is not for the common foot soldier. It was made for the one and only Alor of Clan Mortui, Adenn Kyrammud. 


An interchangeable weapon, the E'care can be changed within 5 minutes from its standard rifle variant to its sniper variant. The sniper variant is capable of taking larger caliber ammunition, primarily anti-armor. The Standard variant takes most slugs of average caliber with ease. Both variants have a built in safety feature, in that they can only be "turned on" when connected to a specific HUD, and can only then fire if the trigger is pulled. This HUD connection also goes towards the Computerized Interface Scope with which it comes with(also known as a HUD Connected Scope). This type of scope lets Adenn look through the scope from his HUD/helmet. The barrel is made from Dallorian Alloy to prevent overheating, and the rest of the gun is made from phrik. This is all then covered in Slick Anti-Acid. The extremely strong compartmentalized magnetic fields enable the E'care to shoot its slugs at very fast velocities. The internals of the weapon include an Autosteady Gyro Gimbal, a Hair Trigger, and a built in suppressor. The Gyro Gimbal helps with balancing, sighting, and recovering from recoil. The hair trigger enables the gun to be fired faster and to prime shots. Priming involves pressing the trigger to ready the gun, and then the slightest pressure will fire it. Or one could just push the trigger down all the way, but utilizing the hair trigger to its full potential is much faster. The suppressor does exactly what it should: it silences the sound of firing to a bare minimum and reduces the muzzle flash to an almost nonexistent peck of light. The gun has built in magnetic rails which allow it to have attachments on all sides of the weapon. These magnetic rails also allow Adenn to "sheath" the gun on a magnetic holster should he want to. 


Overall, its a strong gun for a strong warrior. The two were always meant to be together, and now they can. Adenn Kyramud gains E'care, and his repertoire for death thus increases tenfold.




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John Locke

John Locke

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